Happy 21st Birthday Wishes for Someone Turning 21

21st Birthday Wishes: 21 is a golden age, isn’t it? Turning 21 means that the person is officially no longer a teenager, but a full grown-up. They do a lot of things for the first time. Just as you enjoyed your twenty-first birthday, you can also make the person close to you feel the same joy you felt when you became a complete adult.

Have a fabulous 21st birthday.

Here are some 21st birthday messages you can send to your friend, son, daughter, brother, sister, and everyone you know. The list is divided into many titles.

Cool / FunnyFriendSon / Daughter / Brother / Sister / Nephew / Niece


Here are some sincere and sweet messages for someone turning 21.

  • Is this the 21st birthday or the 21st century?! Oh, I think we have both.
  • 21st birthday makes other birthdays pale. You’re going to learn this lesson with a hard dose of reality. Enjoy it!

Happy 21st Birthday!

  • Welcome to 21: the greatest time for doing anything best.
  • Congrats on getting new perceptions and standpoints, but will that change the monster you are?
  • You only turn 21 once, so don’t be scared of doing everything you want.
  • Someone told me that 21 is the last fun; if that’s true, let’s make it the best. Happy 21st Birthday!
  • Happy Twenty-First Birthday! It’s the uttermost age of getting rich.
  • 21 means avoiding tensions, and concentrating on intentions. Ready to do that? Happy 21.
  • Once you have a 21st birthday party, nothing else matters. If you don’t know that, you’re going to feel it.

Happy 21st Birthday!

  • Happy 21st Birthday! Enjoy being a complete adult.
  • I wonder how I could remember your birthday, even though I was busy. Maybe 21st birthdays are never forgotten.
  • I can’t explain the joy I feel sharing your 21st birthday with you. I hope everything turns out as planned.


Here are some funny messages for someone already turned 21. We have also a special post about funny birthday messages.

  • Happy 21st Birthday to someone who still looks like a baby!

Happy 21st Birthday to someone who still looks like a baby!

  • Let’s celebrate your 21st Bday like the party animals we are. Woo! Party time!
  • I can’t believe that you’re turning 21. No one can believe it. I mean you still have peach fuzz!


Here are some messages for your 21-year-old friend. We also have a long list of birthday greetings for a special friend.

  • Twenty One! YAY! You are going to love this day. Everyone does.
  • We are going to party like the rock stars we are. 21st birthday party? We are young and lusty as hell. It doesn’t matter. Nothing can stop us. Let’s get crazy!

Happy 21st Birthday!

  • Today is your 21st, Oh man, if only you knew what shenanigans are going to await you for this day. I hope you have more great friends you can count on, just like me.
  • That will be the most epic party of your life. It is your 21st birthday, right? Good luck, my friend.
  • Congratulations! You are finally eligible to buy your own car! Now, What’s the destination? Big Ben or Eiffel Tower?
  • I want to wish you good luck. But honestly, you’re 21, so you don’t need it. Best wishes to my best friend!


Here are some birthday greetings for a son turning 21. You might also want to check out this list of Bday messages for a son.

  • Does turning 21 means that you won’t ask for money anymore? If that’s true, let’s celebrate it every year.
  • To the funniest son in this world, Happy 21st Birthday!

Happy Birthday, my cool son.

  • I don’t say this because you’re my son, but you’re the most handsome boy, even after turning 21. Best wishes.
  • New directions come your way; promise me that you will make good use of being 21. Happy Twenty First Birthday, my dear son!


Here are some birthday messages for a 21-year-old daughter. You might also need to see a separate list of wishes for a daughter.

  • Happy Birthday, Sweetie! Congrats on being an independent woman who is changing day after day.

Happy 21st Birthday, my sweet daughter.

  • 21 has been always cool, but undoubtedly, you made it awesome. Happy Birthday, my beautiful daughter!
  • Happy 21st Birthday to the cutest girl at home. Oh, I forgot, you’re the only girl here.


Your 21-year-old brother is waiting for a sweet message from you congratulating him. Here are a few greetings for a brother turning 21.

  • Happy Birthday, my precious brother! May 21 be a stepping stone to greatness.
  • Wait, Did you finally turn 21? How? You always looked older. Oh well, Happy 21st Birthday, Grandpa!
  • Don’t think you’re a boss now after turning 21. You’re still a weak competitor at video games.


Here are some birthday messages for a sister celebrating her 21st birthday.

  • Happy 21st Birthday, Sister! After this birthday, all of them just start to blend into the same thing over and over again. So, don’t stop celebrating.
  • Hope 21 opens the new directions towards happiness, success and prosperity. Congrats, sis.
  • 21 is not that old, you will always be the best version of Cinderella. Happy Birthday, Sis!


If your nephew is turning 21, here are some well composed messages that you can send to him.

  • Happy 21st Birthday, Dear Nephew! Today won’t come again, so let’s get crazy!
  • You’ve passed the sweet 16 and the cool 18, but today you reached the awesome 21. Congrats, sweet nephew!
  • Happy Birthday, Nephew! Your creativity at 21 can make your future brighter and shed the darkness.


When your niece turns 21, you have to be ready with one of the following messages.

  • You’re 21; keep your head up and walk like a model. Happy Birthday, Niece!
  • At 21, you defeated the beauty. Do you know how? Well, you’re more than a beautiful lady, you’re incredible.
  • Happy 21st Birthday to the cutest 21-year-old girl on earth – my wonderful niece.

Next year, don’t forget to send them a happy 22nd birthday message.