Happy 42nd Birthday Wishes for Person Turning 42

42nd Birthday Wishes: Turning 42 means that the person prefers listening more than speaking, so what can we do for them? Birthday wishes to a 42-year-old are not too tough to craft, I don’t know a lot of 42-year-olds, but I think people like their birthdays and no one likes them to be forgotten no matter the reason.

42 flowers are celebrating you. Happy 42nd Birthday!

Celebrating a 42-year-old on their birthday is important, so send them one of these 42nd birthday messages. They are simple and cheerful to make them feel the real happiness. Spread the cheer and share the cake with these words.

Sincere / Funny / Friend / Husband / Wife / Brother / Sister


Here are some sweet and sincere messages for someone turning 42.

  • Forty second but deserves every second. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday to the youngest and the best 42-year-old man/woman.
  • As you’re turning 42, may this beautiful smile always be put on your lips to make wrinkles on your face.

Happy Birthday! Enjoy your 42nd celebration.

  • 42 years old! How blessed I’m to be here now and seeing you grow older and wiser each year. May all blessings follow you all the days of your life.
  • Happy 42nd Birthday to someone who conquered every trial like a warrior. You’ve always been an inspiration.
  • May 42 make you feel really good about everything in your life and may you feel less stress.
  • Happy 42nd Birthday! When you tell yourself you’ve seen all what life can offer, but it is still the age where more is yet to come your way. Enjoy it.
  • Life has different stages, so don’t worry about getting old and just enjoy.
  • Don’t worry! By turning 42, you’re not just getting older; you’re getting wiser too. Happy B-day!
  • Have a great and unforgettable 42nd birthday! May all your wishes come true and all your worries subside.
  • Congratulations! For 42 years, you have been the joy that stays in people’s hearts. Have my best wishes.
  • I love the fact that I’m sharing your 42nd birthday with you; it brings me so much joy and peace when I see you age gracefully.


As 42-year-olds can smile like every human, here are some funny greetings you can send to them on their B-day.

  • Forty two! You’ve become veteran in growing up. I think you need to take a pause or grow younger.

Forty two! You've become veteran in growing up. I think you need to take a pause or grow younger. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  • Welcome to a delightful adventure, just don’t get old quick. Happy 42nd Birthday!
  • Happy 42nd Birthday to someone whose eyes show his/her fear of reaching 50 soon.


Wish your 42-year-old friend a happy B-day by one of these messages.

  • You told me about your dreams long ago, but turning 42 mustn’t stop you from chasing after them. Enjoy the new adventure, my friend.
  • Do you know that you will miss all these loving memories in the future? So let’s celebrate stupidly. Happy 42nd!
  • Yes, I knew it. Your suggestions, advice, and opinions reflect your age. Congrats on turning 42.


Surprise your 42-year-old husband on his B-day by one of the following greetings.

  • Happy 42nd Birthday to a man with a humble nature and strong personality. Keep it up, honey.

Happy 42nd Birthday to my wonderful husband.

  • You mean everything to me whether you are 42 or 82. We are together till the end. Have a wonderful one.
  • Best wishes to the man who taught me the beauty of life and the way of happiness. Love you!
  • My love for you never dies, never fades and always suffices anything. I said that before, but today, I confirm that nothing will change even after turning 100. Have a cool day, baby!


Here are some romantic and joyful messages aimed at a wife turning 42.

  • Happy 42nd Birthday, my darling! Growing older with you seems like a dream comes true. I will always and forever love you.

Happy 42nd Birthday, Sweetheart!

  • I thought I had loved before, but meeting you took it to another level. Happy 42nd Birthday to the woman of my life.
  • True happiness comes when you find the true partner. And you are my life partner. Happy 42nd Birthday, Sweetheart!


If you have a brother who is turning 42, the following messages can make him happy.

  • Happy 42nd Birthday, Dear Brother! Glad for all the good and bad times we’ve been through. It made us tough and great.
  • Happy 42nd Birthday, Brother! Keep climbing the stairs of forties.
  • A kind-hearted man with 42 years of experience can conquer the world. Are you ready, bro?


The following messages are for a sister turning 42.

  • Happy 42nd Birthday to my sister who has oceans of knowledge and mountains of wisdom.
  • Still awesome at 42: great charm and superb personality. Love you, sis.
  • May the grace of Lord watch over you today as you turn 42. Happy Birthday, Sis!