70+ Happy Birthday Wishes for Twins

Sending birthday wishes to twins can be hard, but once you find what they have in common, or use what you know about them, it will make their birthday unforgettable. Messages are a good way of getting your wishes across in the most thoughtful way. No more confusion, you are here for the best birthday wishes for twins, and luckily, we got you covered.

Happy Birthday to the most wonderful twins.

Here are some Happy Birthday messages you can try on twins, making their day unforgettable in many ways. Also, you can wish your own twin brother, sister or your twin siblings a happy Bday.

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Birthday Wishes for Twins

Here are some general birthday wishes for twins, twin babies, twin boys or twin girls. You still can wish the parents a happy birthday for their twin children.

  • Happy Birthday to the world’s best twins.
  • Happys Birthday? Happy Birthdays? Happys Birthdays? How do you wish twins a happy birthday? Scratch that, Cheers to your new age, guys.
  • Best birthday wishes for the coolest twins. One party is not enough today, I think we have to double the party as we have two bundles of joy and happiness.

Happy Birthday to the cute twins.

  • Whenever I see you, I wish I had a twin. Happy Birthday! I really love everything about you two.
  • Weakness changes to motivation when it comes from a better half of a person, your twin is your better half. Happy Birthday to the great twins.
  • Two identical babies deserve two identical gifts, otherwise they will cry and quarrel. A marvelous birthday to the twin kids.
  • Nothing could be lovelier than my twin friends. Enjoy your day, guys.
  • One plus one equals two of the most amazing twins this world has ever known. May you have the most amazing birthday!
  • Ladies are lazy nowadays; they are afraid of giving birth to twins because of all the commitments involved, but I wanna commend you for raising this set of naughty [boys/girls]. Good job!
  • It’s too great and funny to have twin brothers in your life. A joyful birthday to my little twin brothers.
  • One of the greatest life blessings is to have a replica of yourself. May both of you never be separated.
  • Happiness is when you’re a parent for twins; your joy becomes double. Wish your children a fabulous birthday.
  • How lucky your parents are! They got everything in pairs. My deepest wishes for the greatest twins.
  • Your mother asked God for one baby, now she’s blessed by two. Have the best dance as twins.
  • Twins are weird; beating one is beating the other, but showing love to one is calling the trouble of the other. I have no choice when I wish you both a happy birthday.

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Happy Birthday to the naughty twins.


Here are 6 funny birthday wishes for twins.

  • I’m always confused about “Is that you or your twin!”, so I wish just one of you a happy birthday. It’s your turn to get some confusion.
  • If I had to pick between being the President of America or knowing you two, I’d probably pick being the President, but you guys make the choice really hard. Have fun!
  • Parents can save much money on the birthday of their twin kids, one party and one cake.

Parents can save much money on the birthday of their twin kids. One party, one cake!

  • Take advantage of being twins, in a good way, having a twin is a blessing. In a bad way, Pranks are the best choice and your birthday is a great chance.
  • I still wonder how your mom carried you both in one stomach for nine months, because you always fight. A wonderful birthday to the most wonderful twins!
  • I’m so glad we can celebrate you too on the same day, two birds, one stone.

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Twin Sisters

Here are many birthday wishes for twin girls, they may be your friends, your own siblings or relatives like cousins, nieces or granddaughters.

  • Happy Birthday to the most beautiful sisters in the world. A secret though, still can’t tell the difference between you two.
  • “Things fall apart” is a popular saying, but it’s not so with you two. Your bond grows stronger in ways I can’t explain. Happy Birthday, Twinsies.
  • We got a wonderful miracle in two identical forms. Happy Birthday, Girls!

We got a miracle in 2 identical forms. Happy Birthday, Girls!

  • Friends can’t play together for 20 years, but twin sisters can. Wishing you a blissful year ahead.
  • Beautiful things happen to the beautiful people, so I wish you guys the most beautiful birthday ever.
  • You both always make me think that I’m watching a movie for an actress playing two roles. Happy Birthday, amazing ladies.
  • The world started looking double, double the laugh and double the trouble when we were bestowed with sweet twin sisters. May you both have a beautiful life.
  • Two identical fruits at school?! Let me eat one. I’m so bored of eating birthday cakes.
  • Two balloons are flying for two angels. Two candles are being blown out for the birth of the cute twin sisters.
  • Sending you two the warm wishes, hugs and beautiful flowers on the day of your birth.
  • A unique birthday to the most beautiful twin girls I have ever met.

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Twin Brothers

Here are some sweet birthday wishes for twin boys. Friends or relatives, you still can find the message that fits.

  • You are twins but you don’t look alike. Hmmm, are you sure you’re really twins? I leave that to Sherlock Holmes. For now, Happy Birthday!
  • Thank God one of you keeps a beard, otherwise I won’t be able to tell the difference. You look alike, dress alike, talk alike, so I guess you won’t mind sharing the same birthday wish. Wishing you the best birthday ever.
  • Two heads are better than one. I hope you two support one another, not only for success, but forever. Happy Birthday to the best twins.

Two heads are better than one. Happy Birthday to the best twin boys.

  • I’ve always thought duos in movies are part of the fiction, but knowing you guys have convinced me otherwise. Always fun to see you together. Happy Birthday to both of you.
  • I hope you’ll never be weak having each other around. A great day to the great twin brothers.
  • In the whole world, there is only a person who is capable of using your abilities and that is your twin brother, you guys are so much more than twins. Enjoy your special day.

Twin Sister and Brother

Here are some happy birthday wishes for twin sister and brother.

  • I hoped for a girl, your [mom/dad] hoped for a boy. We both got what we hoped for. You guys are a miracle.
  • You saved mom from the stress of being pregnant twice. One boy + one girl = a perfect compo.

You saved mom from being pregnant twice. One boy + one girl = a complete family.

  • Like the moon and sun, you give light to the world at different times. Like winter and summer, you are delightful in different ways. I’m happy to celebrate you, guys.
  • You still have to tell me what it was like to share a small space with a [boy/girl] for 9 months. Let’s celebrate you twice today, Hurray!

Twin Sons

Here are 8 sweet and funny birthday wishes for your own twin sons.

  • Of all the movies I’ve watched over the years, watching you grow has been the best of them all. My sincerest wishes!
  • We celebrate our own Woody and Buzz Lightyear as they begin a new chapter of their lives. Cheers, pals!

We celebrate our own Woody and Buzz Lightyear as they begin a new chapter of their lives. Cheers, pals!

  • Ages will go by and you’ll still remain my cuties. Have a great day, my boys.
  • I was worried when I had you guys; seemed impossible to raise twin boys. Phew, what a ride. But looking at you now, I know I did a very good job. Proud of you, guys.
  • Raising twin boys can be a lot of work, but I can’t imagine anything more fun. You’re cute even when you want to be mean. You’re adorable even when you mean to be scary, and you’re funny even when you give a lot of trouble. Can’t wait for more adventures.
  • Twin boys came out of my small womb, it’s a miracle. I’m happy you’re mine. Happy Birthday, my two special gifts.
  • I’m a father of two monkeys. What should I do on their birthday? I don’t know.
  • I didn’t expect that when I become a [Mom/Dad], it would happen due to twin sons. Love you two!

Twin Daughters

Surprise your own twin daughters by these cool birthday messages.

  • T-Shirts with “WORLD’S MOST AMAZING TWINS” written all over it would be the perfect gift for you girls. Cheers to your new age.
  • Though you girls are growing older, your beautiful faces, your smiles, your voices never get old. Wishing you the best birthday.
  • Are these two red apples?! Oh no, they are just cute twins. I’m lucky to have this beautiful couple as daughters.

I'm lucky to have this beautiful couple as daughters. Happy Birthday to the most beautiful twins.

  • Happy Birthday, girls! Enjoy your day or I’ll sell your toys.
  • I wanted a girl, I got 2. Now we’re 3 against your dad, we can have whatever we want. Lots of fun are waiting.
  • I just want to say Happy Birthday to the coolest twin girls I’ve ever seen.
  • Happy Birthday to my doubly special daughters.
  • You are the little beautiful birds of my home, and I love your chirping. A wonderful day to my sweet babies.
  • It’s cool to celebrate the birthday of two amazing girls who have their futures bright and shiny. Have a blast, my pretty twins, I love you.
  • Sometimes I don’t go to work just to sit with both of you, and watch you make me laugh. You’re the best set of comedians to me. Happy Bday, my twins!

My Twin Brother

If you’re a twin and want to wish your twin brother a happy birthday, this list will be amazing.

  • Mom didn’t want to tell you this, but I have to break it to you: I came out first, so Happy Birthday, little bro.
  • It’s one thing to be born, it’s another to be born with your best pal. Cheers to our new age.
  • Close your eyes, blow the candles, make a wish. A real wish, don’t be like me that always wish for the biggest part of the cake, I always get it though.
  • A special celebration to the guy who walks in the streets acting like me. Hope that you won’t kiss my girlfriend one day.
  • A special birthday to my copy that can drive. Teach me or I destroy our cake.
  • Happy Birthday to me and my naughty mirror.
  • Let’s play a prank at our party, we, as twins, can do much fun. Get ready, bro!

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My Twin Sister

Wish your own twin sister a happy birthday by these lovely birthday greetings.

  • We shared the same womb, same parents, same family, same house. You just can’t live without me, can you? Anyways, I’ll always be there for you. Happy Birthday to us.
  • We are the double creation of God because God liked my face so He created another one. Best wishes for us, sis.
  • You are not only my twin sister, but my soulmate as well. Enjoy today, sis.
  • All invited people know that we are twins, so no chance to surprise them, but we still can have fun. Happy Birthday to us, my precious twin sister.
  • An awesome birthday to my cute twinnie that loves everything I love. You’re not only a sister to me, you’re my best friend.
  • Today, we don’t need much energy to blow out the candles, two girls can do it easily. Happy Bday to you after me sis.

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Now, you can wish any type of twins a happy birthday from your friends to your own twin brother or sister. Birthday wishes for twins should be creative to deliver your feelings to two guys or girls and make them both happy. Our sincere, sentimental and funny ways to say Happy Birthday to twins can help you find the perfect message you need. Finally, I hope our list helped you find what to write in a birthday card for twins and the perfect wording to say Happy Birthday Twins.

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