50+ Advance Birthday Wishes, Messages and Cards

You’re in a rush? Want to say Happy Birthday in advance? Want to be the first? Well, you’re in the right place. Birthdays are one of the most favorite days for most people out there, and that’s why sending birthday messages on time is something cool, so what if you’re a little early?

I wanted to be the first one to wish you a happy birthday.

Advance birthday messages prove that your own mind told you the date, not any other reminder. So send them an advance birthday wish from the following list, and you will wonder how that works; don’t worry, we got you covered.

Happy Birthday Wishes in Advance

  • Happy Birthday in Advance! Special people like you don’t need to be reminded how much they are wealth in others’ lives.
  • That’s an advance Happy Birthday wish; just wanted to be the first before anyone else.
  • I hate to be late at sending you my wishes, so sending them early is better, isn’t it? Hugs and Kisses.

Happy Birthday in Advance!

  • Before forgetting my wishes to you, wishing you advance instead. May your dreams come true.
  • Do you know that your birthday is coming up? I bet this reminder is better than Facebook’s. Wishing you the best.
  • Wishes made without a candle are wishes meant and thought about, so I make my wish for you today for your upcoming birthday. Love you!
  • Soon, you will have a bunch of friends and family get to hang out with you and celebrate your awesome day. That’s the way to do it. Happy Early Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday, my friend! Maybe I won’t be able to be there with you to celebrate, so I’m sending this advance message.
  • Happy Birthday in Advance! I can bet my bottom dollar that you look better with age. Still as good as I can vaguely remember.
  • Happy Birthday, dear friend! You are really super cool, so cool that this birthday wish came a little early.
  • Happy Birthday to you! I know this wish comes early, but I didn’t pay for express delivery, so it should be on time for your birthday.
  • Never ever shall I forget to wish you a Happy Birthday. This time round, I take it a notch higher and you have a Happy Birthday in advance.
  • HEB to OCP! Translation: Happy Early Birthday to One Cool Person.
  • I tried my best, but I couldn’t hold back wishing you a Happy Birthday in advance. Have a blast, dear!

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Happy Birthday in Advance! Sorry for breaking the rules.

  • My early wishes come with lots of love. Happy Birthday in Advance, Sweetheart!
  • This message will help you to get ready earlier for the party. By the way, Happy Birthday in Advance!
  • Greeting you early because rules don’t matter to us. Happy Birthday, my best friend!
  • Sending an advance message to let you take your time reading it. Tons of greetings on your birthday won’t make mine special.
  • This is my way of making you know that I can’t wait. I’m looking forward to a fantastic party. Happy Birthday in advance!
  • Wonderful people have everything waiting for them, and you’re one of those people. I waited for your birthday, but can’t anymore. Have a sweet one.
  • By breaking the rules, you will remember something about me later. Happy Birthday to you in advance!
  • Happy Birthday to someone who is incredible; you deserve one of the best birthdays of all time. I know this wish comes early, but it doesn’t matter; a wish is a wish after all.
  • I take this chance to wish you a happy early birthday before I get forgotten on your birthday due to all the other wishes you’ll get. Have an amazing day.
  • This early birthday wish doesn’t mean I won’t be there for you on your biggest day. This is just to let you know that I have you in my thought. I know you’ll have an awesome day, dear.
  • I hope my advance wish is proof of how much you mean to me. Happy Birthday!
  • How I miss you! Wishing you a Happy Birthday in advance.
  • I’m happy because I get to see one of my favorite people grow older in the next few days. Wishing you all the best.
  • Happy Birthday to someone who is going to accept an advance message.
  • You think that birthdays are simple affairs. Well, this wish may change your mind as it comes early. I hope you have a great birthday, my friend.
  • You will never know what happens tomorrow, it isn’t guaranteed, so here is this advance birthday wish just in case I might not make it. Best Wishes!
  • An advance wish doesn’t hurt, and your early smile also doesn’t hurt. Now, smile and Happy Birthday!
  • Early to bed means early to rise, so maybe my advance greeting makes you rise. Happy Birthday, my friend!
  • I know you’re surprised; yes, it’s early, but excuse me, I’m so excited. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday, buddy! Oh, it’s a little early. No worries. There were never any rules on how to say Happy Birthday.
  • May this be your best early birthday wish yet. I hope you have a superb day and lots of fun.
  • I’m trying to be the first one to wish you a happy birthday, even before your sweetheart. Have a wonderful party.
  • My love for you outweighed my patience, so I couldn’t wait to send this. Let this birthday be the best one.

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Last Updated on January 10, 2024


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