50+ Birthday Wishes for Kids to Celebrate a Little One

Whether it’s the birthday of a little boy or a little girl, our collection of sweet and funny birthday wishes for kids will help you find the right words to write in the greeting card or on social media.

Kids love candy, especially on birthdays. With the sugar and the rush it gives out, it’s no wonder it is one of the pleasures we enjoy during our childhood. That is why we should do our best to make a kid’s birthday a wonderful one, but cakes won’t be enough. Words can also have a long-term effect on kids throughout their life.

Birthday Wishes for Kids

Kids happy birthday wishes is a great way to share the same joy you felt as a child with another child. Just pick out the message that will make them jump happily.


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Sweet Birthday Wishes for Kids

  • Happy Birthday, Little One! A little one, but your heart is a very big one.
  • Happy Birthday to a very beautiful kid! I love you, little one.
  • Happy Birthday to my family’s little superhero!

Happy Birthday to my family's little superhero!

  • Happy Birthday to a wonderful kid who is a blessing to [his/her] family. Remember, I love you.
  • I’m so proud of you, my sweet darling. Keep surprising me with your birthdays. Smile and get ready to blow out some candles.
  • Will today be a chance to play with balloons as we always used to? Go get some.
  • Your birthday is my biggest concern, so let’s get ready with the biggest cake for the biggest kid.
  • You may not remember your first birthday, but this one should be memorable to you. Happy Birthday, special kid!
  • Hey, kiddo! May your birthday be a new start to bring happiness to your parents through success.
  • Wishing a marvelous birthday to the best kid on this planet.
  • You’re a bunch of happiness, so I wish all the joy and warmth you give come back to you.
  • Gifting you millions of bags full of love, fun, and joy, kiddo. Sending many kisses with them.
  • Happy Birthday to one of the best kids in the world!

Happy Birthday to one of the best kids in the world.

  • Sending birthday greetings to the kid whose smile is heart touching.
  • It’s one of your birthdays that you never remember, but your family can still keep these wishes for you till you grow up. Happy Birthday, baby!
  • Let your dad be proud of you. Make your mom happy for you. Happy Birthday, little one!
  • Spongebob and Patrick would attend your birthday party if we told them, wouldn’t they?
  • A fantastic birthday to the little brat! May all your dreams come true today.
  • Hey, will the angels celebrate their little friend today? Let’s see!
  • You’re an amazing child, so I’m wishing you lots of candy without toothaches. May you always make your parents proud of you.
  • Mom and Dad can’t stop you today. There’s no “no” anymore. Let all your naughty ideas happen here. Happy Birthday, cute angel!
  • A fabulous birthday to the smartest kid ever!
  • Happy Birthday, Kiddo! You have been an embodiment of peace to everybody around you. I love you.
  • I’m not writing to a normal kid; I’m writing to my young friend. Wishing you a wonderful birthday, my dear!
  • Do you know that today is your birthday? Messaging you to say, “Let’s rock today and have it awesome.”
  • Happy Birthday, Little One! I love watching you grow up fast.

Happy Birthday, Little One! I love watching you grow up fast.

  • Today, you can do everything; you can play, run, smash, eat, and drink. Don’t listen to Dad just for one day.
  • Could you please have a birthday as amazing as your smile?! Best wishes to the world’s best kid.
  • This little [girl/boy] will look like me when [she/he] grows up. Happy Birthday to my little duplicate.
  • A big pack of flowers to you on your beautiful day. Happy Birthday, Smarty!
  • Time is ticking; let’s get ready to celebrate our cute hero.
  • Our cool kid is growing up, WOW! Let’s make a team to blow out your candles.
  • Sending birthday wishes to a perfect student at school. Go make a friendship with success.
  • Today, you don’t have to fight over toys; all toys and all fun are just for you. You are the [king/queen] of this day.
  • You are an angel sent from heaven to make my world heavenly. Happy Birthday, sweet kid! I love you, dear.
  • All the lollipops and cookies are waiting for a wonderful kid. Which kid? Of course, the birthday [boy/girl].

Funny Birthday Messages for Kids

Funny birthday messages for every funny kid you know.

  • Happy Birthday to the kid who breaks every toy [he/she] gets.
  • Happy Birthday, Little One! So how old are you?! I think you need a calculator.
  • Best wishes to a cool kid. It’s time to measure your height to know when you will be taller than me.
  • Throw the flowers, make a paper ship, and paint on the walls. Enjoy your day as much as you can, little one.

Birthday Wishes for Little Girl

Here are some happy birthday messages for a little girl.

  • Happy Birthday to a little princess, a super girl, and a young angel from God!
  • Maybe this little star didn’t have many birthdays yet, but I’m sure she had the best. Celebrate and enjoy, sweetie.
  • A perfect birthday to a perfect little girl who inspires every big one she knows.

Birthday Wishes for Little Boy

Here are some birthday greetings for a little boy.

  • Happy Birthday, little boy! Little guy! Little man! How exactly can I call you?
  • One more year of playing and annoying others?! That’s my boy. Don’t worry, and have fun.
  • Birthday greetings to a little Einstein. Keep being creative.
  • I love you, boy; birthdays or not, you will always be my sweetheart. Happy Birthday, Mr. Handsome!
  • Superman and all other superheroes are wishing the best to their leader, you.

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Children are God’s children in many cultures because of their innocence. You would be surprised to see how much they can learn, as their brains are like sponges. So they love birthdays and everything that makes them play freely. Make that kid happy by making their day.

Last Updated on April 19, 2024

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