45+ Happy Birthday Wishes for Uncle

Birthday Wishes for Uncle: Uncle is one of the most important family members. People who foster a close relationship with their uncle know how great having an uncle can be. Unlike fathers who are strict and give a role model of excellence, an uncle on the other hand, can play the cool cat game, and provide fun to his nieces and nephews. He can be the good cop to Dad’s bad cop.

Happy Birthday, Uncle!

Anyway, Happy Birthday wishes for your uncle are a great way to show all the sweet things you feel towards him. Luckily, this is a big list of heartfelt and funny messages for an uncle on his birthday.


Here are some sincere and sweet birthday messages for an uncle.

  • Happy Birthday to the world’s best uncle who is the shoulder I rely on.
  • Best birthday wishes to my uncle who is also my best friend.
  • Happy Birthday to my cool uncle who never lets me pass something without learning it.

Happy Birthday, Dear Uncle!

  • It’s a big pleasure to know that my second dad is turning a year older. Happy Birthday, Best Uncle!
  • We may have never been close or spent much time together, but every time we did, it was never a wasted second. A wonderful birthday to a wonderful uncle.
  • Happy Birthday to the craziest uncle ever! You turn my gloom days into something exciting and fun.
  • Sending the deepest wishes to the man whose [brother/sister] always talks about how funny and naughty he was when he was young. Love you, uncle.
  • Happy Birthday, Uncle! Do you know that uncles like you don’t exist?
  • Today is a special day for a special person in my life – my fantastic uncle. Sincerest wishes.
  • Uncles are always busy, but you always find time for me. Happy Birthday, Dear Uncle!
  • My deepest wishes to my wonderful uncle who taught me how to love and cherish my family.
  • I heard you were an incredible dancer, uncle. So for your birthday, we are going to break out our dance moves. Let’s party!
  • My uncle, take a break; it’s your birthday. Let’s perfect it.
  • On your birthday, I want you to deeply look at yourself, and see the great man you are, and the great man you’re becoming. Uncle, I’m waiting for your kids to tell me the same someday.
  • Happy Birthday to a funny guy, a smart leader, and all-around amazing uncle.

Happy Birthday to the best uncle ever.

  • A cool uncle is a piece of gold, and an uncle’s birthday is a golden day. Love you.
  • Unique, nice, crazy and energetic at an old age. You are an awesome man, uncle, and your birthday shall be as awesome as you.
  • Everyone in this world knows that uncle = happiness and fun. Just like the fun and happiness you will get today. Best wishes.
  • My uncle’s birthday is my birthday, and celebrating him is my mission today. Enjoy!
  • Uncle, can I tell you something on your birthday? Our memories are wriggling free in me, and I didn’t have the chance to tell you that. Love you.
  • First time I feel it’s hard to send a message, maybe because I’m talking to one of the most wonderful guys in this world, my uncle. Happy Birthday!
  • Having you as an uncle is one of the best influences in my life. Have a birthday as amazing as you.
  • You deserve every good thing, uncle. I can’t give you all what you desire, but I hope to be part of every happy memory. Make more memories, today and every day!
  • If I had one wish, it would be for you to never change and keep being the most awesome uncle ever. Happy Birthday!
  • Family comes first, and you, uncle, proves that every day. Happy Birthday to the world’s #1 uncle!
  • They told me what you did the day I was born, so I’ve planned to also celebrate your birthdays every year. Happy Birthday, Uncle!
  • Best wishes to the man who always cared to know how my day was. I will never forget everything you did for me, uncle.


Here are some funny messages for an uncle celebrating his birthday.

  • Uncle, you have my back in troubles, and I have your back on birthdays. Deal?

Uncle, you have my back in troubles, and I have your back on birthdays. Deal?

  • Happy Birthday to my dear uncle who calms my dad down when I drive him crazy.
  • You always have something to do and always leave early, so what about your birthday? Will you leave it early too?
  • Well Uncle, as we do a lot of things my parents say not to do, will tonight be an exception?
  • Every time you came over, I knew that there was going to be a lot of noise. Now that it’s your birthday, it is time to make even more noise and turn it up!
  • Wait to be a little older to talk about these things. Happy Birthday to the man who said this.

From Nephew

Here are some messages from nephew to uncle.

  • Happy Birthday, my cool uncle, from your cool nephew.

Happy Birthday, my cool uncle, from your cool nephew.

  • Best birthday wishes for my uncle who is an example to follow.
  • Just like the headache I give you by my problems, your birthday greatness gives me the best headache. Happy Birthday, my wonderful uncle!
  • Hey, uncle! Your stubborn nephew is wishing you the best birthday.
  • Happy Birthday, Uncle! I’m really proud of being your nephew.
  • If you weren’t my uncle, we would still be the greatest of friends. I would find you one way or another. Happy Birthday, Uncle!
  • Wishing my uncle a birthday as amazing as the tricks he taught me.

From Niece

Here are some messages from niece to uncle.

  • Happy Birthday, Uncle! Your niece loves you more than you can imagine.

Happy Birthday, Uncle! Your niece loves you more than you can imagine.

  • Happy Birthday to my uncle whose words are things to think about all the time. Any lady can see this.
  • Hey uncle! Your birthday reminds me of every prank you played on us. Love you anyways.
  • Best birthday wishes to the best and greatest uncle ever! Every toy I got from you can prove this.

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