Happy 32nd Birthday Wishes and Messages

If you have a new 32-year-old person in your life, they might think that celebrating their birthdays is childish and lame. It’s your job to change their way of thinking. Never let the day pass by without celebrating it and making the most out of it. They never turn the same age, so help them to enjoy.

Happy 32nd Birthday! You're the coolest 32-year-old.

Making a 32-year-old have fun during their birthday should be the main thing, but also sending a little message can go a long way. Don’t strain yourself; go through these birthday messages and you might find the perfect one.

General / Funny / Friend / Husband / Wife / Brother / Sister / Son / Daughter


In a general way, wish them a happy 32nd B-day.

  • Thirty Two! Is that true? Go get a tattoo.
  • 32 years old, but still active and funny. How cool!
  • Happy 32nd Birthday! When people stop dreaming although it’s early for that. Keep dreaming.

32 kisses, 32 balloons, 32 candles! Happy 32nd Birthday!

  • Have a grand 32nd birthday full of hearty surprises and good cheer with those who mean a lot to you.
  • Wishing you the best on your 32nd birthday. This age is not special, but you make it the best till you leave it.
  • Do you know what’s good about turning 32? People can see you a responsible one even if you’re not. Happy Birthday!
  • Hope your 32nd birthday will be as wonderful as your 30th. My best wishes.
  • 18 years of awesomeness + 14 years of experience = someone who doesn’t look a day over 18. Happy 32nd!
  • As you’re turning 32, may you get 32 chocolate boxes as a gift. Enjoy!


Three creative funny ways to say Happy 32 Birthday.

  • As you’re turning 32, use your 32 teeth to eat the birthday cake.

As you're turning 32, use your 32 teeth to eat the birthday cake.

  • All PCs and laptops are wishing you a happy 32-bit birthday.
  • Don’t worry, you’re still young enough to say your real age to others. Happy 32nd!
  • As you’re turning 32, may you gain 32kg from the great food you will eat.


Here are some messages for a friend turning 32.

  • Happy 32nd Birthday to my friend whose intelligence is mind-blowing.

Happy 32nd Birthday, my dear friend.

  • Turning 32 is laughable because you never wanted to grow old ever since I knew you. Happy Birthday, Dear Friend!
  • Don’t believe who tells you that you don’t look a day over 18. Happy 32nd B-day, Granny/Grandpa!


Three ways to wish your 32-year-old husband a happy B-day.

  • Your 32nd birthday is not so special, but you are special for me. Always love you.

Happy 32nd Birthday, Sweetheart! You're the best husband in the world.

  • Happy 32nd Birthday, Husband! By looking back, I realize that the journey of years with you will never be erased from memory. Thanks for being in my life.
  • Happy 32nd Birthday, my love! Days with you have been the best and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Love you forever.


Here are some messages aimed at a wife turning 32.

  • My diamond is turning 32! May the happiness you get from life be as huge as the love I see in your eyes.

Happy 32nd Birthday! I love you.

  • After turning 32, I can’t stop saying it. I fall in love with you every day, and you get more beautiful every year.
  • Happy 32nd Birthday to my girl who gives me more reasons to love her each day. I can never regret spending the rest of my life with you.


Here are some messages for a brother turning 32.

  • Happy 32nd Birthday, Brother! Now, you look like a retired boxer. Thank God you never fought.
  • Our leopard is turning 32! Wishing you the best.
  • 32 years old and I still remember all your pranks and fights that you used to do when you were a kid. Anyway, you’re the best brother.


Congratulate your sister on turning 32 by one of these ways.

  • Happy 32nd Birthday, Sister! By the way, I really miss our days when we were kids.
  • Best wishes to the woman whose laughter is terrible. Congrats on turning 32, sis.
  • Happy 32nd Birthday, my beautiful sister! I wish you a wonderful future with the family and friends.


Your 32-year-old son is waiting for one of these messages on his special day.

  • Happy Thirty Second Birthday to the king of philosophy – my wonderful son.
  • Happy 32nd Birthday, Son! May this age give you the courage to be who you’ve always wanted to be. Have fun.


If you daughter is turning 32, send her one of the following messages.

  • Happy 32nd Birthday, Daughter! Remember, you have a [mom/dad] that prays hard for you.
  • Today, you are the queen of the castle; whatever you say goes. So think up fun stuff and let’s enjoy your 32nd birthday, daughter.

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