Happy 17th Birthday Wishes for 17-Year-Old

Turning 17 is a big deal because it’s the last age before you get your freedom; as 12 more months and you become 18. The funny thing about it is that any 17-year-old can purchase video games, so it’s officially the age of gamers.

Happy 17th Birthday!

Happy 17th birthday wishes can make the day of any guy/girl. Read these messages and I guarantee you that you will find one that will speak the message you want to send out, take a peek.

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Here are some 17th birthday wishes to be sent to anyone. (in a general way)

  • My best wishes to the cutest 17-year-old in town. Go have fun.
  • It is rare to see a 17-year-old with a great personality that can’t be found anywhere; you’re special. Happy 17th Birthday!

Happy 17th Birthday!

  • May you get the best tattoo as you’re turning 17; yes, it’s the age of tattoos if you don’t know. Happy Birthday!
  • 10 years of cuteness + 7 years of success = the best 17-year-old. Congrats on turning 17!
  • May you continue to wow your friends and the whole world with your achievements and I hope you’ll also keep making your family proud. Enjoy your youthful age.
  • Meeting someone like you made me see how much a 17-year-old person can achieve. Although I’m older, I feel I’m under your shadows. A glorious 17th Birthday, friend.
  • May your seventeenth birthday make your dreams come true and the intentions flow. My sincerest wishes.
  • You are the idol of many guys/girls. May you keep being perfect and celebrate well.


People smile after reading a funny message, 17-year-olds are not an exception. Let’s see how to do this.

  • May this day not only give you a lot of presents, but also a lot of money from daddy. I think my wish is the best.
  • The best thing at this age is that you don’t have to lie about your age like we all do. Happy Birthday!
  • I was about to wish you a happy 16th birthday, but Facebook was a good reminder, so Happy 17th Birthday!


Send one of the following messages to a boy celebrating his 17th birthday.

  • Wishing the coolest birthday to the coolest 17-year-old guy!

Wishing the coolest birthday to the coolest 17-year-old guy!

  • You are an amazing boy and I see big and great things for you and I hope you see them too. Enjoy your seventeenth Bday, dude.
  • You are on your way out of being a teenager, I hope you’ll prepare for the real life through the next years. Happy 17th birthday, future man.


Congratulate a girl on turning 17 by one of these ways.

  • From riding bikes to wearing makeup, that’s a terrible change. Happy 17th Birthday, sweet lady!

From riding bikes to wearing makeup, that's a terrible change. Happy 17th Birthday, sweet lady!

  • It’s a day full of candy, so put on that party hat, invite your friends and let your party begin. Best Wishes, sweetheart!
  • Happy Birthday, Sweet Girl! Wish you the lifetime happiness, joy and success.


Here are some sweet ways to wish your 17-year-old friend a happy birthday.

  • Still wondering if a thing will change about you when you clock an old age, because you are just a jerk! But a lovely one indeed. Happy 17th birthday, my precious friend.
  • You have given me many wonderful surprises and I hope you will give me a lasting one today by not surprising me with your antics. Stay cool, friend.

Happy 17th Birthday, my cool friend.

  • Meeting you gave a meaning to my life, your encouragement, your support and everything you did. Happy 17th birthday, my inspiration!
  • I really wish I could be a better friend to you as you are to me. My best friend deserves the best birthday ever.
  • I hope today will be a great day for a great person like you. Enjoy your special year. And don’t forget, I take pleasure in being your friend.


Here are some messages from parent to son on his 17th birthday.

  • Happy Birthday to an amazing son! Congrats on turning 17.

Happy Birthday my dear son!

  • Your new age looks good on you that I wish you’ll be so cute and handsome like this forever. Happy Birthday to the most handsome 17-year-old boy.
  • Happy 17th Birthday, Son! May you always keep your optimism.


Here are a few messages for a daughter celebrating her 17th birthday.

  • Happy Birthday to my little girl who hit 17 surprising me.

Happy Birthday, my sweet daughter!

  • What will make you happy today beside all the wishes! Tell me and you shall have it. Happy 17th Birthday, my dear daughter.
  • Good things always happen to good daughters and you are more than a good daughter. Now, let’s celebrate in the best way.


Here are some birthday messages for a nephew turning 17.

  • YAY! 17 years of driving your [uncle/aunt] crazy! How terrible!
  • Happy Birthday to my nephew who makes me want to marry to get a handsome boy just like him. Love you, dude!
  • Happy 17th Birthday, Dear Nephew! You are truly a gem in your [aunt/uncle]’s life.


Wish your 17-year-old niece a happy birthday easily by one of these ways.

  • Happy Birthday, Dear Niece! One more year and I will congratulate you on getting your freedom.
  • I awaited my [brother/sister] for [2] years to bring you to the world. Till now, I’ve lived 17 years with the most amazing girl. My deepest wishes to my cute niece.
  • Happy 17th Birthday, Niece. May you have 17 million hours of happiness.


Your 17-year-old brother deserves a sweet message from you, so check out the following ones.

  • Happy Birthday to my clever brother! May you land your first job very soon.
  • As you are taller than me, I want you to get success and happiness more than me. Get ready for 18 and enjoy, bro!
  • Happy Birthday to the greatest gift I have ever got from my parents, my strong brother.


Here are 3 sweet messages for your sweet sister on her sweet 17.

  • Best wishes to the girl that lights up every dark side of our home.
  • Happy Birthday, Sis! You’re 17 times more beautiful than you were last year.
  • 17 kisses and 17 wishes jump to you like my jump today to help you blowing out the candles. Enjoy!


A small list of nice messages for a grandson turning 17.

  • Happy Birthday to a very cool grandson. Remember, your [granny/grandpa] always believes in you.
  • Your greatest asset today is that you are young but capable of doing anything. We, old folks, envy that a lot. Happy 17th Birthday, Dear Grandson.
  • Your [beautiful/handsome] [grandma/grandpa] is wishing you a very happy birthday and the best of luck for your future.


Here are a few messages for your beautiful granddaughter who is turning 17.

  • Happy Birthday to a very beautiful girl who always tells her [grandmother/granddad] funny stories.
  • I’m really confused about if my granddaughter is turning 17 or 27, you’re turning into a very attractive lady.
  • I think you know how happy I’m to be your [grandpa/grandma], you’re the world’s cutest 17-year-old girl, so you deserve to have fun today and forever.

Finally, we have a list of happy 18th birthday messages for their next year.

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