Funny Birthday Wishes and Messages To Make Them Smile

A little joy really brightens any day and that’s why sending a funny birthday message to that special someone can really go a long way in changing their mood all the day. Funny birthday wishes say a lot to the ones that are closest to you.

Funny Birthday Quotes

Here are some funny birthday wishes which I can call safe humor, you’ll make the recipient laugh and just like Dracula of Hotel Transylvania 2’s words to Johnny “you’ll keep them happy, but not too happy” that they forget the rest of their day. Take a chance on one of these and form a smile on your loved one’s face.

Getting Old / Guy / Girl / More

Getting Old

Here are some funny messages that have jokes about getting older.

  • Say goodbye to SpongeBob. It’s time to start watching elderly movies. Happy Birthday full of bad people like me.
  • Help me to find a good present for you. I just don’t know much about what seniors love.
  • Happy Birthday or Sad Birthday? As you’re getting older, it should be a sad one.
Happy Birthday or Sad Birthday? As you're getting older, it should be a sad one.
  • Put on the hat and blow out the candles; it’s so funny to see a person with wrinkles doing this.
  • Being old is bad, but being poor is worse. Happy B-day, poor one.
  • Aging is the way of getting more experience, so what about an old one with no experience?
  • The more time I spend with you, the more your face gets wrinkled. Don’t worry, I won’t be going away any time soon. Happy Birthday, Oldie!
  • Welcome to the ultimate truth, you’re getting older and don’t look young as they’re going to tell you.
  • Wrinkles never snatch liveliness, so don’t worry about getting old.
  • They say the only way to beat the old age is having lesser and lesser people wishing you a happy birthday, so I’ll skip the chit chat, and hope some cake will be there, so I can enjoy.
  • Best wishes to the craziest friend. Enjoy every moment carefully to protect your old legs.
  • Can you spend more time with your granny? She knows much about elderly, and you’re on your way to them. My best wishes.
  • If you have wings to fly and just want to try, you will fall and die. Keep walking, you’re very old.
  • With age comes greatness. WOW! How great you are!
  • I never forget your birthday, but I don’t want to remember your age.


Here are some humorous messages aimed at a man or a little boy.

  • Happy Birthday, Grandpa! Don’t worry; you still have time for more celebrations.
Happy Birthday, Grandpa! Don't worry; you still have time for more celebrations.
  • Another day another wish, for a special person whose hair grows as much as weeds. Here is a shaver to look younger than me. Best Wishes, Chap!
  • Happy Birthday, Dude! Remember, your party decoration won’t attract girls as you think, so let’s celebrate in peace.
  • Happy Bday to me! Yeah! I’m you and yours is mine. Let’s say again, Happy Bday to us!
  • Happy Birthday to the guy who uses scissors to unwrap gifts. You and your hands are getting older.
  • One more year? I know now why all cakes taste bitter with you. Dude, you’re getting old.

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Here are some funny birthday messages specifically for girls and ladies.

  • Enjoy the cake; there will come a time when you’ll have to watch your weight for your man. Happy Birthday, Beautiful!
  • Do you know why flowers bloom? To celebrate a cute girl on her birthday.
Do you know why flowers bloom? To celebrate a cute girl on her birthday.
  • Happy Birthday, Sis! May you get toothless soon, so you may not talk too much.
  • A pink velvet cake for pink cheeks. Happy Birthday, Cutie!
  • How old are you? Oh, I forgot, women hate this question. My mistake!
  • Happy Birthday to the woman who still lies about her age!

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Here are some miscellaneous funny birthday greetings for everyone.

  • WOW! You disturbed others for … years? You’re incredible.
  • Happy B-day! You look fine as long as you still have teeth.
  • Oh, God! I really forgot! Is today your birthday? You should use leaflets to remind us.
  • Enjoy this birthday since it may be your last with teeth; don’t bite on the candy too hard as it may make the rot ones fall.
  • I don’t know, but I giggle when I imagine the cake in your face.
  • Happy B-day! Now, enjoy the compliments.
Happy B-day! Now, enjoy the compliments.
  • Many famous people were born on this day, but I’m the only one who knows you.
  • I’ve been roaming all the city just to get you this special candy for your special day. Kindly accept it and try not to share.
  • Happy Birthday full of money in your pockets and cake in my stomach.
  • Will you believe me if i told you that I remembered your birthday without any reminder?
  • It’s the first time for me to attend your birthday party, and If no cakes, It will be the last.
  • The cake dealers are having a problem processing only your order. Bad Luck!
  • Do you know why frogs stopped jumping? To see your B-day party.
  • You were brought into this world to make a difference, but we didn’t see anything yet. Are you sleeping?
  • Don’t let this day go without saving memories. You should record our celebratory screams & take crazy photos. Here’s to say Happy Birthday.
  • Blowing candles alone is selfishness. Calling friends for this is such a good thing. Happy Birthday!
  • Wishing you a day full of WhatsApp messages and Instagram cards. Happy Birthday to you.

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