Happy 18th Birthday Wishes for Someone Turning 18

Eighteen is the bridge to adulthood, and the most important age among all. Everyone is going to celebrate their 18th birthday will try to make it an unforgettable time. Whenever you hear of your friend, classmate, sister, brother, or a special person in your life turning 18, you try to give them the most memorable birthday ever.

Have the best 18th birthday. You deserve it.

Sending birthday wishes to a person who is turning 18 makes them feel more special than they already are. Here are some 18th birthday wishes one can send to that special 18-year-old to surprise them with the sweetest words:

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If they are legally adults for the first time, so special words are what they’re waiting for. Wish an 18-year-old a happy birthday by one of these general ways.

  • My best wishes for the best 18-year-old I’ve ever known.
  • Happy 18th Birthday! Congratulations on turning from “Freedom Fighter” stage to “Prison Break” stage.

Happy 18th Birthday!

  • This age exposes you to the life in its real sense; may your exposure bring you nothing but good. Happy Eighteenth Birthday!
  • Do you know that now you can watch all kinds of movies and series? Yes, you’re the big 18, so have it cool.
  • As you’re entering adulthood and have to make some decisions, may you make decisions that help you reach the top. Enjoy your day perfectly.
  • Happy 18th Birthday! Finally, you will solve your problems by yourself.
  • Your life is taking a new shape, so make good use of it. Happy sweet 18!
  • It’s an age to pick every good thing you come across, so let’s start with my wish – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
  • Congrats on turning 18. Now, it’s the time to dig and search deeply to know what you are made for. Enjoy your hours.
  • It’s your 18th birthday, so set your worries aside, and just have fun.

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The following messages will make any 18-year-old smile when they read them. For more funny birthday messages check out this link.

  • Happy 18th Birthday! Time to work and make your own money as you are just too expensive.

Happy 18th Birthday! Time to work and make your own money as you are just too expensive.

  • Oh, eighteen years of naughtiness! Now, can you quit for one day?
  • I think people wishing you a happy 18th birthday although they know you’re getting old. Is that a compliment?


Congratulate your son on getting his freedom by using one of the following messages to wish him a happy birthday.

  • Happy 18th Birthday to my special son! Time of pampering is over, but I saved some for you.

Happy Birthday, Dear Son! Time of pampering is over, but I saved some for you.

  • Wishing my dear son a day free from my boring lectures about things he already knows. Happy Birthday!
  • After turning 18, are you ready to achieve your goals? Of course, yes, you are.

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Here are some messages for a daughter turning 18.

  • Happy 18th Birthday to my beautiful daughter, and the world’s most beautiful girl.

Happy 18th Birthday to my beautiful daughter, and the world's most beautiful girl.

  • In fact, you’re as pretty at 18 as you were at 17. You’re the princess of all ages.
  • Happy 18th Birthday! The good news: you’re free. The bad news: you’re responsible for the house chores.

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Here are some nice messages for an 18-year-old nephew.

  • Happy 18th Birthday! You’re a great nephew, and truly amazing boy.

Happy 18th Birthday, Nephew!

  • Are you going to be a real man? WOW! Finally, people will think we are the same age. Happy Birthday, Nephew!
  • Happy Birthday to the naughtiest 18-year-old – my nephew!


Here are 3 messages for a niece celebrating her 18th birthday.

  • Happy Birthday, Niece! Whether you’re 18 or 38, your [aunt/uncle] is always proud of you.

Happy Birthday, Niece! Whether you're 18 or 38, I'm always proud of you.

  • Happy 18th Birthday to a cool niece who is like a pearl for her family.
  • Should I congratulate you on turning 18 or being a little makeup artist? Happy Birthday, anyways!


Here are 2 greetings for a grandson who is turning 18.

  • Happy 18th Birthday to my grandson who puts all his power in success.
  • You make me remember the days when I was a bad [boy/girl], let’s hope you stop it soon. Happy Birthday, Dear Grandson!


Here are two messages for a granddaughter celebrating her 18th birthday.

  • Don’t worry, your [grandma/grandpa] can still party, and even dance, so let’s throw the best party for the best granddaughter ever.
  • Happy 18th Birthday, Granddaughter! You’ve grown so fast, and I’m happy to be witnessing this day.


Here are two birthday messages for an eighteen-year-old brother.

  • Happy 18th birthday to my little but wonderful brother.
  • You’re facing a volcanic eruption of new life paths. May you find the path you need, bro. Happy B-day!

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Here are 2 ways to wish your 18-year-old sister a happy birthday.

  • 18 is a big number, exactly like my big sister. May all your wishes come true, dear sis.
  • Happy 18th Birthday, Sister! You’re now wise enough to know about the do’s and don’ts of life. Congrats!


Here are three messages one can send to their 18-year-old friend.

  • Happy Eighteenth Birthday to an amazing friend and partner.
  • Happy Birthday, Dear Friend! Did you feel the real freedom? If you didn’t, let me teach you.

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