Happy 16th Birthday Wishes, Messages and Cards

16th Birthday Wishes: Turning 16 is a gift, isn’t it? When someone is in their sweet 16, it’s very cool to make them feel special and unique, because now, they can legally do many things like driving on highway. Do you still see it a normal age that doesn’t deserve a big attention?!

Happy 16th Birthday!

This’s a big list of 16th birthday messages for friends, son, daughter, nephew, niece, brother, sister and everyone celebrating their 16th birthday not just the girls as they are known for “sweet 16”. Now, find a cool birthday wish for the birthday boy/girl from the list.

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A list of some general ways to wish someone a happy sweet 16.

  • Cut your cake into 16 slices to celebrate your 16th birthday. Happy sweet 16!
  • Best wishes to the new driver, new but sweet!

Happy Sweet 16.

  • A wonderful person is turning into a sweet one! Congrats on turning 16.
  • 16 years old! Sounds good! Have a cool one!
  • Let’s hear a big round of applause for the guy/lady who is turning 16. Have a sweet one!
  • 16 is just a number. Go into your world, be yourself and have fun.
  • Being 16 is characterized by magnification of emotions, so you have to start training to control that. Enjoy your day perfectly.
  • Your life has hundreds of pages. you’re going to start a new white page called adulthood. Happy sweet 16!

Happy 16th Birthday!

  • My advice to a 16-year-old is to be careful in riding and swimming. You’re still not old enough to do all things. Have my best wishes.
  • Happy 16th Birthday! You’re turning into a man/woman who has his/her own life, so enjoy it.


Let’s prepare a cocktail of sweet 16 and sweet smile. Here are some funny messages for someone turning 16.

  • As you’re turning 16, may you have a celebration as big as the problems you will make with your driving licence.

Happy Sixteenth Birthday! May you have a celebration as big as the problems you will make with your driving licence.

  • A sweet lady is turning into a senior lady! Happy 16th Birthday, Grandma!
  • Now, you can change your medical glasses to sunglasses. It’s time to act like a boss.

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If the birthday boy/girl is your friend, wish them a happy 16th birthday by one of these ways.

  • Happy sweet 16 to my sweet friend! Are we going to drive tonight?

Happy sweet 16 to my sweet friend! Are we going to drive tonight?

  • May your birthday be free of simplicity and based on craze and spirit. Happy sweet 16 to the craziest friend!
  • Congratulations on turning 16! I hope you will be always happy even after turning 56.

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Sweet 16 is not just for girls, wish a 16-year-old boy a happy birthday by one of the following messages.

  • Last year, we had a kid who liked playing football and riding bikes. Today, he’s going to drive. Happy 16th Birthday, Cool Guy!
  • It’s the first 16th birthday I attend and I’m sure it’s the best. Happy Birthday to a very cool boy!
  • You’ve always been a perfect boy and you can also be a perfect man. Have a good luck on your marvelous day.


Sweet 16 is for sweet girls. Here are some birthday messages aimed at a girl turning 16. You might also want to check out our big article about the best wishes for girls.

  • Happy 16th Birthday to a very beautiful girl.

Happy 16th Birthday to a very beautiful girl.

  • YAY! It’s the birthday of the sweet girl who took 16 years to turn into an inspiring girl. Enjoy as you can.
  • My Sincerest wishes to a young lady who is showing out her beauty more and more.


Here are four messages for a 16-year-old son.

  • Happy 16th Birthday to my wise son. May you become wiser and better every year.
  • Do you know that you’re the best son in the world? Happy 16th Birthday from your proud [dad/mom].
  • Sixteen means the exposure to the public, I hope you’ll take every positive advantage of that. Have fun, sweetheart.
  • Your real life is starting now. Get ready and do your best to change it. Happy sweet 16, son!

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Here are a few messages for a daughter celebrating her 16th birthday.

  • Happy sweet 16 to the lady who waited 16 years to get my car keys. In your dreams, baby.
  • You’ve always been my cool girl, now you’re my cool lady. Have a joyful sixteenth birthday, darling!

Happy 16th Birthday, Daughter! You've always been my cool girl, now you're my cool lady.

  • Happy sweet 16 to the cat that already left the childhood going to a new refreshed life of youth, my sweet daughter.
  • It’s the time to be treated like a princess in her little kingdom. A crown can do the job. Happy sweet 16!

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Here are 3 messages for a 16-year-old nephew.

  • Happy Birthday to the boy who drove his [uncle/aunt] crazy by his dangerous pranks.
  • Riding bikes won’t be a hobby or sport anymore. Take driving cars as one of your top interests. A cool 16th Bday to you, nephew!
  • Live your days as you are the only teenager in this universe. Happy sweet 16, nephew!


Here are some messages aimed at a niece turning 16.

  • Happy sweet 16! When I knew that my niece can donate her blood at 16, I realized that I can gain some sweetness from her.

Happy Sweet 16 to my wonderful niece.

  • It’s the end of acting like Supergirl and Catwoman. Now, take your time to act like Angelina Jolie. Happy sweet 16, my sweet niece!
  • my niece is turning 16! WOW! I have to find a detective to catch your future husband. Enjoy today, honey.


Here are some birthday wishes from grandparent to grandson on his 16th birthday.

  • Best wishes for the best grandson who is already turning 16.
  • How many times should I tell you that you’re becoming more handsome each year?! Happy 16th Birthday to my terribly handsome grandson.
  • Old folks hope to return to your age and I’m one of them. Happy sweet 16 to a special boy.


As a grandparent, send one of these birthday messages to your 16-year-old granddaughter.

  • Happy sweet 16 to a girl I’m proud of being her [grandpa/grandma].
  • My sweet granddaughter is turning into the princess of Hollywood. Be careful, Emma Watson will be jealous of you. Happy 16th Birthday!
  • Sending my young lady a bag of hugs on her 16th birthday. Have a marvelous one!


Here are two messages for a brother celebrating his 16th birthday.

  • Congratulations on leaving the kids’ life that’s full of orders. Now, you can just listen to your big [sister/brother]’s orders. Love you, bro!
  • Happy sweet 16 to the future’s smartest scientist, my clever bro.

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Here are two birthday messages for a sixteen-year-old sister.

  • Happy sweet 16 to my cute and amazing sister, waiting to see your new hairstyle.
  • Yesterday, you were just a little girl. Today, you’re a very charming lady. Happy Sixteenth Birthday, Sister!

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Finally, we are waiting for you next year to wish them a happy sweet 17.