30+ Birthday Wishes for Friend’s Brother

Birthday Wishes for a Friend’s Brother: Everyone loves their friends, that is why your friend’s family also means much to you. Today, we are specially talking bout your friend’s brother and his birthday. When the birthday of your friend’s brother is coming, get ready with a gift or greeting or both of them. Birthday wishes for your friend’s brother will help you to say it perfectly.

Birthday Messages for Friend's Brother

Birthday messages to a friend’s brother may be a good way of showing your friend you not only think of them, but the people in their lives too. Here are some birthday wishes you can send to your friend or your friend’s brother directly.

Friend / Friend’s Brother


Want to send the message to your friend? Here are some birthday wishes for a friend’s brother, but aimed at your friend wishing their brother a happy birthday.

  • Hello, my friend! Happy Birthday to your dear brother! May his dreams come true.
  • Happy Birthday to the brother of my wonderful friend!
  • [Your friend’s name], I’m wishing you the best, and wishing your brother the best birthday.

Happy Birthday to your dear brother!

Friend’s Brother

Want to send the message directly to the birthday boy? Here are some birthday wishes for a friend’s brother to be sent directly.

  • I heard it’s your birthday and I thought it’s good to send you a wish. Have a great one, dude!
  • Happy Birthday to a great guy whose brother is a great friend!
  • Best birthday wishes to the boy whom I listen stories about every day.
  • From the way my friend speaks about you, you must be one of the greatest brothers alive. Have a great birthday!
  • Can I ever forget my friend’s big brother? No I can’t. We looked up to you while we were growing up and you never let us down. Happy Birthday, cool guy!
  • Happy Birthday to a wonderful boy! May God bless you and [your friend’s name].
  • [Your friend’s name] told me about your birthday and how you severely love celebrating. I wish you will enjoy every second, and Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday to an unexpected friend! Thanks to your brother for being the reason I know you.
  • Thank you for the invitation! Happy Birthday to you, dude! May life be pleasant to you in all ways.
  • Today is just your great day; enjoy it like [Your Friend’s Name] does every year. Happy Birthday!
  • The little light in your inner mind is enough to generate a spark to illuminate the other part of your life. Happy Birthday to the brother of my best friend!
  • Sending the heartiest birthday greetings to the guy who is [wiser/crazier] than his [big/younger] brother.
  • I have always wished I had a good brother like you are to my friend, so what’s your birthday wish?
  • Happy Birthday, Buddy! Let [Your friend’s name] celebrate with you, because I feel he is turning into a drama queen.
  • They say the older you get the wiser you become; you are one of the wisest guys I know. Happy Birthday to you!
  • Hey, dude! May this birthday be greater than last year’s, may it be more fulfilling for you and may everything you wish come true.
  • I don’t only know the day you came into my life through [Your friend’s name], now I also know the day you came into this world. Happy Birthday, Buddy!

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Talk to your friend’s brother like you talk to any boy or any man you know, but make him feel like a king. Write one of our sweet and funny birthday wishes and send to your friend’s brother whether you are invited to the party or not. Consider your friend’s feelings when you forget the day and when you do care as well. Even If our messages are different, every message will put a smile on his face. Find the perfect greeting that will make any guy happy after reading it.