Happy 60th Birthday Wishes for 60-Year-Old

Old people are interesting; they are the ones you go to for the old time stories, advice or just to spend a little time with them. A 60-year-old however isn’t too old, but at the blink of getting old. Having a 60-year-old around you is a blessing because they give the life a special meaning.

Happy 60th Birthday!

Birthday wishes for someone who is turning 60 can be the best thing you can do for them. Remind them that they grow wiser and wealthier not only in terms of the bank account, but also in terms of the people around. Here are some awesome birthday messages you can send to someone turning 60.

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  • I’m thirsty to celebrate someone at sixty. Happy Birthday, your majesty!
  • Happy 60th! Now, you’re an ocean of experience and a pool of knowledge.
  • Six decades! You did the impossible. I hope you always do the impossible and surprise us. Happy 60th Birthday!

Happy 60th Birthday!

  • You deserve a big party not just because you have become a [granddad/grandma], but because everything about you comes in a grand style.
  • Warmest wishes to the person who affects the coming generation in the best possible way.
  • At 60, I could wish you everything good, but you seem to have all your wishes come true. You are happy, and that is all that matters.
  • Be proud as you’ve turned 21900 pages of your life, and you were great at every page.
  • As you’re turning 60, can you forget the grief of old age to make your days cheerful?
  • Congratulations on reaching 60 with the spirit of a 6-year-old kid.
  • Happy 60th Birthday! By the way, It’s my pleasure to have a person as great as you in my life.
  • Threescore is no joke! I’m sure your journey of sixty years is full of adventures. Best wishes!

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Here are some funny birthday messages for 60-year-olds.

  • Congrats on reaching sixty without getting fat as all. Cheers!

Congrats on reaching sixty without getting fat as all.

  • Sixty has its own fun; you get the respect that you never got in your youth. Congratulations!
  • At 60, you can go flashback, and remember the happy scenes of your life. If you don’t have, I can lend you one.


Here are some messages for a friend turning 60.

  • Happy 60th Birthday, my friend! Hope you already know that these wrinkles make your smile brighter.

Happy 60th Birthday, Dear Friend!

  • Best wishes to my friend whose personality never changes with age – always weird.
  • Look how we changed over the years. You were a bad guy/girl, but now, you’re the role model of bad guys/girls. Happy 60th, Boss!


Here are some messages for a husband turning 60.

  • Happy Birthday to my 60-year-old gem.

Happy 60th Birthday to the best husband ever.

  • Maybe I’m amazed by the fact that you are 60 today, because you don’t even look anything near it. I bet if you trim your hair, you’ll be qualified for sweet 16. Happy 60th Birthday, Honey!
  • On this special day, I want to say that the reason behind my peace is only you. Thank you for being my husband.

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Here are three wishes for a 60-year-old wife.

  • Still sexy at sixty! Is this a magic show?

Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!

  • You have always stood by me. Without your support, I wouldn’t have gone this far, so on your 60th Bday, I want you to know that you mean the world to me, and I will do my best to take care of you. Happy Birthday, Darling!
  • I don’t know if age can stop you from progressing; you even have now more impact on our sons than you had while you were younger. Happy 60th Birthday, Dear Wife!

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Wish your 60-year-old father a happy birthday by one of the following messages.

  • Happy 60th Birthday to the man who protected our home from being a boxing ring when we were young.
  • Dad, do you know that you’re 40 years away from being a century? That’s the real glory.
  • Happy Sixtieth Birthday to my superhero, my big supporter, and my mentor – my dear father.
  • 60 years old without retirement! That’s my cool dad who still keeps working to take care of the family; you’re the world’s best dad.

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Here are a few ideas to wish your 60-year-old mother a happy Bday.

  • I’m the luckiest person as I have the chance to celebrate my mom on her 60th birthday.
  • Turning old can be scary, but having your sons around you is awesome. I wish you a great birthday, my dear mother, because you deserve to have a good time.
  • Happy 60th Birthday to the best mom in this world. I always remember how you tried all your life making us the best people, you forgot yourself just to take care of us.

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The following messages are from a grandson/granddaughter to a grandfather on his 60th birthday.

  • At 60, you still produce several inspiring moments for us to emulate; you are such an idol. Happy Birthday, Cool Granddad!
  • WOW! Even at 60, you still look more handsome than your grandsons.
  • Happy Birthday to the man who taught me to appreciate what I have, and don’t look at what others have.


Here are three birthday greetings for a grandma turning 60.

  • After turning 60, I want to tell you that I’m happy to have you as a grandma I can always run to for words of advice. May you live long, granny.
  • People become wise at 60, and you’re wise at any age. Happy Bday, Grandma!
  • How fast time flies! Just recently, you were rocking me in your arms. I love you, grandma.

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