40+ Short Birthday Wishes, Quotes, and Captions

Welcome to our long list of short birthday wishes and captions that will help you convey your feelings with just a few words.

Birthdays come and go, but special messages sent during this time are never forgotten, no matter the medium in which they travel to reach the recipient. Birthday wishes to a special someone should come from the heart; they should mean something and say something special and unforgettable. What if you combined all of these things in one short birthday message?!

short birthday messages

Short birthday wishes will help you say more with fewer words, and will make your message and card simpler and easier to read. Check out the list and find out how to make a short birthday wish for a friend, colleague, or relative.

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Top 20 Short Birthday Wishes

  • Happy Birthday to you! May your wishes come true.

Happy Birthday to you! May your wishes come true.

  • Happy Birthday to the first person who came on my mind this morning.
  • Millions of wishes to someone who has millions of fans.
  • Wishing you a big cake on your big day.
  • Best birthday wishes to my best friend on one of [his/her] best days.
  • A pool of greetings and gift boxes for a wonderful person on [his/her] birthday.
  • Congratulations on the experience you gained this year. Happy Birthday!
  • Sending messages is not enough, so open the door and wait for me. Happy Birthday!
  • You are a perfect addition to the world, like you are to my life. Happy Birthday, my love!
  • Happy Birthday to the most handsome little man in the world!
  • Happy Birthday to the cutest young lady on Earth!
  • Wishing you a birthday as sweet as you are.

Wishing you a birthday as sweet as you are.

  • Best wishes to someone who is going to be rich on [her/his] birthday.
  • Happy Birthday! With a hope that I’m the first one to show up on your notifications.
  • Happy Birthday to my most ambitious friend! Best wishes!
  • One day, we will remember all the fantastic days we spent together, and your birthday is not an exception.
  • One, two, three. Today, you must be free. Do you agree?!
  • Why don’t we get out and have a fantastic night? Happy Bday!
  • Time to enjoy reading thousands of wishes and social media posts. Happy Birthday!
  • May yesterday be the end of all your worries. May today be the beginning of your success.

Short Birthday Captions for Yourself

If it’s your own birthday, celebrate yourself on social media with one of these catchy captions.

  • Happy Birthday to me!
  • Proud of the man I have become.
  • Wishing a happy birthday to my new version.
  • Wishing myself the best on my birthday.
  • There was nothing awesome about turning [26] until I turned it. Happy Birthday to me!

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Short And Funny Birthday Messages

Enclose your funny birthday wish in a short message using one of the following ways.

  • Pharmacists made many creams for covering wrinkles, so don’t worry about getting older.
  • Einstein didn’t publish any laws for birthdays, so we can dance and celebrate all night. Enjoy!
  • Happy Birthday! I’m reminding you that you don’t need to close your eyes while making a wish.
  • Congratulations on being the newest old fart!

Short Birthday Quotes for Friend and Best Friend

  • Happy Birthday, dear friend! Here is to many more years of supporting each other.

Happy Birthday, dear friend! Here is to many more years of supporting each other.

  • Wishing the best friend ever the best birthday ever. You really deserve it.
  • Happy Birthday to someone whose birthday cakes never failed to impress me!
  • Wishing you a year filled with happiness, just as you fill my life with joy and laughter. Happy Birthday!

Short Birthday Wishes for Father

  • Happy Birthday to the man without whom I wouldn’t have been born. Thanks, Dad!
  • Happy Birthday, Dad! You still look like a young man at this age.
  • Best wishes to the best dad ever!
  • Happy Birthday to the man who has always protected me from hurting myself—my precious dad.

Short Birthday Wishes for Sister

  • Happy Birthday, Sister! I’m very happy to see you grow up with me.
  • Age is just a number, and that shouldn’t limit you from being the best sister in the world.
  • Happy [16th] Birthday, Sis! Thanks for being my sister and friend all this time.
  • Happy Birthday to a sister who grows up so fast like a hamster!

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Your message does not have to be verbose; a short one is enough to say what you want to say. Our long list of short birthday wishes and sayings can wish the recipient a happy birthday with some appreciation words or funny ideas. Send a short birthday text to a dear one in your life to help them feel the happiness that birthdays bring to hearts. Check out the list and find the perfect message, or even edit one to make it perfect for you.

Last Updated on April 17, 2024

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