300+ Happy Birthday Wishes for Sister

A sister is the girl who has always shared everything with you since childhood. A big sister or a little sister, sisters are for life, and that is why it is important to never forget your sister’s birthdays and the special moments you created together. So what’s the best way to convey your feelings to your special sister on her birthday?

Happy Birthday, Sister!

How to Say Happy Birthday Sister?

Don’t just say Happy Birthday; make your message more creative by writing some words in her birthday card or the social media post. This is a list of 300+ simple, sweet, inspirational, sentimental, and funny birthday messages and quotes for sisters, so whether she is your younger or older sister, whether you want a short or long message, you will find the perfect Happy Birthday wishes for your sister on this page.

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Short & Quick

Want a quick way to wish your sister a happy birthday? This is a collection of many short birthday wishes for sisters.

  • Happy Birthday, Dear Sister! May your weird wishes come true.
  • Happy Birthday to the most charming sister ever! I love you to the moon and back.
  • You made my life spectacular by being a part of it. Happy Birthday, Sis!

Happy Birthday, Dear Sister! I love you.

  • Happy Birthday to such a marvelous sister! Wishing you a great year ahead.
  • A sweet flower goes to the best sister in the world to kiss her. Happy Birthday, Sis!
  • Happy Birthday to the most caring sister! May God shower His blessings on you.
  • My great sister, I hope you have a blast on your birthday. Love you.
  • To the girl that looks 16 years younger than her actual age, Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday, my sweet sister! Many happy returns of the day.
  • Annoying but lovable, crazy but caring. Happy Birthday to the loveliest sister who ever lived.
  • Happy Birthday to an unbelievably terrific sister who deserves every ounce of happiness.
  • My special sister deserves to feel extra special on her special day. Let’s do it.
  • Happy Birthday to a superb and exceptional sister! I love you like you love pizza.
  • Growing up alongside you is a blessing your birthdays remind me of.

Happy Birthday, Sister! Growing up alongside you is a blessing your birthdays remind me of.

  • Dear sister, I wish you a great birthday bash. Love you.
  • Happy Birthday to my one and only sister! May we be the best of friends forever.
  • Best birthday wishes to the most wonderful sister on Earth.
  • Happy Birthday, my fantastic sister! May your big day be the one you deserve.
  • May it rain blessings and dreams just for my optimistic sister. Love you.
  • Happy Birthday to my marvelous sister who happens to be an incredible friend as well.

Sweet Ways to Say Happy Birthday Sister

Make your sister feel special on her birthday with one extraordinary message. Here are some sweet, quick and simple birthday wishes for sisters that will leave a smile on every sister’s face.

  • Best wishes and Happy Birthday, Sis! You are as perfect as the coffee you make every morning.
  • Best birthday wishes to my sister who never got tired of me through our long journey together.
  • Having you as a sister is one of the best gifts God gave to me. Best Wishes, Sis!

Happy Birthday to the best sister in the world!

  • Happy Birthday to a sister who is beautiful inside and out.
  • As we can’t imagine a birthday without a party, I can’t imagine my life without you, sis. Enjoy!
  • Happy Birthday, Sis! I’ll never forget the times and events we have shared. I love you so much.
  • Does English have an adjective for a sister like you? Indeed, you’re beautiful, funny, smart, fabulous and cute, but still no single word can do it. Have a fantastic birthday.
  • You are sweet, kind, beautiful and unique. In short: you are simply perfect. Happy Birthday, Sister!
  • I don’t know how my life would be if you weren’t here. I love you, sis. Happy Birthday!
  • Happiest of birthdays, sister! Wishing you a wonderful day full of laughter and smiles.
  • One more year in my sister’s life? WOW! Huge birthday wishes to you, [type the name].
  • Happy [21st] Birthday, Sister! Thank you for spreading positivity at home.
  • Even if I sometimes say otherwise, you are the best sister ever. Best wishes.

birthday wishes for sister

  • Happy Birthday to a remarkable girl in my life, my wonderful sister.
  • There are many types of sisters, I don’t know them, but I’m sure yours is the best. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday, Sister! Thank you for all the daring adventures we had together.
  • Warmest birthday wishes to my sister whose prettiness is royal and her soul is angelic. I love you.
  • Happy Birthday, my lovely sister! I love you.
  • You always look like a princess, but on your birthdays, you look like a queen. Happy Birthday, my beloved sister!
  • Happy Birthday, my sweet sister! Keep making us a proud family.

Happy Birthday to my lovely, gorgeous and kind sister!

  • I’m proud of having such a compassionate sister. Happy Birthday, enjoy your favorite sweet candy.
  • Sending birthday greetings to my sister who is more robust than any steel and sweeter than any ice cream.
  • An epic party is waiting for my stunning sister. Wishing you a delightful birthday and a prosperous year ahead.
  • Your birthday is a reminder of our many precious childhood memories. Have a glorious one, sis!
  • Happy Birthday, Sis! Are you ready for one more fun-filled year?
  • My dear sister, you have always been a crazy girl, but this filled our life with fun and joy. Happy Birthday, Beautiful!
  • Happy Birthday, my dearest sister! You have to thank God for getting prettier every day and every year.

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Funny Birthday Messages for Sister

Every smile could turn into a laugh if we add a sense of humor to our words. If you want to make your sister laugh over hearing your words or reading your message, remind her of your beautiful memories and how silly you were. If you can’t do it, check out these funny birthday wishes for sisters, I hope the list can help.

  • Happy Birthday to the worst manicurist who ever lived, my phenomenal sister.
  • My sister, congratulations on getting prettier every year. Condolences on getting crazier every second.
  • Happy Birthday, Sister! You are finally big like a monster.

Happy Birthday, Sister! You are finally big like a monster.

  • Now you are [insert the age]. Do you think that lighting this number of candles at home is safe?
  • Happy Birthday to the second best sister in the world.
  • Warmest wishes for my sister who never passes beside anyone without them looking at her twice. Keep being weird.
  • The older you get, the more beautiful you become. Now I know why you are so pretty, sis.
  • Happy Birthday to the angel who turns into a devil when she gets angry.
  • Hey sis! Do you want a birthday gift? I forgive you for every time you ratted me out to Mom.
  • Happy Birthday to a thoughtful sister, from a crazy sister.
  • Happy Birthday to a crazy sister, from a crazier sister.
  • I couldn’t find a perfect birthday message for you, sis, because I know you well; you only wait for gifts.
  • Happy Birthday to the girl of tricks – my weird sis.
  • Hey sis, it’s your birthday. I think I don’t need to pour water on your face to wake you up.
  • I didn’t realize how magnificent you are till I knew that you are Mom’s second favorite child. All jokes aside, Happy Birthday, Dear Sis!

Happy Birthday, Sis! I didn't realize how magnificent you are till I knew that you are Mom's second favorite child.

  • Sis, you’re bound to let me hold your hand to slice the cake. Deal?
  • Happy Birthday to my sister who makes me a trending topic by publishing my secrets every day.
  • Millions of hugs and kisses to my sister who keeps kissing me whenever we meet. Happy Birthday, Sweetie!
  • I can’t stop thinking about how a bossy sister’s birthday can be! Anyway, you can thank me later.
  • What about sharing my makeup with you today as a birthday present? Oh, forget it and just celebrate.
  • Happy Birthday to an energetic sister, from a very sluggish sister.
  • Sis, I discovered that baking the cake is the best birthday present, isn’t it?
  • Hey sis! Do you know that you are as old as the antiques in our living room? Be proud, and cheers to your birthday.

Happy Birthday, Sister!

  • Age is just a number, and your number is big enough to carry lumber. Happy Birthday, Sis!
  • Happy Birthday to my sister who is awesome enough to never care about getting older. It’s just one thing you care about, your birthday cake.
  • [If you have just one sister] Happy Birthday to my favorite sister!
  • I want to tell the world that I love my pretty sister so much, even if she is sometimes bossy. Happy Birthday!
  • Don’t utter. Sun rays will scatter. It doesn’t matter. Let’s take pictures to share on Twitter. Happy Birthday, sis!

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Birthday Wishes for Big Sister

Love and appreciate your older sister? See her as a role model? Elder sisters are God’s gift to any girl/boy who needs a friend and teacher. When you know that your older sister is waiting for her birthday with anticipation, you have to be ready with the best words to make her feel like a birthday queen. Here are some sweet, heartfelt and funny birthday wishes for an older sister.

  • Growing up with a big sister like you is the best gift from God. Wishing you the best.
  • Big sisters usually keep their siblings out of trouble, but you are the only big sister who needs someone to keep her out of trouble. Happy Birthday, Crazy Sis!
  • Wishing a fantastic birthday to my loving sister. I’m grateful to you for being the most astounding mentor I have ever known.

birthday wishes for elder sister

  • Happy Birthday, my big sister! Thanks for protecting me every time I’m in danger. I’m returning the favor by warning you about touching your birthday candles.
  • Happy Birthday, my elder sister! You don’t need a reminder of how thankful I’m to you for being older than me.
  • Happy Birthday to the awesomest big sister! Thank you for every trip I had because you were supportive enough to convince Mom.
  • Even if you are my partner-in-crime, you are still wise and kind. Happy Birthday, my older sister!
  • Happy Birthday, Sis! Do you think I’m a good girl because I learned so much from you?
  • My big sister, You have always been a teacher. Thanks for showing me the path to success. Happy birthday!
  • I’m lucky because my big sister is my best friend. Thank you for always being there. Happy Birthday!
  • Over the years, I have found a mother in you, a best friend I can talk to, and a partner-in-crime I can have fun with. Wishing an outstanding birthday to my unique sister.
  • Happy Birthday to my crazy sister who always hides her age although she is still very young.
  • A big sister is like a guardian angel. Thank you for being supportive and protective all the time. Happy Birthday!

A big sister is like a guardian angel. Thank you for being supportive all the time. Happy Birthday!

  • Happy Birthday to a heroine in my life – my big sis.
  • Happy Birthday, Big Sister! You’ve always been beside me in my tough times. You always inspire me to do my best.
  • In case I didn’t tell you before, you’ve always been my second mom. Wishing you a birthday that will give you a bit of the happiness I felt because of your kind efforts.
  • Happy Birthday to a girl who learned motherhood even if she’s a long way off it. You’re a lovely lady to be a sister.
  • One more year of protecting me from dad and mom. Awesome!
  • Although I have always got mad at you and your advice, I know now how amazing it is to have an older sister who knows well how to be a great support for her siblings. Happy Birthday, my beautiful sister!
  • You may be the toughest girl I’ve ever known, but through your toughness, I see a friend worth keeping for life. I love you, sis, and wish you the happiest birthday.

Birthday Wishes for Little Sister

Want to make your little sister happy? Even if you remember the day she was born or not, you surely remember your childhood memories and will never forget them. When your little sister’s birthday rolls around, give her the birthday wish that will put a smile on her face. These next birthday wishes for younger sisters will help you to find the perfect way to wish your little sis a happy birthday.

  • Happy Birthday to the best little sister any big sister could ask for. Many happy returns of the day.
  • Although you are getting taller every year, you will always be my baby sister. Happy Birthday to the sweetest little sister in the world!
  • Happy Birthday, my little sister! Today is a good chance for you to tell me how your little body keeps a big heart inside?!

birthday wishes for little sister

  • Happy Birthday to an amazingly wise little girl!
  • Happy Birthday, my baby sister! You are getting more charming and more beautiful.
  • Having a baby sister was my childhood’s big surprise, and having you now as a best friend is something I will cherish forever. Have a stupendous birthday, little sis.
  • Happy [16th] Birthday, my sweet little sister! Maybe you always appreciate my advice to you, but I also appreciate every bit of fun you bring into my life.
  • All the world’s birthday gifts are not enough for my incredible little sister who is the best gift God has given me. May your day be full of laughter.
  • Best wishes to the most wonderful little sister in the world.
  • Happy Birthday, little sister! Do you know that I lived alone till you came into this world? You filled my life with happiness and joy.
  • Regardless of the party, I need to say that I will always be there for you, my little sister. We will always find each other to seek bringing happiness to one another. All the best.
  • Happy Birthday, Little Sister! Keep being the mad girl you are.
  • Seeing you grow up to be a beautiful lady is the ultimate happiness. Happy Birthday to the cutest little sister!
  • It’s your birthday, little sis; don’t stay at home like Rapunzel. Go enjoy it.
  • Happy Birthday to my cute, innocent and beautiful little sister!
  • I think you don’t wait for some cash as a birthday present because you are now an adult. Happy Birthday, Little Sister!
  • The real fortune is having you for a little sister, and the real happiness is watching you grow up. Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!

The real fortune is having you for a little sister, and the real happiness is watching you grow up. Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!

  • Happy Birthday, little sis, from your role model.
  • My life has never been boring since you were born. Thank you, [type the name of your little sister], for adding the sparkle to my life.
  • Happy Birthday, Sis! I hope you know that I always look up to you. Maybe it’s weird to hear that from your older sibling, but it’s true.
  • Every birthday I feel stupid enough that I can’t hide it anymore: I wished for a younger brother before you were born. Now I can’t even imagine my life without such an inspirational and influential sister. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday to our little monkey that always makes me laugh even if I’m tired. Keep being cheery.
  • This heartfelt message goes to one of the kindest hearts I have ever known. It will be absolutely for my little sister. Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!
  • I always thank God for sending you to this world to drive me crazy. Happy Birthday!

Birthday Quotes for Sister

You may want to add a social media post, status, caption or just send an SMS to your sister on her birthday. For that, we combined these short birthday quotes to help you finish the exact form of your wish. Hurry up!

  • “Sisters make the best friends in the world.” —MARILYN MONROE
  • “In the cookies of life, sisters are the chocolate chips. Happy Birthday to my favorite chocolate.”
  • Having a sister means I never sleep early. Happy Birthday to my annoying sis!
  • Happy Birthday, sister! May the radiance of Milky Way grant you repose on trying days.
  • “Having a sister is like having a best friend you can’t get rid of. You know whatever you do, they’ll still be there.”  —Amy Li
  • “A sister is both your mirror—and your opposite.”
    —Elizabeth Fishel
  • “There is no place for secrets in sisterhood.” —Erin Forbes

Older sister or younger sister, I will always love you. Happy Birthday!

  • “A sister will always notice her sister’s first gray hairs with glee.”- Allison M. Lee
  • Dear sis, I wish you an unforgettable day just like the special days we lived together. Many happy returns of the day.
  • “The more you praise and celebrate your life; the more there is in life to celebrate.”- Oprah Winfrey
  • “The middle sister is really just a big sister and a little in one.”
  • If the cake is your life and the candles are its difficulties, so you burn the candles to remove all obstacles in your life. This birthday will be a new start for you.
  • “My sister is the one person who truly knows me, as I know her.” – Lisa See
  • “A sister is worth a thousand friends; thanks for being my first and best friend.”
  • Maybe I don’t have a life partner, but I’m proud of having you as a partner-in-crime. Happy Birthday, my wonderful sister!
  • May your birthday be a passage from bad to good. I wish you a wonderful day as you always make our days awesome.

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When the birthday of your sister-in-law is coming, find the best words to wish her a happy birthday. These next birthday wishes will help you phrase a message to send to your dear sister-in-law directly or just type in the birthday card.

  • Happy Birthday to the sweetest sister-in-law! May your deepest wishes come true.

Happy Birthday, Dear Sister-in-Law! May your deepest wishes come true.

  • Happy Birthday to a wonderful sister-in-law! Thank you for being my new family.
  • Even if we don’t share the same parents, you are truly a sister to me. Happy Birthday, Beautiful!
  • I’m proud of having such an amazing sister-in-law. Happy Birthday!

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From a Sister

Sisters share the best of memories, so as a sister, you have millions of memories and things you can mention on your sister’s birthday. We put together these sweet and funny birthday wishes for a sister from a sister. They are very specific and will fit the bill.

  • Happy Birthday to my sister, my partner-in-crime and my coolest friend.
  • I love the day my perfect sister turns another year because I don’t want to get old alone. Happy Birthday, Oldie!
  • I made a cake without one mistake. Dear sis, let’s give the world one earthquake.
  • Happy Birthday to the girl who taught me how to cut my own bangs. Thanks for supporting me in every way.

Happy Birthday to the girl who taught me how to cut my own bangs. Love you, sis.

  • [Married] Happy Birthday to the aunt of my kids, from the aunt of your kids.
  • I think our crazy minds are enough to throw the craziest party today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
  • Happy Birthday, sister! As you’re getting older, your way of solving problems is improving, which is useful when we fight.
  • Happy Birthday to my awesome sister who always makes me look like an idiot, even if I’m our parents’ favorite daughter.

Happy Birthday, Sis! May your weird wishes come true.

  • Happy Birthday, my twin, my soulmate, and my best friend. You are the girl I can always rely on.
  • Let the orchestra play; I don’t even mind the world stopping for a moment just to celebrate my sister who is the jewel of my life.
  • Seasons change, but sisters never change. Happy Birthday to a very special sis!

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From a Brother

As an older or younger brother, wish your sister a happy birthday in a way that will warm her heart and make her know that you’re not that bad brother. Our list of heart-touching and funny birthday wishes for sisters from brothers will help you find the ideal wording for the birthday message you need to send to your big or little sister.

  • Happy Birthday, Sister! I’m always proud to be your brother.
  • Many guys have annoying and feisty sisters; I’m so lucky because my sister is a respected and spectacular lady. Happy Birthday, Dear!
  • From the little girl who used to wear her brother’s clothes to a very beautiful fashionista. Happy Birthday, Sis!

Happy Birthday to the best sister any brother could ask for.

  • Rule #1: “Big piece for big bro.” I’m talking about birthday cakes. Happy Birthday, Sis!
  • Happy Birthday to a serious big sis, from her funny little bro.
  • As your little brother, I never wished for a better big sis. You are and will always be my life coach. Happy Birthday, my pretty awesome sister!
  • Happy Birthday to the most supportive sister in the world, from your favorite brother.
  • Your way of life makes me feel honored to be your brother. A sister like you is rare to find. Happy Birthday, sis!
  • Don’t be so happy about your birthday. It’s not excessively special as you think. A note from your bad brother.
  • Happy Birthday, Sis! May we stop fighting over little things.
  • Do you know that we are not just brother and sister? We are friends; we spread joy and happiness throughout each other’s lives. Happy Birthday, sis!
  • Letting out every bit of love from my heart to my sweet sis. I don’t usually do this, but your birthday deserves it.

Happy Birthday, Sister! I wish you the best of luck in the year ahead.

  • Happy Birthday to my sister who shares the same genetic composition with me, although we are totally different.
  • Who said women are weak? I think they said that because they don’t know you. Happy Birthday to my strong independent sis.
  • Would have crossed the Nile without a boat, fought the most dreadful warrior without a weapon, but I got my highest desires without breaking a sweat, (the gift of a sister). My best wishes.

Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Sister

Want a sentimental birthday message for your sister? Touch your sister’s heart with your words because birthdays are emotional occasions, so sentimental birthday wishes for sisters will express how much she means to you and how much you care about her and her special days. The following collection is the most heart-touching messages your sister will ever read.

  • My dear sister, you remind of every beautiful thing in life. I love you and wish you a happy birthday.
  • Your birthday should be the biggest celebration ever because you are the best sister ever.
  • Happy Birthday, Sis! You are an angel from the heavens.
  • You have always been like a shield to me, protecting me, defending me, and managing to be always there for me. Thank you for being that strong sassy woman. Happy Birthday, Sis!

Happy Birthday to a sister who is beautiful inside and out.

  • Having you by my side heals my soul by reminding me of every joyful thing we shared in childhood. Happy Birthday, my amazing and loving sister!
  • If sisters were fruits, you would be fresh mango because it’s my favorite, and you are my favorite kind of sisters. Best wishes!
  • Here’s to one more year of being the prettiest and most gorgeous sister in the world.
  • We had many fights when we were children, but after growing up, I realized that I already have the most understanding and caring sister. Happy Birthday to you!
  • You are not only the girl any sibling could ask for; you are also the girl any parent could wish for. Happy Birthday to an amazing human being who I’m proud to call my sister.
  • Wishing my resourceful sister a wondrous year ahead. I don’t know how I would overcome difficulties without you. Thank you, dear!
  • You are honest and true; I can’t even imagine that I have such an invaluable sister. Happy Birthday, Darling!

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Inspirational Birthday Wishes for Sister

Want an inspirational message for your sister’s birthday? If your sister inspires you, it’s your turn to do the same for her. Inspire your sister on her birthday with one of our inspirational birthday wishes. The following messages are full of inspiring words to give your sister the power she needs to break a table.

  • Happy Birthday, dear sister! May you always find success wherever you are.
  • Dreams take people to a great destination, and as you celebrate today, may your dreams take you through the glorious path to the land of fulfillment. Happy B-day, Sis!
  • Perfection is what you represent, something like a flawless work of art, beautiful on the inside and gorgeous on the outside. Our parents must have married under a falling star.
  • My cute sis, I want to thank you for being the best sister in the world. You are the real meaning of sisterhood. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Sister! Wishing you all the happiness in the world.

  • Happy Birthday to my lovely, gorgeous and kind sister! May all your dreams come true.
  • The greatest sister deserves the greatest birthday, doesn’t she?
  • You always surprise me with things only an awesome sister can do. And now, you surprise me with your great day. Happy Birthday!
  • You are lucky to have a birthday, but I’m luckier to have such a great sister. My deepest wishes.
  • Happy Birthday to the most wonderful sister in the world. Thank you for everything.
  • Wishing an astounding birthday to the most astounding sister on Earth.
  • Happy Birthday, Sister! Thank you for all the care you provided me over the years. I’m so fortunate that the birthday queen is my fantastic sister. Let’s celebrate you all day long.

Happy Birthday, Sister!

  • Happy Birthday to the strongest woman I know, my precious sister.
  • Happy Birthday, Sister! I wish you the best of luck in the year ahead.
  • Siblings usually have their little fights, but you are the only sister who stops any fight with one word. Happy Birthday, my precious sister!
  • Happy Birthday, Sister! I hope you find happiness wherever you are and whenever you need it.

Long-Distance Birthday Wishes for Sister

Are you and your sister miles apart? Miss your sister and want to convey your feelings to her? Her birthday is a perfect opportunity for you as you can’t celebrate together this year. These birthday wishes and cards are for sisters who live far away, so pick out the one that will express how much you love and miss your sis.

  • Happy Birthday, Sister! I miss you so much that I wonder if you still don’t act your age!
  • Happy Birthday, Sis! I hope the distance between us is just one of our adventures together, and it will end soon.
  • Hey miss, you are the one whom I really miss. After reading this, you will owe me a kiss. Happy Birthday, Sis!

birthday wishes for sister far away

  • My dear sister, every country between us is wishing you all the best as you are turning a year older. Happy Birthday!
  • It hurts, I can’t help you blow out the candles this year. However, I love you, sis.
  • Happy Birthday, my terrific sister! It would be better if said in person, but I hope you love it.
  • Happy Birthday, Sister! I hope we will celebrate together your next birthday.
  • Asking all birds to fly with the sweetest messages to my precious sister. Enjoy your day there.
  • Happy Birthday to the best girl any town could ask for, my awesome sister.

Happy Birthday to the best girl any town could ask for, my awesome sister.

  • Wherever you are, you will always be the closest to my heart. Happy Birthday, my cool sister!
  • Whether we are together or miles apart, you are loved today and every day. Happy Birthday, Sis!
  • Tons of birthday wishes are traveling from [insert your location] to [insert her location] for greeting my awesome sister.

Like a Sister

Find a sister in your close friend? Love your best friend that you prefer calling her your sister? We got you covered; these following birthday wishes will help you to say Happy Birthday to your friend in a way that will show her how far you consider her a sister, not just a friend.

  • A sister from another home, but makes my life bloom. Best wishes.
  • Happy Birthday to my sister from another mister! Thanks for coming into my life like a hamster.

Happy Birthday to my sister from another mister! Thanks for coming into my life like a hamster.

  • Best wishes to my black box that keeps my deepest secrets.
  • I knew you a few years ago, however, you have become a dear friend to me. I love you so much.
  • I’m blessed to know you in my life. The day I met you is one of my happiest days. Now, let’s celebrate your birthday.
  • You are the sister that I couldn’t find in my dreams. My deepest wishes to this amazing girl.
  • Happy Birthday, Beautiful! You are and will always be my sister from another mother.
  • It’s the time to inspire you with my first birthday message. You are my soulmate.
  • You make everything better with just a smile on your face. May you have a jovial birthday, my dear friend.
  • Happy Birthday to my sister from another mother! I’m glad we grew up together as friends.

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Your paternal or maternal half-sister deserves to feel your love through the words you send to her on her birthday. The following messages are a collection of the best birthday wishes for half-sisters.

  • Blood sister or half-sister, I will always love you. Happiest of birthdays to the best sis.
  • Happy Birthday to a real sister. You have proven to be greater than those who are called blood sisters.
  • Best wishes for my sister who makes me hardly remember that we don’t share the same [mom/dad]. Love you!
  • Without people like you, my life would be boring. As you’re turning a new age, I have a million ideas about how we can light up your birthday party.

Happy Birthday, Sis!

  • May this birthday bring us closer, sis; you are special to me, and I love celebrating you.
  • You are the precise description of a perfect sister anyone can ever hope for. It doesn’t matter that we are birthed by different mothers.
  • I’m happy that our parents married; I wouldn’t have had the opportunity of knowing how beautiful you are. Your mom did excellent work by birthing you on this day.
  • Happy Birthday, Precious Sister! I’m happy because living under the same roof nullified the barriers of having different [mothers/fathers].
  • We owe no one an explanation for why half-siblings are so close. You are a sister that means the world to me, so I will ensure your birthday is memorable.
  • Thank you so much for being a sister, even if just [paternal/maternal]. Love you!
  • Happy Birthday, my wonderful sis! Do you know that I will never blame my [dad/mom] for what he did; I can’t imagine life without you.
  • Though we sometimes fight and get mad at each other, I wouldn’t choose anyone else to be my sister. Happy Birthday!


Stepsister’s birthday is not an exception; they love feeling appreciated and remembered during this amazing time of celebration. Here are some birthday wishes for your stepsister.

  • Happy Birthday to a special stepsister. Although I couldn’t get along with you at first, you’re now more than a best friend.
  • Sending the best wishes to the girl who has always been a great addition to this family. Love you, sis.
  • Happy Birthday to a wonderful girl who I’m proud to call my stepsister.

Happy Birthday to a wonderful girl who I'm proud to call my stepsister.

  • On your special day, I wish you the best, and hope you forgive me if I bothered you before.
  • Happy Birthday, Stepsister! Thanks, God, for the unexpected scenario that brought us together.
  • My stepsister or my secret keeper? Happy Birthday, Anyway!
  • It is quite surprising how we managed to grow together well despite all the hurdles and restrictions. Happy Birthday to a wonderful stepsister!
  • Happy Birthday to my best friend who was an archenemy many years ago.
  • Stepsisters by fate, but real sisters by heart. Enjoy your day.

Friend’s Sister

If the birthday girl is your friend’s sister, these next birthday wishes will help you to find the perfect wording to wish your friend or your friend’s sister directly a happy birthday.

  • Happy Birthday, Dear! By the way, thank you for being a good sister to my good friend.
  • Hey, friend! Happy Birthday to your cute sister. I wish both of you the best.
  • Best birthday greetings to the girl whom you never stop talking about – your great sister.

Happy Birthday to your wonderful sister.

  • Happy Birthday to the SIS of my SIS. It took you one year to look that awesome.
  • My warmest wishes for a fabulous girl. You know what! I hope my sister speaks highly of me as yours does about you.
  • Happy Birthday, sweet girl! Can I tell you a secret? [Your Friend’s Name] might not know how valuable it’s to have a sister, but I do because I have none.
  • Can you tell the girl who makes me laugh that I love her and wish her the best?
  • Happy Birthday to the wonderful sister of my wonderful friend!
  • I remember when we were all growing up together, but now you’ve outgrown us in every way. May you have many more to come.
  • I’m not near to help you light up your birthday candles, but [Your Friend’s Name] can do this job. I hope your special day will be as beautiful as you.
  • Happy Birthday to you! Do you know that I’m envious of my friend because she has a great sister like you?
  • WOW! You’re getting more beautiful every year, even more beautiful than your sister. Happy Birthday!
  • This day makes me ask a question. Have I ever seen a love relationship between siblings like your relationship with your sis? No, I haven’t. Happy Birthday to your amazing sister!
  • A cute baby girl is going to be one of the most fabulous ladies in the world. I promise you. Happy Birthday to her!


Didn’t find what you want? Are you still trying to compose your message? Maybe the following birthday wishes include the right message. Here is another collection of miscellaneous birthday greetings for sisters that will surely help.

  • Some people suffer from feeling alone at home, but I’m fortunate I have a loyal friend in my priceless sister. Have a brilliant birthday, sis.
  • [Twin sister] Happy Birthday to my twin sister who is the reason I blow out candles once a year. What about talking to Mom about throwing two birthday parties?
  • My dear sister, I hope you enjoy every day of this next year and find happiness wherever you go.

Happy Birthday, Sis! Thank you for making our home happier.

  • It’s an exciting day, and I’m really very excited for you, my adventurous sister. Happy Birthday!
  • Dear sister, don’t worry about your wrinkles; even [the name of a beautiful old celebrity] got wrinkles. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday to my great sister who made me love [insert the month she was born].
  • My sister, congratulations on turning into a fabulous and intelligent lady. My warmest wishes.
  • Sharing every day with you is a great blessing, and sharing every birthday with you brings happiness to my heart. Happy Birthday, my fabulous sister!
  • Happy Birthday, Sis! I know you have dreams that you want to achieve, and I also know that you are that ambitious girl who is able to reach whatever she wants. Keep being strong.
  • You wanted me to be my best, so I’m asking God to make this birthday the best for you, and the next year will be filled with the joy you deserve. Happy Birthday, my dearest sister!

Happy Birthday, my lovely sister!

  • [Married] You have been my best friend for years, and now you are my kids’ best friend as well. Thanks for being a wonderful human being. Happy Birthday, Sis!
  • I know I was difficult when we were teens, but I also know that my kind sister will always excuse me. Happy Birthday to my magnanimous sister!
  • When we were kids you were cute, when we were teens you were beautiful, and after being adults, the world doesn’t need to look for the prettiest woman anymore. Happy Birthday, Sweetie!
  • Wishing the best and biggest presents for my vivacious sister on her birthday. Have a joyful celebration.
  • [Pregnant] Take two kisses: one for you and one for your baby. Happy Birthday to the brave pregnant lady.
  • [Pregnant] Best birthday wishes for my lovely sister and best prayers for my future [nephew/niece]. God bless both of you.
  • Happy Birthday, Dear Sister! Remember, our countless fights are my best memories.
  • Happy Birthday to an amazing, beautiful and loving sister. Your shining light shall not go dim. Enjoy this special day to the fullest.
  • Happy Birthday to the best sister. May the most wonderful and the best things that life has to offer be yours as you clock another year today.

Happy Birthday, Sister!

  • Despite all our differences, it’s surprising that we could pass through them all. Happy Birthday to my merciful sister.
  • A wonderful birthday to a beautiful star. Looking at the sky gives an impression of your presence in life. Keep being special.
  • I’m happy to be the shoulder you rely on over difficult moments. I’m trying to help you as you have helped me throughout our life, so I will share this birthday with you gladly.
  • On your special day, I can say: “You are my best friend and the world’s best sister”. Love you.
  • May you get today as many gifts as the movies we watched together throughout our life. Happy Birthday, my precious sis!
  • Do you know that I’m happy to have such an amazing human being as my sis? Your life is an example to emulate. Happy B-day!
  • There are several unmarked paths for girls, they often lead to nowhere, let your imagination lead you until you reach a desired destination. Anyway, have a superb birthday, sis.
  • Am so glad we have each other. There is nothing much more special than having a decent and lovely sister like you. Happy B-day!
  • Everyone celebrates their birthdays because they are happy to be alive, but you, sis, celebrate yours because you’re firing on all cylinders when it comes to vitality.
  • Happy Birthday, Sister! May you always be surrounded by our lovely family and your sincere friends.
  • Do you remember when we were kids waiting for the rain to see the rainbow?! May your life be as colorful as it.
  • Thanks for being born at the same home; if you weren’t my sister, it would be hell. Happy Birthday to you!

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By Age

What if you want your message aimed at your sister’s age? Birthday wishes for sisters by age will help you to talk about a particular birthday year and wish your sister a happy birthday according to her age. Anyway, we have many huge collections on different pages (a page for every age), so you can use these links to find what you want:

1st | 16th | 18th | 21st | 30th | 40th | 50th | 60th | 70th | 80th

If her age is not mentioned above, go to the search area and search for what you want or just browse the articles, and you will find it.

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These birthday messages and cards are like a key to your mind. Maybe you didn’t find the perfect greeting or the best wish for your sister, but I’m sure you will find the message that will open your mind to think and write. Birthday wishes for sisters are sweet, funny, sentimental and inspirational, so whatever your relationship with your sister is, you will find a good birthday message to put some happiness in your sister’s heart. If you’re a boy, our list of birthday wishes for sisters from brothers will save you from getting lost. Check the list well, and you will find that we covered every situation.

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