Happy 22nd Birthday Wishes for 22-Year-Olds

22nd Birthday Wishes: Do you know what’s wonderful about turning 22? Honestly, nothing, but turning a new age generally is something awesome. 22-year-olds already celebrated the awesome 21 last year. Now, they think that they lost all the fun, so it’s great to revive their vitality by giving them a very cool 22nd birthday.

Twos everywhere! Happy 22nd Birthday!

22nd birthday messages are not that hard to jot down, especially if you know the person well. You don’t have to deliver it to them personally, but you have to put a little you in the message. Your presence will be felt more through a sweet simple wish, so send one of these messages to that special new 22-year-old.

Sincere / FunnyFriendSon / Daughter / Brother / Sister / Nephew / Niece / Wife


Congratulating someone on turning 22 needs a special wording. Let’s see how.

  • There’s nothing cool about 22, but everything about you is very cool. Happy 22nd Birthday!
  • Happy 22nd Birthday to someone who is really good at being bad.

Happy 22nd Birthday!

  • Congratulations on repeating the same number. Condolences on turning a normal age.
  • Your angry face makes it impossible to believe that you’re 22. You’re surely 42.
  • As you’re 22, may your life partner show up as soon as possible.
  • Congratulations on shining for 22 years. Keep shining forever.
  • As you’re turning 22, my your life open 22 doors of happiness and close 22 doors of sadness.
  • At 22, I wish you get rid of the outdated thoughts and clean your mind. Happy Birthday!
  • Living for 22 years is a great success, so wishing you the unlimited success.
  • Being 22 doesn’t mean that you will celebrate for 22 hours. You get tired after a two-hour-celebration.


Here are three funny messages, send one of them to a person turning 22.

  • May 22 witness getting the first dollar in the price of your new Lamborghini. Congrats in advance!

May 22 witness getting the first dollar in the price of your new Lamborghini.

  • May the color of your smile never fade, as people start losing smiles at 22.
  • Happy Birthday to the person who has 22 tons of positivity and productivity.


Make your friend happy by wishing them a happy 22nd birthday. We also have a special article about the ways to wish a friend a happy Bday.

  • May your days be as [beautiful/handsome] as the [girl/boy] of your dreams. Happy 22nd Birthday, Dear Friend!

Happy Twenty Second Birthday!

  • Don’t worry about getting old except if you lost one tooth. As your smile is still shiny, it’s okay.
  • Happy 22nd Birthday! May all who mean something to you be by your side today and every day.


Here are 3 birthday greetings for a 22-year-old son.

  • 22 years of being a troublemaker? Don’t tell me that you’re ready for 22 more.

Happy 22nd Birthday, Son!

  • I remember when you were 2 years old. It seems to me as if another 2 was just added to it in an eye twinkle. You grew so fast. Happy 22nd Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday, Son! Seeing you pass through many great hurdles is something awesome.


Wish your 22-year-old daughter a happy birthday by one of these sweet ways.

  • At 22, your cheeks are as big as they used to be. Love you, sweet girl.

Happy 22nd Birthday, Daughter!

  • Happy 22nd Birthday, Daughter! I hope many of your friends make your day.
  • My deepest wishes for a 22-year-old diamond.


The following messages are written for a brother turning 22.

  • People at 22 are classified to be highly respected and attractive. Are you one of them, bro?
  • Now as you’re 22, will you spike your hair or get a new tattoo?
  • Happy 22nd Birthday, Brother! As you’re getting older, I will be always there for you.


Here are a few messages for a sister celebrating her 22nd birthday.

  • Happy 22nd Birthday, Sister! Keep being the woman who cheers her family up.
  • You’re beginning the 22nd chapter of your beauty. Enjoy it, sis.
  • May your 22nd birthday remind you of the woman you strive to be. Happy Birthday to my ambitious sister.


Here are 3 sweet messages for your 22-year-old nephew.

  • Happy Birthday, Nephew! May you be 22 miles away from pain.
  • HBD means Happy Birthday, but do you know the meaning of HBBN? This means Happy Birthday to the Best Nephew. Enjoy every single moment.
  • From a proud [uncle/aunt] to a special nephew: Wishing you a 22nd birthday that never happened before.


Here are some messages aimed at a niece turning 22.

  • Happy Birthday, my pretty niece! You always prove that angels exist.
  • Happy 22nd Birthday to a cute girl, sweet lady and wonderful woman.
  • As you’re 22, wishing you 22 gold necklaces to fit your golden neck. Love you, niece.


Here are 2 lovely and romantic messages a man can send to his 22-year-old wife. You might also want to check out a special list of greetings for wife on her birthday.

  • Happy 22nd Birthday to the most beautiful and most wonderful wife in the world.
  • A pretty woman deserves a pretty message: may you always be the prettiest lady on this planet.
  • Happy 22nd Birthday, my wife! You never cease to amaze me with the way you’re getting more beautiful day after day.

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