Happy 50th Birthday Messages and Cards

50th Birthday Wishes: Half a century!!! That’s a big number, no not big, huge. People turning 50 have seen the world and all that it has to offer; they can give out great advice since they have been there long enough. Reaching fifty for anyone is a big deal and sharing their birthdays with them makes them feel younger and happier.

Have the best 50th birthday.

So what can you possibly do or say to make these fifty-year-olds welcome? That’s simple; all what you need to do is appreciating them. Here are some messages you can send to someone turning 50 years old.

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Here are some general ways to wish a new 50-year-old a happy birthday.

  • Congrats on completing the first half century of your life. Can you tell me what it feels like?
  • The fifty states of America are celebrating the greatest 50-year-old.
  • Being 50 won’t impede you from being wayward and natty. Do whatever you like, you’re the boss now.

Happy 50th Birthday!

  • Welcome to the golden 50! Now, you are capable enough of teaching others. All the best for your present and future.
  • Do you know that only great people live over 50 years? Greatest Wishes on your great 50.
  • Twenty or fifty, may you always have longevity.
  • Five decades are enough for you to count every great thing you did in your life. You can start by building a great family that’s lucky to have you as a big leader.
  • Still hefty at fifty. Wishing you the best.
  • Oh My God! You are a great person to live fifty years and face all obstacles in life.
  • Happy 50th Birthday to a wise person. May you always give us advice.
  • My deepest wishes! Does it take 50 years to complete this graceful personality from all aspects?
  • It’s a great privilege for me to be part of the 50 years you have spent on earth, and they are indeed wonderful.

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The following lines are the funniest ideas to say Happy 50th. For more general funny ideas, check out the main list.

  • Happy Half a Century to someone with half a memory!
  • The rapper 50 Cent is proud of sharing you the same number. Happy 50th!

The rapper 50 Cent is proud of sharing you the same number.

  • At 50, do you have the power to blow out 50 candles?
  • Just Sia can survive a 50th birthday party, but we can’t call her, so you have to accept my voice.


Here are some ways to wish your 50-year-old friend a happy birthday.

  • Can’t believe you are gonna be 50. I’m very happy to have been with you all this while.
  • Just take a fresh start and don’t care about the age; fifty is just about happiness.

Happy 50th Birthday, my dear friend.

  • Throughout the time I have spent with you, there is nothing I appreciate more than having a great friend by my side. I hope you have the most spectacular 50th birthday in history.
  • Maybe it’s difficult to dance at your age, but partying once in a while won’t be a bad idea. Happy 50th birthday, my best friend!


Wish your husband a happy 50th birthday by one of these special greetings.

  • Happy 50th Birthday, my wonderful husband! Don’t worry, baldness means wisdom, and I love your wisdom.
  • Words alone can’t describe the joy I feel as I watch you turn 50. Happy Birthday! I love you.
  • They say reaching half a century means that you conquered half the world. I hope you conquer the whole universe, honey.


Send one of the following messages to your 50-year-old wife.

  • Happy 50th Birthday to the lady who gets younger day after day.

Happy 50th Birthday, Darling!

  • Regardless of your age, I will always be here to celebrate your birthday with you. I hope we have a fantastic time.
  • I’m proud of the lady you have become through a great determination and struggle. You enjoy today because you deserve the little break. Have a fabulous 50th, sweetheart.

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Here are some 50th birthday wishes for a dad turning 50.

  • Congrats, daddy, on spending 50 years of life. May your live the next 50 years happier and stronger.
  • Fifty is a great chance to tell you that you are not just a father; you are a mentor, motivator and spiritual helper. Thank you for being everything to us.
  • At fifty, you are still sharp and witty, strong and sporty. May you never grow old because we always want to have you around with us.


Here are some messages for your 50-year-old mom.

  • 50 years old, but still the prettiest woman in our family – my precious mom.

Happy 50th Birthday to the best mom in the world.

  • Happy Birthday to the lady who taught me to never give up and always take care of myself. Enjoy your 50th, mom.
  • To the woman who gave me the best life, have the best birthday ever.

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Here are a few greetings for your uncle who is turning 50.

  • Happy Fiftieth Birthday to my uncle who is young and handsome forever.
  • Warmest wishes to my uncle whose toughness always covers his kindness. Happy 50th!
  • You made me know that 50-year-olds have beautiful minds. Yes, uncle, I love your stories.


Here are some messages for an aunt turning 50.

  • Warmest wishes to my aunt who has a 30-year-old body and 20-year-old experience.
  • You have seen enough to know when to be careful and when to let new things in. Happy 50th!
  • Happy Birthday to the kindest 50-year-old lady I know. You’re the queen of this family.