150+ Birthday Wishes for Friend and Best Friend

Are you looking for the best birthday wishes for friends? Whether it’s your bestie or not, this collection of sweet and funny birthday wishes and quotes for friends will help you combine the best words together to impress them on such a special day.

Why should you celebrate your friend or best friend on their birthday? In a world where we are continuously busy and barely have a chance to breathe, it is invaluable to be able to thank our close friends who might be there more for us than our families. That shows us that love can come from unexpected places.

happy birthday wishes for friend

How to say “Happy Birthday, Friend?” If you are looking for the perfect Happy Birthday wishes and quotes for friends to inspire you to find the best words to say to a special friend or a best friend on their birthday, the following huge list includes over 150 short and long messages of sweet, touching, inspirational, and funny birthday wishes for friends. Find the perfect one and write it in a greeting card or share it on social media.

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Short Birthday Wishes for Friends

Want a quick message? First, let’s start the list with some short and simple birthday wishes for friends and best friends. If you want to keep it as short as possible or want to convey your feelings to your friend in a few words, the following list will be helpful enough.

  • Happy Birthday, my dear friend! May your wishes come true.
  • Congratulations on another year of being the best friend ever.
  • Happy Birthday, Friend! I wish you happiness beyond limits, because fun with you has no limits.

short birthday wishes for friends

  • Happy Birthday to a wonderful friend! I love you now and forever.
  • Happy Birthday, Pal! May you find success in every step you take.
  • Happy Birthday to my [sister/brother] from another mother!
  • Wishing the best to my best buddy. Enjoy your day!
  • Happy Birthday, my lovely friend! May you find love wherever you are.
  • Best wishes to a cool friend who shines on everyone. Stay bright.
  • Happy Birthday to the friendliest friend ever!
  • [Age] years ago, a legend was born. Now the legend is my friend. WOW!
  • Happy Birthday to my friend who is full of fun and totally cool. You are awesome!
  • Happy Birthday, my dear friend! Keep shining.

birthday wishes for friends

  • Happy Birthday to a great friend, a dear [brother/sister], and a perfect partner in crime!
  • Let’s find a way to spoil my precious friend on [his/her] birthday.
  • Happy Birthday to one of my favorite people on Earth, my wonderful friend!
  • Best wishes for your future and best prayers for our friendship. Happy Birthday to a friend like no other.
  • Happy Birthday, Friend! Thank you for making me laugh with your amusing jokes.
  • Happy Birthday, my friend! May God bless you and everything that comes your way.

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Sweet Birthday Wishes for Friends

Want the card to show that you are cool? Want some sweet words for your friend’s birthday? Whether you want the message for a new friend, unexpected friend, old friend or your best friend, we have got you covered. The following sweet and sincere birthday wishes for friends will help you phrase the perfect message for a close friend or a best friend, whether you want it aimed at a guy or a girl.

  • Happy Birthday to an amazing friend! I will never forget the crazy memories we made together.
  • Happy Birthday to my friend whose smile makes every day shinier.
  • I can never imagine my life without a friend like you; you make everything complete. I hope you live longer than all of us. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday, Dear Friend! Keep being awesome.

Happy Birthday, Dear Friend! Keep being awesome.

  • The journey has been for so long, and yet you’ve never stopped being my true friend. Happy Birthday, buddy of life!
  • May this message reach you warmly. Have an awesome birthday, more awesome than you, dear friend. May all your weird wishes come true.
  • Happy Birthday to someone I would call a friend. There are not many people I would call friend, but you are worth it.
  • I’d sing you a birthday song, but that will make you brag, so just receive my message, and eat some cake. You are growing old, dear friend.
  • There’s nothing that says “Happy Birthday” more than a long tight hug. Wishing you a thousand hugs today.
  • Happy Birthday, Buddy! You are one of the best around.
  • It’s not by accident that you are in this world. Maybe you were an unexpected friend, but you are really the world’s greatest friend!
  • Happy Birthday to a great friend who has been with me through the good and bad times. Thanks for all the help you have given me.
  • Happy Birthday, Pal! I and you have gone through many wild times together. The wild times will continue as long as I and you keep killing it.
  • The coolest birthday to a friend who is beyond measure. You are one of the best people I have ever met.
  • As we have known each other for so long, I can predict what this day will be like. It will be awesome and filled with epic adventures.
  • Since the first time I met you, I knew we would be weird together forever. Lots of love and wonderful wishes on your birthday.
  • Happy Birthday to a wonderful friend! May your wishes come true.

Happy Birthday to a wonderful friend.

  • Happy Birthday to my wonderful friend! Thanks for everything you have done for me, and I hope this friendship continues forever.
  • The best birthday to one of the best friends around. You are special in many different ways.
  • If people were ready to boogie, then your party is the place to be at. I know you are going to boogie all night. Best wishes, dude!
  • I know this is just the beginning of happy days to come for both of us. Let this be a toast to our great friendship. Enjoy, dear.
  • Happy Birthday to someone who is actually true to their word. Someone like you is a rare find on this huge planet. Thanks for being such a great friend.
  • I need to tell you something very important. You are going to have an awesome birthday. Why? Because I’m here to make sure it is the best! Have a wonderful one.
  • I think things became easier when I got you as a friend. It’s really great to plan my life with you. May nothing have the capability to separate us.
  • There is a saying that friends aren’t forever. But apparently they have never met friends like you. Have a birthday that will make everyone surprised.
  • Do you think the world is the way it is because friendship is hard to find? If it is, then let’s keep this friendship strong. Have a superb birthday, my friend!
  • Happy Birthday, my friend! Let’s have a nice weekend.

Happy Birthday, my friend! Let's have a nice weekend.

  • They say you choose friends, and I’m glad one way or another we chose each other. Today, I choose to wish you a stunning birthday.
  • Happy Birthday, Buddy! Me and you have caused an insane amount of mayhem together. It is not shocking that today we make it, so we can tear it up and party! Let’s boogie!
  • Finally, I realized that there’s nothing more important this year than your birthday. Happy Birthday to my precious friend!
  • I hope the coming year brings you as many blessings as I have for being your friend. Happy Birthday, Dear!
  • My friend, I just want to wish you a happy birthday and thank you for your inspiring impact on my life.
  • Happy Birthday to someone who makes life easier and obstacles simpler. You are such a caring friend.

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Birthday Wishes for Best Friend

What is the best way to celebrate your best friend’s birthday? Your best friend is the extra sibling you pick from the vast world; that’s why sending them a touching birthday wish is important. Check out the following list and you will find the best birthday wishes for best friends that will help you finish the card with some sweet, heart-touching, or funny words for your bestie. Don’t let the day pass without putting a smile on the face of the person who is the main source of your smile.

  • Happy Birthday, BFF! Keep being my secret keeper who never sees my mistakes.
  • The best friend ever deserves the best birthday ever.
  • Your birthday will not be the same without me, so I’m gifting you my presence.

Your birthday will not be the same without me, so I'm gifting you my presence.

  • May this day be the beginning of something wonderful in your life, as you have been the beginning of every wonderful thing in my life. Love you, bestie!
  • Best birthday wishes to the best of friends. It’s hard to accept that we weren’t born on the same day.
  • One more year of emptying our sadness tanks. Love you, bestie.
  • Happy Birthday to someone who tops my friends list!
  • No matter how many times we’ve fought, we still stick together like Tom and Jerry. All the best, duo!
  • Birthdays come once a year, but every day with you is a birthday. The best birthday to the best friend ever.
  • Here’s to another year of our friendship. Happy Birthday, old timer!
  • Happy Birthday to the person who made me know that the true friend walks in when everyone else walks out.
  • I wish you one of the most unforgettable days yet, best friend. Thank you for being with me all the years.
  • My deepest wishes for my friend who helped me to get high marks when we were young.
  • Millions of kisses and billions of hugs just for my super special friend. Enjoy, bestie!
  • Happy Birthday, my best friend! This is a perfect opportunity to thank you for the amazing moments we’ve shared together.

Happy Birthday, my best friend! This is a perfect opportunity to thank you for the amazing moments we've shared together.

  • Sending birthday greetings to my Number One Friend.
  • I owe you a lot, not only for standing up for me when I was down, but for being the person I always run to when I need anything. Have an amazing birthday, my best friend.
  • Happy Birthday to the second craziest friend in the world!
  • Some friends take you down, but you’re one of those who take people to be the best, so wishing you the best.
  • Happy Birthday to my best friend! May every step you take in life be as easy as eating cakes.
  • It was an unexpected friendship, but it’s the best after all. Happy B-day, BFF!
  • Happy Birthday, my best friend! Now that you are here with us, your close friends, a low-key celebration won’t be acceptable.

Happy Birthday, my best friend!

  • Everyone faces some hardships, but the good thing about you, my best friend, is that you never let me face them all alone. Thanks for all of your kindness. Happy Birthday!
  • Do you know why I love and wait for your birthday party?! Besides the wonderment of the day, we meet all our classmates and friends that we didn’t meet a long time ago. Happy Birthday, my friend!
  • I wish you a wonderful birthday for being the only friend I can trust for anything. Many happy returns of the day!
  • Happy Birthday, my best friend! Can you keep being the closest person to my heart?
  • Here’s to one more year of hanging out together. Happy Birthday to the best of best friends!
  • I just wonder: what if you hadn’t come into my life? I think I wouldn’t have had a best friend till the last day of my life. Thank you for not depriving me of this gift. Happy Birthday, Bestie!
  • I can never let this day pass without celebrating, because it’s the day my favorite friend was born. Thank you for being born and for being the bestest best friend ever.

Happy Birthday, Bestie!

  • Happy Birthday to someone who has been with me through hell and back! Thank you for being my BFF.
  • Happy Birthday, bestie! Celebrating with you is one of the greatest things about our friendship, but hanging out together is the best of them all.
  • Even siblings can’t make the beautiful memories we have made together over the years. You are a one-of-a-kind best friend. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday to the most deserving friend, from the proudest friend!

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Funny Birthday Wishes for Friend or Best Friend

Comedy has a way of making close friends even closer. When it comes to telling jokes or poking fun at your friend’s age, funny birthday wishes and messages for friends and best friends are the best way to make your dear friend laugh. Luckily, we collected some of the best ideas of funny things that happen among friends and turned them into a list of messages that will give them a giggle. You can also check out our main list of funny birthday messages.

  • Happy Birthday, Dear Friend! Don’t worry; I’m not going to bother you by posting on your Facebook wall.
  • My friend, I promise you I won’t poke fun at your age and how fast you are getting old, because saying the same thing every year is just boring.
  • Happy Birthday, my friend! May you live longer than vampires.

funny birthday wishes for friends

  • Happy Birthday to the second best friend in the world!
  • People congratulate you on getting older as if you would win the lottery after becoming toothless. Stop getting old, please.
  • I’m hoping for cakes, candies and chocolate. Wishing you a different birthday with lots of fun.
  • Happy Birthday, Friend! You just look as old as the last cartoon you watched.
  • Today, you have become a year older. Now, you know what it means to become more mature. Maybe not, it doesn’t matter. Enjoy!
  • Happy Birthday to my friend whose problems never end!

Happy Birthday to my friend whose problems never end!

  • You have no idea how much I need one of our brainstorming sessions right now. I am running short of ideas for your birthday gift.
  • Happy Birthday to one of the greatest friends in the world! OK, maybe that was a bit dramatic. But that doesn’t make it less true.
  • Let this day bring you strength to pursue your dreams and make the world a better place. Oh, sorry, I just had an inspirational feeling for a moment.

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Male Friend

The relationship between a guy and his friend or best friend is beyond explanation. They are weird and sometimes serious. They keep being funny and telling jokes all the time. Male friends are the purest form of fun. When you want to send a birthday wish to your friend, it has to be relevant, so mention something special between the two of you or a memory you made together. Here are some birthday wishes and quotes tailored to a male friend.

  • Happy Birthday, Bro! May I live to see you old, grumpy and toothless.
  • Happy Birthday to the guy who brings my inner child out every time I meet him. You are such a fantastic friend.

Happy Birthday to the guy who brings my inner child out every time I meet him. You are such a fantastic friend.

  • Happy Birthday to one of the coolest peeps around. No matter what is going on, you make sure you stay level. Keep it cool.
  • It’s only right that we celebrate you in this “old” age. I’m Looking forward to seeing your head full of gray hair. Happy Birthday, Pal!
  • Happy Birthday to the man who falls in love with every pretty girl he sees. Don’t worry; it is still a secret.
  • Happy Birthday, my genius friend! Today is a day to party like the animals we are, so I hope you enjoy this day like I plan to enjoy it. Let’s get crunk.
  • Just want to see you blow many more candles or even a bonfire. Live to grow old and strong as a stallion.
  • Happy Birthday to the best friend any guy could ask for!
  • Best wishes to my best buddy whose birthday party is going to impress everybody.

Best wishes to my best buddy whose birthday party is going to impress everybody.

  • Remember, you’re like a brother to me. Maybe we had fights in the past, but still, there’s a true friend in you. Happy Birthday, my cool friend! May God bless you forever.
  • Happy Birthday to my friend whose handsomeness can’t be resisted by any girl!
  • Opening my cash box for the birthday of a silver fox. Many happy returns of the day!

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Female Friend

Want a beautiful message for your beautiful friend? Girls appreciate each other when it comes to friendship, and birthdays are one of the best opportunities for a girl to tell her dear friend how she loves her and how she cares about her. The following sweet birthday wishes for female friends can help any girl or woman find the right words to wish her friend or best friend a happy birthday. Let’s see.

  • Happy Birthday to my friend whose beauty has no end!
  • Best friend – check. Drama queen – check. Birthday queen – check. Love you, sis.
  • Happy Birthday to the heavens’ best export – my pretty friend.

birthday wishes for female friend

  • A sweet birthday to a sweet girl who is luckily my dear friend.
  • Happy Birthday, my beautiful friend! Which nail color are you going to apply? I’m just curious.
  • I bet if you listen closely, you can hear the angels singing Happy Birthday songs to one of their own. Enjoy today, sis.
  • On your birthday, I hope you know you are like a therapeutic drug. Let this wish curve another smile on your beautiful face.
  • Happy Birthday to my best friend who happens to be one of the most fabulous ladies in the world!
  • I bet you’ll still look cute even at old age. You’re the true definition of eye candy. Wishing you a wonderful birthday.

Happy Birthday to my beautiful friend.

  • Happy Birthday, my amazingly beautiful friend! I hope your birthday cake is as sweet as you are.
  • My sincerest wishes to my sweet friend who always thinks with her heart.
  • Time of the year to blow candles again. It’s a pleasure that I have been there to witness you become this beautiful. Happy Birthday, Sweetie!

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Touching Birthday Messages for Friends

We prefer hanging out with friends more than others. We always tell our secrets to our best friends. Regardless of what we are going through, friends come first. That’s why on your friend’s birthday, you have to touch their heart by saying what you really love about them and expressing the happiness you feel when you are together. These next heart-touching birthday wishes for friends will surely warm your friend’s heart, so check out the list.

  • I hope we continue to be great friends over the long haul. You are one of the best people I have ever had the pleasure of being friends with. Happy Birthday!
  • Friendship is hard to come by in a world full of fakes. Happy Birthday to such a true friend! Thank you for being in my life.

Friendship is hard to come by in a world full of fakes. Happy Birthday to such a true friend!

  • I don’t have many friends as I’m very choosy, but you stuck around in my inner circle. Thanks for being an incredible person. Happy Birthday, Friend!
  • On your birthday, you have to know that I’m always here for you, not just at celebrations and good times, but through hard times as well. Best wishes on your big day, dear friend.
  • Happy Birthday to someone who knows the meaning of friendship. I know we have our differences, but we can put it aside to create something awesome. Stay great.
  • Happy Birthday to an awesome pal. You are someone who never fails to impress. Thank you for being such a wild individual.

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Long-Distance Birthday Wishes for Friend

What if your friend lives far away from you? If you have been friends since childhood and one of you has gone away or you are friends only on social media, our long-distance birthday wishes for friends will inspire you to write a very specific message that will express how much you miss your friend on their birthday, and how much you want the best for them today and every day.

  • As you are far away, I won’t talk about how crazy you are, or how annoying you have always been. I’m just wishing you the happiest birthday, because our friendship is simply the best.
  • May you have as many blessings as the miles between us. Happy Birthday, my precious friend!

long-distance birthday wishes for friends

  • Maybe we are apart from each other, but you will always be my closest friend. Happy Birthday, Dear!
  • Sending birthday wishes your way, bestie.
  • Across the seas, I’m sending you hugs and kisses. Happy Birthday, Dear Friend!
  • Happy Birthday, dearest friend! I miss you and the memories we used to make. Good Luck!
  • You will always be in my thoughts no matter the distance between us. Happy Birthday to a marvelous friend!
  • Wishing a delicious life for someone who is going to keep the most delicious slice of the cake for me.

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Birthday Quotes for Friends

Want a caption for an image you are sharing on social media for a friend? Want some sweet words about friendship on the greeting card? The following birthday quotes for friends will help you show the value of real friends and best friends in our life. Check out the list and find the quotes that will impress your friend and show them how you appreciate their presence.

  • “A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.” — Walter Winchell
  • Nowadays, it’s very scarce to see people have friends, but I’m glad I have a special friend like you; you’ve proved to be different. Happy Birthday!
  • “There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate.“ — Linda Grayson

Happy Birthday, my cool friend.

  • A great birthday to a great person that the world is lucky to have. You are a blessing to be around. Stay great!
  • “Things are never quite as scary when you’ve got a best friend.” — Bill Watterson, Calvin and Hobbes
  • Some people make you want to go to them when you feel lonely, and guess what!! You are actually one of them. Have the happiest of birthdays.
  • “The great thing about new friends is that they bring new energy to your soul.” – Shanna Rodriguez
  • My friend, we had many moments where this friendship could have died. But it stayed strong through all the tough times. Happy Birthday, Pal!
  •  “A true friend is one who overlooks your failures and tolerates your success!” – Doug Larson
  • Foot injuries take months to mend, but nothing takes its time with such a cool friend. Happy Birthday! May your big dreams come true.

By Age

Do you want to send your friend a birthday message according to their age? Fine, everything is okay with us. We prepared many pages for this purpose; a list for every particular year. For example, when you want a message that talks about sweet 16, you will find a special big list for it. Check out the links and you will get it.

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Use the search bar if the age is not included in the previous links.

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Whether they are unexpected friends or close friends, you should always be ready to celebrate them. Our list of birthday wishes and greetings for friends is not perfect, but you can perfect any message to fit the bill. Anyway, this list will help you make your friend smile and appreciate the way you try to convey your feelings to them.

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