Kids Birthday Wishes

Although kids are the youngest group of families, It doesn’t mean that we won’t care about their birthdays. Kids should have a great interest. They are the new coming generation. Mothers and fathers would show their pride to kids. Family members can use cute words to show the happiness. Children need to feel love and joy in messages. Fun is a thing they like to read. Imagine you write for your son or daughter and say what you feel. Make them happy by touching wishes ideas. Tell them about their life change on their birthday. Now, use one of these cool kids wishes to express your happiness:

Happy Birthday Wishes for Children

  • I have always been blessed to have you, beautiful kid, you are my world and everything in it is all about you. Remember, I will always love and cherish you for being around, Happy Birthday, love.
  • You believe in Santa Claus. You believe in Halloween. But I always believe in you, my sweetheart. Today I prepare a table before you, cakes, drinks, balloons, and presents to say, my love Happy Birthday!
  • You are the sweetest child in the whole world. I love watching you grow up but I’m afraid you are growing too fast. Happy Birthday You have brought so much joy and happiness into our lives.
  • You are a blessing to this family. It is a great day to say that so far you have taken a beautiful step towards your growth. We are delighted to wish you a happy birthday.
  • May you have glowing years ahead! Let your heart teach you much about love. Remember there is nothing too little to share. Be helpful to others. We love you and we say Happy Birthday sweetheart.
  • We are so proud of you my sweet darling. We thank God for your life. We ask for more blessing, happiness, Success, good health. May your year be full of joyful achievements and wonderful memories. Happy Birthday.


  • Happy 8th birthday dear. It’s so beautiful seeing you grow. I pray that you increase more and more in wisdom and in stature. Keep glowing dear. Many happy returns.
  • Happy Birthday cutie. We’re happy to have you here. Let’s celebrate.
  • Your birthday is my biggest concern. Happy Birthday my sweet child.
  • Happy 10th Birthday Wishes
  • 7 symbolizes perfection. As you clock seven today, I pray that you and all yours experience perfection on all sides. Wish you a perfect birthday. (You can change the age 7)
  • Measure your height to know how much you got taller than the past. Happy Birthday honey.
  • Use the calculator to count your age. Every year you should do that. Happy Birthday, little angel.
  • Be ready to be an adult soon. It’s a new birthday for you. Happy Birthday, baby.


  • One year ago, you were running afraid when you see me. Now, you jump happy when you find me. That’s my boy. Happy Birthday honey.
  • A new princess has appeared at home. Let’s prepare the princess cake and wish a Happy Birthday.
  • Happy Birthday to our little guy. You are getting older fast.
  • Birthday Wishes for Son
  • You may not remember your first birthday, but this one should be memorable to you. Happy Birthday kid.
  • You are the candle on the cake. You are the light for the family. Happy Birthday, little kid.
  • May your birthday be a new start to bring happiness to your parents by success in the life. Happy Birthday.
  • Happy Birthday to our new champion. Hope you get a good life.


  • Wish a marvelous birthday to the best kid of this universe.
  • Don’t use the ladder today. You’ll be taller than all of us. Happy Birthday, baby.
  • My best wishes and congratulations for your new baby first birthday. Hope you see him the best man in the future.
  • Play with your toys and make me grin. Happy Birthday my little boy.
  • Birthday Wishes for Daughter
  • Gifting you millions of bags full of love, fun and joy. Sending many kisses to my little hero. Happy Birthday!
  • A wonderful birthday to the first child of this good family. Happy Birthday little one.
  • Birthdays are the days of playing and running. Kids can break limits today and do this easily. Let’s have fun and celebrate your birthday, my little baby.

Kids Birthday Messages

  • I wait to see your smile when you see the cake. Your smile is heart touching. Happy Birthday to you.
  • Happy Birthday to the kid who wants to be Superman. Have action today and cut your cake.
  • It’s one of your birthdays that you never remember. Your family can keep these wishes for you till you grow up. Happy first birthday, my angel.
  • Birthday Wishes for Nephew
  • Let your daddy be proud of you. Make your mom happy for you. Start your life to please their lives. Happy Birthday, little one.
  • Tom and Jerry may attend here if they know that it’s your birthday. Happy Birthday to the cute baby.
  • What are you doing? Don’t touch the cake. You just can touch balloons. Let the cakes for me. Happy Birthday baby.


  • A fantastic birthday to the little kid. May all your dreams come true today.
  • A very great birthday to the smartest kid in all the world.
  • It’s the birthday of my angel. Let’s celebrate and have fun.
  • My best wishes to the most amazing child in this world. May you always make your parents proud of you. Wishing you lots of candy without toothache. Happy Birthday sweetie.
  • Birthday Wishes for Niece
  • Mom and dad can’t stop you today. There’s no “No” anymore. Let all your naughty ideas happen here. Happy Birthday, my little angel.
  • I’m not sending to a normal kid on his birthday. I’m sending to my young friend. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, my little hero.
  • You may find a man inside a kid. You may find an intelligent kid deserves to be a friend. You’re that one who deserves to have my best wishes on their birthday. Happy Birthday, my little friend.
  • My friend son is my son. Messaging you to say: Let’s rock in your birthday party and have a very Happy Birthday.


  • An incredible birthday to the angel who brought the happiness to his family. Have all fun.
  • Happy Birthday to the one who always breaks glass at home. Enjoy as much as you are away of glass. :)
  • Today you can do what you can’t do on other days. You can play, run, smash, eat and drink. Don’t listen to daddy orders or mommy demands. Enjoy your day and Happy Birthday.
  • Birthday Wishes for Brother
  • Your auntie wishes you a birthday as amazing as your smile. Keep this smile, my heart.
  • [From a girl to a baby girl] This little girl will look like me when she grows up. Happy Birthday to my little duplicate.
  • Hope you become the creative kid among your friends. Let’s say that we have the little Einstein. Happy Birthday.
  • A big pack of flowers to you on your special day. Happy Birthday little one.
  • You are our blessing in the life. Hope you become a great one in the future, my best kid.


  • Say goodbye to toothache of sweets and look for the cake. Your parents can make an exception today. Happy Birthday my little angel.
  • All this life isn’t enough to express my happiness for you. Have an interesting birthday full of pleasure and fun.
  • Birthday Wishes for Sister
  • This kid will have a great future. Wishing a very Happy Birthday to him.
  • Time is ticking. All get ready to celebrate the birthday of our little hero. We have to rock today.
  • You don’t have to quarrel with your brother today. All toys and all fun are just for you. You are the king of this day and Happy Birthday.
  • Today is a farewell to drinking the milk and a welcome to eating cakes. Happy Birthday, kid.
  • If you know more about robots, I can bring you many of those toys to play rounds with you. Are you ready, bro! Let’s celebrate, sweetie.
  • You can get what you want today. All lollipops and cookies are just for the best child. Happy Birthday, kid.
  • I need some air to log in to my mind to find the message that should be suitable for the sweetest kid. Happy Birthday.
  • Throw the flowers, build a ship with paper, paint on walls. All crazy ideas will be yours today. Wishing you a unique and different birthday.
  • Birthday Wishes for Best Friend
  • Hope you go in the life to get the pride for your family. Do your best to be the perfect student at school. Happy Birthday little one.
  • I will make social accounts for you. Facebook and Twitter will be waiting for you to come fast. Happy Birthday, child.
  • You are the child of the 21st century. Be the super child to find the super girl in the future. Happy Birthday angel.
  • 400 Birthday Wishes
  • Oh my god, Your baby has a cute face. His hair is nice and healthy. Happy Birthday to this new moon.
  • Come here to give me a hug. Don’t put the cake in my eyes, baby. Happy Birthday naughty kid.

Kids birthday wishes

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