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400 Happy Birthday Wishes

400 Happy Birthday Wishes

There are many important dates throughout the year. There are holidays, anniversary, events in history and most importantly, birthdays. Since...

Happy Late Birthday

Belated Happy Birthday Wishes

Each season brings new and amazing things, whether it is past or present, each moment defines something new and special....

Happy Birthday Sis

Birthday Wishes for Sister

A sister is the little girl you will always want to protect and the other mom you will always have...

Birthday Quotes for Son

Birthday Wishes for Son

There is not a day I don’t like celebrating someone special to me, birthday or not. Celebrating someone as close...

Birthday Wishes for Granny

Birthday Wishes for Grandma

Most of us are lucky enough to have met their grandparents and have them share with us their past stories....

Wedding wishes for aunt.

Wedding Wishes for Aunt

I have an aunty who is like a big sister to me, she actually is. I love her so much...

Advance Marriage Wishes

Advance Marriage Wishes

Weddings must be one of the most cheerful occasions ever because people really come out looking their best. But I...

Happy Birthday dad in heaven.

Happy Birthday Dad in Heaven

Wherever your dad is, this world or the next, he is supposed to be celebrated and remembered during their birthday....

Happy Birthday to the big boss featured pic.

Long Happy Birthday Wishes

What does your birthday mean to you? What does the birthday of someone special to you mean? Buying gifts is...

Wedding Invitation Card

Top Wedding Invitation Messages

Sending an invitation to your wedding shouldn’t stress you up after all most wedding invitation messages mainly have known words,...

What are we doing here!

Messages may just seem like fun to most people, however true that may be, I consider messages to be a secret shared between two friends, love whispered between lovers and the bond that holds families tighter than any glue can. No matter what messages mean to you, I know that during any special event, you wouldn’t mind a word or two from those closest to you. So why are there different messages for different occasions? Why send out a message? Why choose my messages?! These are some of the questions I want to answer throughout my introduction to the world of message making and letter drafting.

Welcome to

Have you ever wondered how the first people communicated? In their own weird way they communicated through various means like smokes, drums and runners, then people advanced to telephone calling and letter writing, which really caught on. Now all you have to do is send an SMS to the person since technology did evolve with time and even though it did revolve, there were some things that remained. An SMS or a card holding a person message always puts a smile across the recipient’s face and that is why no matter the occasion, sad or happy, the best way to communicate still remains as a message to the one you hold dearest.

Messages yield different meanings for different occasions and that is why you cannot send a sad birthday note since it is unethical and won’t thrill the recipient as well. I have come up with a way to send that special message to your special someone without making the situation weird or otherwise. Choosing one of the messages or wishes that I have written can either give you more words to put down or give you the feeling that the words said as enough for the occasion you want to attend. That is why I say, don’t be shy, for there is never the perfect words to describe the person you hold dearest to you.

So why are there different messages? There are different messages because each year we celebrate different things from the public holidays, to the internationally recognized but underrated holidays like Valentine’s Day. Each holiday passed is a blessing; each birthday celebrated a gift, each wedding a chance to see fate best at its works and each unmentioned holiday a reason to recognize and celebrate the person you know. Be it a colleague, a boss, a friend, a sister, a brother or any relative, each person loves a special day dedicated to them, each person wants to be remembered on their special day and that is why there are different messages to each event, holiday and person.

You should send out a message because as goofy as you may think the day is or the event is, the person receiving it knows how much the day means to them and they wouldn’t want anyone else celebrating their special day with. Sending out a personal message with a special personalized twist is what I aim to do mostly, I strive to give people the chance to not only appreciate a person in general but to appreciate their loved one in a style one can consider unique and to the point. Each message drafted is like no other and although some words may be repeated, they never mean the same to the recipient that way even though I don’t know the person personally, I write as though I do because sending a message that puts a smile on their faces is all I imagine when I write each message I send out. So that is why you should send out a message, not any message but my message because it will make the recipient feel as though you were thinking of them personally.