Happy 1st Birthday Wishes and Messages

1st Birthday Wishes: One-year-old babies are a blessing to every parent. They are the joy of continuity; the love you thought could only be shown by you. People fall in love with newborn babies, and that’s why on their 1st birthdays, everyone shows up with presents trying to make a cute baby smile.

Happy First Birthday!

You don’t know how to say Happy First Birthday? 1st birthdays should be memorable, cute and awesome, even if babies aren’t fully aware of what is happening, the smiles on their faces show it all. Here are some first birthday wishes included in over 100 messages to help you find a perfect way to wish a sweet baby a happy 1st birthday.

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Happy 1st Birthday Wishes

In a general way, here are some first birthday wishes for all babies, boys and girls.

  • Hey, baby! Are you ready to eat the cake? Yes, start training. You will leave the breast feeding soon.
  • You’re crying for milk while we’re blowing out your birthday candles. How great you are!
  • It’s your first birthday, by the way, you are always the first. Love you, baby!

Happy 1st Birthday! Enjoy your first cake.

  • You’ll probably not remember what happens now, but the memory of this day will remain with us forever. Happy First Birthday!
  • It’s my pleasure to be the 1st person to make a wish for you on your 1st birthday. Cheers!
  • Season 1 of keeping up with you has ended, time for season 2.
  • I hope your first birthday makes your face bubble up with joy. I love you too much, munchkin.
  • Babies are cute, but you’re the cutest. Birthdays are nice but the first are always the best. Cheers!
  • You deserve a first class party for your first birthday. Let’s make it happen.
  • Are we dreaming or the days flied fast? I think you jumped from one month to one year. Best wishes, big baby.
  • Happy 1st Birthday to the little beauty! I hope you grow wiser, happier and stronger. I love you, baby.
  • I know you can’t read my message now, but at least you can unwrap my gift and eat the cake. That’s enough, sweet angel.
  • Your innocence and cuteness have the power to make a room in everyone’s heart. You are the sweetest one-year-old baby in this world.
  • You are the youngest one in our family, but you can affect us easily by your charming eyes. Happy Bday, Sweetheart!
  • You’re still very small and don’t know what’s happening around you, it’s your birthday, everyone is enjoying just because of you. Love you, honey.

You're the cutest baby in this world. Happy 1st Birthday!

  • Aww! You’re one of the cutest little babies around with your tiny feet and little fingers. Happy Birthday, Sweetie!
  • It’s been 365 days of unending joy, fun and laughter. Cheers to many more days.
  • Teddy bear, Donald duck, Tweety bird, and minions are saying have fun, baby.
  • Hello! I want you to save this wish, so you can open up when you know what’s going on. You will always have your family here to love you no matter what.
  • Your infinite beauty and cuteness make everyone do whatever you like. Best wishes to the most attractive baby ever.

Happy first birthday, sweet baby.


A list of funny 1st birthday wishes which can make them laugh when they grow up and read the message.

  • Happy first birthday to the funniest one-year-old baby. Are you ready to make us laugh tonight?
  • You’re too small for me to say you’re 1 year OLD. So I’ll say, you’re 1 year YOUNG.

You're one-year-young.

  • My first wish for you on your 1st birthday is to keep your feet away from the cake.
  • Happy Birthday, Baby! You are going to grow into someone amazing, but for now, diaper change!
  • As you’re turning one, you can enjoy many new things of life. Different diapers, different powders, funny showers, pooping on daddy, throwing up on mommy. Ahhhh, some of the best times around. Let’s see what you do year 2!
  • When you grow up, you have to know that your brothers were painting on your face on your first birthday.


Here are some 1st birthday wishes for a one-year-old baby boy.

  • I’m waiting to take a picture for our little brat with his first cake. Get ready!

Happy 1st Birthday to the coolest baby boy.

  • I can’t believe that the baby boy who was trying to open his eyes, is already turning one. You are amazing, sweetie.
  • I smile every time I see you. You’re just an adorable baby. Happy Birthday, Strong Boy.

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Here are some wishes aimed at a baby girl turning one.

  • Hey, delicious girl! With the coos you sound off, you’re so cute. Happy 1st Bday, Little Princess!

Happy 1st birthday to the cutest baby girl.

  • To the most wonderful one-year-old baby girl, may you always make your parents the happiest people in the world by your funny smile.
  • The cutest baby girl in town deserves a Hello-kitty doll on her first birthday.

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These birthday wishes are written for a 1-year-old son.

  • I remember your first day, your first night, your first meal, your first laugh, and even your first word. Now I get to see your first birthday, I’m the luckiest [dad/mom] in the world.
  • A while ago, you were kicking in your mother’s womb, you still kick me in the face when I feed you. Just a little while more, I’ll get you a football to kick around. Best wishes, sweetheart.

Just a little while more, I’ll get you a football to kick around. Happy 1st Birthday, Son!

  • I awaited you for a long time, honey. You’re a miracle in my world. Happy 1st Birthday, Son.
  • I really can’t wait to see you walk and run because the rate at which you love to crawl is so alarming, but yet interesting. Keep exercising those bones, son.


Here are some cool birthday wishes for a special daughter turning 1.

  • I can remember holding you in my arms a year ago. Though you’re older and bigger, you’re still cute and your chuckles are still music in my ears.
  • Happy First Birthday to the sweet girl who always drives her mom crazy. Enjoy, baby!

Happy 1st Birthday to the sweet girl who always drives her mom crazy.

  • My little queen, you have been around for a year. How does that make you feel? It makes you want your bottle? OK!
  • Your broken words and random acts can make me forget who I’m. A wonderful Bday to my sweet one-year-old daughter.

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Want to give your little nephew a special birthday? Here are the best birthday greetings for a nephew turning one.

  • Do you know that your uncle/aunt wants to have you all to himself/herself? You’re the sweetest baby boy ever.
  • You’re the cutest baby boy I ever saw, I love the way you light up when you see something new and interesting like your aunt’s/uncle’s face. Have a cool day, darling.

Happy 1st Birthday to the most wonderful nephew.

  • I hope this’s the first of many for my cool nephew. I will always be by your side, sweetheart.
  • You don’t know how much this day is important, but I capture the memories, so one day, I will show you how much cute you were. Happy 1st Birthday, Nephew!


Be a unique [uncle/aunt] by wishing your one-year-old niece a happy birthday.

  • Let it be on record, I’m the one who took your embarrassing pictures. I’m sure you’ll come for me when you’re older. Happy Birthday to the sweetest 1-year-old niece.

Happy 1st Birthday to the most beautiful niece.

  • What can I truly say to see that special smile you put on just for your aunty/uncle! You’re a wonderful girl.
  • How cute my niece is looking when she puts on a party cap and starts weeping! It’s so amazing.


Two fabulous birthday messages for your grandson who is one-year-old.

  • I wish you another year of potty training, crawling and walking by the help of your [grandpa/grandma]!
  • Your grandma/grandpa is wishing you a unique first birthday, so don’t slap her/him as you always do.


Here are some first birthday wishes for a granddaughter turning ONE.

  • Little baby girl, it’s time to to see you drool over the cake. Best wishes from your granny.
  • Watching cartoons with my 1-year-old granddaughter is the fondest of my memories, let’s watch some more, baby girl.


Cute and funny birthday messages for your young brother who is turning 1.

  • Let’s see how much you change diapers. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Everyone went through it. A sweet birthday to a sweet baby.
  • The fun is occurring at this boring place just because of you, all are saying Happy First Birthday to my little brother.


Here are some sweet and funny ways to say happy 1st birthday to your little sister.

  • How much you brighten our room when you start giggling. It’s one of the funniest moments. Happy Birthday, little sis!
  • You made my dreams come true by being my little sister. Have a fabulous first birthday, sweetie!
  • Joyeux anniversaire 1sf. When you’re old enough, I’ll tell you what it means. Cheers sis!


If they are twins, pick out one of these wishes for twins turning one.

  • One year ago, you brought the fountains of lightning in my life then doubled them. Happy First Birthday to the best one-year-old twins in this world.
  • We will record this celebration for both of you, so you can see how cute you were when you blew out the candles together.

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If you want to send the message to the baby’s parents, here are some special messages for a one-year-old baby’s dad and mom.

  • Happy 1st Birthday to your little baby boy/girl, I hope you live to attend his/her 101st.
  • You lived one year as parents, may you live this forever. Make a unique party to your little hero/princess.

This baby will take one year to wait for another message, you should get ready to wish them a happy 2nd birthday.