Happy 41st Birthday Wishes and Greeting Cards

41st Birthday Wishes: After talking about turning 40, so what about turning 41? It’s the age where the person has passed through most of their life’s challenges and are cooling down waiting for the years to go by. Most likely, every 41-year-old has a family and loves them being around when they celebrate this special time. Some also are lucky enough to have their parents around.

Happy 41st Birthday!

As a person in a 41-year-old’s life, it is important to shower your care on them. Sending them a birthday wish can go a long way in putting a smile on their lips. Go ahead and send one of these messages to see them smile.

General / Funny / Friend / Husband / Wife / Brother / Sister


Here are some general greetings for a person turning 41.

  • Happy 41st Birthday! If anyone told you that you’re getting old, just say old is gold.
  • As you’re turning 41, may you get a perfect life ahead.
  • Happy 41st Birthday! May God give you the strength you need to live your 40s happy and satisfied.

Happy Birthday! Congrats on turning 41.

  • The beginning of your 5th decade becomes more admirable and remarkable. Wishing you a 41st birthday laden with sweetness and happiness.
  • Forty one is a new horizon of life, but more towards glory. Enjoy it!
  • As you’re 41, I wish you a wonderful life with loads of exciting events. May all your tears turn into smile.
  • 41 is a special age. Make it wonderful and the best ever.
  • Have a prosperous 41st birthday full of cool memories and family and friends who adore you. Age gracefully.
  • You have always been lucky, but I hope you get luckier after turning 41. Good Luck and Happy Birthday!
  • 41 really does suit you; I can’t remember the last time I saw such a big smile on your face. Enjoy!


Find out how to make a new 41-year-old smile. Here are some ideas, but if you need more general funny messages check out this list.

  • Being naughty after forty is something terrible. Hope you’re not.

Being naughty after forty is something terrible. Hope you're not. Happy 41st Birthday!

  • If you want others to say that you’re younger than your age, tell them that you’re 51 years old.
  • Happy 41st Birthday! Time to act like a sage who knows everything, even if you don’t.


Here are some messages aimed at a friend turning 41. If you didn’t find what you want, check out a big list of greetings for a special friend.

  • Happy Birthday to my friend who looks like an innocent kid even after turning 41.
  • Congrats on getting crazier every passing year. Congrats on turning 41.
  • Forty one or twenty one, you will be my dear friend whom I love and appreciate.
  • When a mate like you grows older, I have no fear of growing old. You are my hope for amazing years ahead. Happy 41st,my dearest friend!


Special messages for a husband celebrating his 41st B-day.

  • 41 years old and your voice never stopped telling of your love to me. Happy B-day, Husband!

Happy 41st Birthday, Dear Husband!

  • On your 41st birthday, I have some words for you. There are truly some heights of joy that we can’t ever reach, but I’ve reached a great height of joy with you, my love.
  • 41 means rejuvenation, so let’s live tonight as knight and princess. My sincerest wishes.


Here are some messages that will be useful when your wife turns 41.

  • Congrats on turning 41! Forever together, honey.
  • Happy 41st Birthday, Dearie! Sharing my life with you has been an exciting experience, and I will forever be grateful for that beautiful gift God gave me.

Happy 41st Birthday! I love you.

  • Happy 41st Birthday to the woman who made me stable emotionally by being her husband. I love you.
  • The older you get the hotter you become. Have an unforgettable 41st birthday, my dear wife. I’m glad to be growing old with you.


Make a surprise for your brother who is turning 41 by one of these sweet messages.

  • A knowledgeable man is turning 41. Happy 41st Birthday!
  • Turning 41 couldn’t touch your strength, bro. May your muscles never get old.
  • Happy 41st Birthday, Brother! When you get confused about why girls look at you.


Here are some cute greetings for a sister turning 41.

  • Happy 41st Birthday to my sister whose kindness is bigger than Earth.
  • My deepest wishes to my sister who never misused her words. Congrats on turning 41.
  • How do you feel while standing on 41 pretty and charming?! Congratulations, sis!

Next year, pick out the best message to wish them a happy 42nd birthday.