Wedding Wishes for Sister

It’s a sad and happy affair depending on the relationship you have with your sister. Sisters can be the meanest people in the world but beyond their hardy exterior, you are sure they love you even if it’s a tiny little bit. Wedding wishes for your sister should be heartfelt and should wish them the best as they venture into a new and foreign land with their spouses.

Congrats, Sister!

You will never have a sister like the one you have and appreciating her in one of the most important events in her life builds a beautiful friendship meant to last a lifetime. Here are some wedding wishes you can send to your sister to ensure she smiles during the time:

Wedding Congratulations Messages for Sister

  • Weddings are always challenging, never give up! New things happen every day! Your marriage will be what you make it to be. Make sure you choose right. Happy Married Life sister.
  • Enough of your mixed up life, now is the time to organize your thinking because you’ll need it in your new home, it’ll help you monitor everything closely. Happy Married life sister. Miss you already.
  • Always develop plans to make everyone happy at home and to make everything work just like our mother often does. That’s the role of a good mother at home. Happy married life sister.
  • It’s the time for you to be a strong woman, a time to be brave and focused. It could get lonely at times especially when kids are still on the way. Happy married life sister.
  • Nothing will fill the vacuum you’ll leave behind in this house, I will miss you every day until I leave this house also. Happy Married Life lovely sister. Enjoy every bit of your marriage.
  • Congratulations sister. Now you’re a woman, don’t ever dwell in the shadows of a young lady anymore, now you have a massive responsibility which is your husband. Enjoy your beautiful home.
  • Never forget to always put God first if you want a perfectly formed home, it’s the basis of everything that your home will become. I hope you’ll adhere to that instruction. Happy Married Life sister.
  • Don’t forget that nothing happens by accident, your husband today is the same man you should love forever. Whether he’s always right or not. Happy Married Life sister. May love keep you connected.
  • Now you’ll know the kind of effort mom puts to make the home work. :D Lazy you, I know this marriage will make you change your laziness to hard work. Congratulations on your marriage sis.
  • Happy Married Life sister. I wish mom will allow me to follow you to your new home because now that you’re gone, no one will help me arrange my stuffs anymore. I’ll miss you.
  • I remember how you always run to mom’s bedroom anytime you have a nightmare. I hope you don’t have nightmares in your new home and if you do, don’t run here. :) Congratulations on your wedding sister.
  • I believe that your future is now in good hands, so you must be rest assured. Don’t ever panic for anything. Your home will be a great one. Happy Married Life sister. Enjoy your home.
  • Never forget that When life gets too hard to stand in your marriage, kneel and listen; for God always has something for your life and for your marriage. Congrats sis.
  • You’re on the path of a newly found home, your home will blossom if you govern it well. A wise woman will make her home right and I believe you’re one. Happy Married Life sister.
  • Every lady wants the best for their home but not everyone works in the right way to ensure that. Ensure to be different, then your home will thrive amidst difficulties. Happy Married Life sister.
  • Don’t ever betray the love of your husband, and never stop loving him for any reason, learn to know when he is going through hard times and always help him out. Happy Married Life sis.
  • Women have the power to alleviate or add to a man’s problem, your approach to your husband when he’s not himself will help you know which side to belong. Happy Married Life sister.
  • A man shall leave his father’s house and move with his woman, and for the same reason the woman will endlessly love her man even when he’s not lovable. Congratulations sister.
  • May this marriage bring onto you excellent collection of memories any time you remember the day you made the decision. Happy Married Life sister.
  • It’s a shame that another man has come to take my sister away, whom I’ve been with all my life. I can’t wait for my time to take another person’s sister too. Happy Married Life.
  • Congratulations on your wedding sister, build a good home for the home to build you in all aspect. Whatever you put into your home will be what you’ll enjoy. Enjoy your new home sister.
  • My dearest sister, you are very special in our lives. As you take a step towards this wonderful journey, as you build your new lives together, may God be your guide and the light in your path.
  • I’m proud of you sweet beautiful sister. As you move into another family, be the best woman you have always been. I miss you already but also wishing you a very happy married life forever.
  • You are the best, my darling sister. Congratulations on your wedding day. May God bless your new home. May He provide you with all the joy and happiness you deserve. Wishing you loads of love.

Happy Married Life Sister!

  • Congratulations on finding a wonderful partner for a beautiful life ahead. I am so proud and very much happy for you. Wishing you a happy marriage and a fruitful life. Stay blessed beautiful.
  • Dear, Sister! May you be blessed and your heart filled with intimate joy. May God bless you with love, happiness, and togetherness. May He bless your womb with beautiful kids. Best wishes on your wedding.
  • You have been my best friend and my favorite sister. We never left each other’s side for a bit. A wonderful wife to your husband is what I see in you. Congratulations on your marriage.
  • You were looking so beautiful in that wedding dress. With tears rolling down my cheeks, it’s a sign of happiness just for your moment. Sweet sister, I wish you an endless marriage, my love.
  • How I wish I can go with you sweet sister. From a caring sister to a wonderful wife. What a blessing you are! I wish you a happy married life together with your husband.
  • To the most beautiful couple of this world, as you start this new beginning of life together, I ask for divine love and togetherness in your hearts. I wish you a happy home sister.
  • A special wedding message for you sister and my brother-in-law. There is nothing beautiful as the two of you together. It’s your plan to make me lonely by taking away my sister. Congratulations Sister.
  • My deepest wish is that may God showers His blessing upon you both. That both your lives are filled with endless memories. May your love continue to grow each and every year. Have a happy marriage.
  • I will love to congratulate you both for the steps you have taken to tie a knot. In life, it takes two to make it complete home. May your dreams and heart desires be yours. Congratulations!!
  • Best wishes during this milestone in your married life. This road is a long one; remember not to divert but let love be your guide. Sweet sister, I wish you a happy marriage and congratulations!
  • I’m proud of you sister, your caring nature has won you the ultimate prize. I pray you will enjoy everlasting love and happiness. May God be your Pillar of love. My lovely sister, congratulations!
  • Congratulations on your wedding. Best of luck for your future together. May God start and end with you. The world is happy to see the best couple of our time. Romeo and Juliet, congratulations!
  • God created a man and created a woman from his ribs, wonderful! I am so glad sister, that you have found where you belong. I ask for God’s hands to remodel you both into super humans. Congratulations!
  • My deepest love to you both for the amazing step you have taken. May your union be one of a kind. May endless love find your door steps. And may Lord bless your Marriage.
  • May happiness find you wherever you both go. Beautiful and perfect, that’s what your wedding looks. May your marriage be blessed with love, joy, and total friendship. I wish you a happy married life.
  • Two peaceful souls can never live apart from each other. Hence, this bond of togetherness may last forever. May you have the perfect wedding and a perfect future with your perfect man. Congratulations sister.
  • May the bond of your love be strengthened at all times. May God protect you both. May love, trust, and faith be kept always to one another. I wish you a happy marriage my dearest sister.
  • It’s your wedding day sis, I have never seen you this happy, I can tell from your eyes he is the right one, I hope you forever have a lasting relationship.
  • For as long as I have known you, you have always wanted the perfect wedding, have a hearty time as you dance with your husband, it’s your day and I hope you get the most out of it.
  • I will always love you my sister, you are now a wife and I know you will have more responsibilities, but I promise you, I will always be here for you whenever.
  • I know we haven’t seen eye to eye on a lot of things, but I can tell you this, you have always been there for me and trust me when I say I know you will have a grand wedding sis.
  • I’m happy to be a witness to this wonderful day, thank you for considering me on your wedding day sis. To a happy ever after!
  • I have always admired you sis, and I hope that you will always call when you need me, for I will never let you go.
  • Have a hearty wedding sis, he is your prince and now, you can make him the king of all the land, I’m so happy for you sis.
  • Marriage is tough but I know you are tougher, look at the shoes you have on my darling, have a hearty wedding my love!
  • I will have to share you with him, I don’t mind so long as he makes my sister happy, have a grand wedding day my dear!
  • You are a perfectionist and I know things will be perfect just as long as you take charge and make hem perfect. I thank God for you and for the joy the day brings, heartfelt wedding day sis.
  • Thank you for being there for me, now I return the favor, I witnessed you falling in love and now, I’m seeing you become a wife as a beautiful bride. Have a great wedding day sis.
  • The woman of the house should have total control over the house, don’t give room for any form of negativity. May God bless everything about your home. Happy Married Life sister. Enjoy your home.
  • Welcome to the club of committed people, I know you’ve got all it takes to be committed to your marriage but it will also take all you’ve got. Happy Married Life sister. Stay happily married.
  • Now your future is in your own hands and it’ll be what you make out of it. Don’t ever joke with your marriage. It’s all you’ve got now. Congrats sister. Enjoy it.
  • Sisters are for life so through whatever, I will be here, have a grand wedding day, I know you are doing this because you believe he is the one.
  • Happy wedding day sis, may that smile always be seen on your face. I love you so much and hope you have fun on this beautiful day.
  • Enjoy the day, enjoy the time and enjoy each and every moment, you deserve a nice evening so pampered and refreshed. Have a great wedding.
  • I know if it’s your choice, it’s the right one, enjoy your companion my sister, have fun and always be happy by his side!
  • Happy wedding day sis, have fun as you’re getting married to the one who owns your heart, may he always make you happy.
  • Enjoy this day, it’s your day and you have your prince charming by your side. Hearty wedding sis, I love you to the moon and back.

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