90+ Happy Birthday Wishes for Aunt

Welcome to our extensive collection of the best birthday wishes and quotes for aunts. Pick out the perfect message that fits your relationship with your dear aunt, considering her age.

What makes aunts so adorable? There are many women in our lives who affect us in different ways. They can be our teachers, mothers, grandmothers, and even aunts. When it comes to order, the aunt is in a unique position in the family. They can range from being a scary aunt to a joyful one. They love their family and want the best for them.

Happy Birthday wishes for aunt

How to Say Happy Birthday Aunt?

If you have an aunt whose birthday is coming up, shower her with some lovely wishes in a social media post or in a greeting card. The following list is a collection of sweet and funny birthday messages for aunts. They will help any nephew or niece find a good way to say “Happy Birthday, Auntie!”

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First, let’s start the list with some short birthday wishes for aunts to help you celebrate your aunt in style and say what you feel towards her in a few words.

  • Happy Birthday to my wonderful aunt! Thank you for filling my life with unending joy.
  • Happy Birthday to the best aunt in the world!
  • Happy Birthday to my aunt whose stories deserve a trip in a punt.

Happy Birthday to my aunt whose stories deserve a trip in a punt.

  • Happy Birthday, Dear Aunt! May your terrible wishes come true.
  • Birthday gifts are like birds, so get ready to hunt. Happy Birthday, Aunt!
  • Happy Birthday to the big sister I never had, my precious aunt.
  • This card is not for my aunt; it’s for my second mom. I love you, auntie.
  • Best wishes to the best aunt any [boy/girl] could ask for.
  • Nothing beats an aunt who knows how to celebrate a birthday. Cheers!!
  • Happy Birthday, Auntie! I love you to the moon and back.
  • Sending 2 kisses to my 2nd mom on her birthday.

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Sweet Birthday Wishes for Aunt

Your birthday message has to be as sweet as the birthday girl, and there is no doubt that aunts are the sweetest ladies in every family. The following cute and sweet birthday wishes for aunts can inspire every nephew and niece to find the words they need for a greeting card or social media post.

  • It’s time to tell you how lucky I am to have such an influential aunt in my life. Happy Birthday!
  • Congratulations, aunt, on getting more beautiful every day. Wishing you all the best.
  • Happy Birthday to my aunt who is sweeter than lollipops and cuter than teddy bears!

Sweet birthday wishes for aunts.

  • Wishing an amazing birthday to the most beautiful aunt in the world.
  • Happy Birthday, Dear! Keep being an inspiration to me and all your nephews and nieces.
  • I hope your birthday is as special as the toys you bought me when I was young. Thank you for being an irreplaceable aunt.
  • Wishing the best of everything to the world’s best aunt.
  • Happy Birthday to my aunt who is the best chef ever! Maybe you have graduated from my mom’s cooking school, but you are still the best.
  • No matter how old you are, you will always be the most cheerful person in our family. Happy Birthday!
  • Hey aunt! How old are you again? I think you stopped at 20, which explains how pretty you are.
  • You’re going to have one of the best birthdays of all time. How do I know that? Because we are all going to be there for you. Get ready.
  • I set every reminder not to miss this wonderful day – my aunt’s birthday. Let’s celebrate!
  • Happy Birthday to my aunt who taught me to see beyond the darkness. My deepest wishes.
  • Happy Birthday, Dear Aunt! May your dreams come true.

Happy Birthday Dear Aunt!

  • Happy Birthday to my aunt who hasn’t aged a skin since her last birthday.
  • You’re a gem in my rough world. I don’t know what my life would have been without you, but honestly, I don’t want to find out. Happy Birthday, my precious aunt!
  • I don’t mince my words when I wish you a magnificent birthday, so just enjoy and have it awesome.
  • Taking care of me when I was little, counselling me in my teens, and guiding me after adulthood prove that you’re an incredible aunt. Now, have an incredible birthday.
  • I know you are going to have an amazing day in all ways, so I called my friends to enjoy the best party, just like every year. Enjoy!
  • My wish might not be the best in terms of words, but it’s the best in terms of love. Happy Birthday to you!
  • I think that there are not many people who can brag about being cool and disciplined, but you take the cake on that! I love you!

birthday wishes for aunt

  • Can I tell you a secret? You are not only my favorite aunt; you are my [mom’s/dad’s] favorite sister as well. Happy Birthday! Keep being exceptional.
  • Happy Birthday to a woman who is more than a friend to her nieces. Thank you for every time you listened to me when I needed to talk.
  • Sending birthday wishes to the lady who always cheers me up when I’m down, my extraordinary aunt.
  • I love you and wish you a day filled with as much laughter as you have filled my life with. My best wishes!
  • I’m really confused. Should I just wish you a happy birthday or thank you for being the most supportive aunt ever? Anyway, you are not just an awesome person; you are the best.
  • Happy Birthday, Aunt! May God shower you with as many blessings as the dresses you bought me all my life.
  • You are the chocolate of our family; you are even sweeter than any birthday cake. I hope that today brings you the happiness you deserve. Happy Birthday!

Heart-Touching Birthday Wishes for Aunt

If you are reading these words right now, you definitely love your aunt enough to search for a heartfelt message to send to her on her birthday. We’ve got you covered. The following heart-touching birthday wishes for aunts will help you express the feelings you have for your dear aunt. Let’s check out the list.

  • Heartiest birthday greetings to the lady who spreads positivity wherever she is—my spirited aunt.
  • How lucky my cousin is to have such a wonderful mom! Happy Birthday, Dear Aunt!

Happy Birthday to the best aunt in the world!

  • I really don’t know which name I have to choose when I talk to you. My friend who hangs out with me? My role model whom I appreciate? My second mom who is so caring? Anyway, you are everything rolled into one. Happy Birthday!
  • Google defined “Aunt” as the sister of one’s father or mother, but didn’t mention how great and exceptional aunts are. Happy Birthday to one of the most fabulous aunts in the world!
  • It’s time to celebrate the lady who has never hesitated to celebrate us on our birthdays. You always showered us with love.
  • There are two different kinds of aunts: the one that you don’t know well, and the one that you can’t imagine not spending time with. Happy Birthday, Auntie! You know which one you are.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Aunt

Aunts spread happiness in families because their jokes are as good as the stories they tell. So when it comes to your aunt’s birthday, you have to be ready with a nice joke or a funny message to put a smile on her face. Our list of funny birthday wishes and quotes will help you do that, so let’s see.

  • Happy Birthday to my aunt who never told me her age before! Thank you for trusting me.
  • Best wishes to my secret partner in crime. Don’t worry, I’m not planning to tell my mom that you’re the best at that.
  • Happy Birthday to my aunt who is getting younger day after day. Are you willing to be a baby… again?

Happy Birthday to my aunt who is getting younger day after day. Are you willing to be a baby… again?

  • Happy Birthday to my aunt whose image in public is really great but not comparable to what she is in private. Good luck with your serious and funny images.
  • You are the aunt of all aunts. The greatest aunt of all time. I’m not saying this for some cash. Best wishes!
  • Happy Birthday to one of the coolest ladies on this planet. Your shoes can make Tom Cruise fall in love with you.
  • As you always want me to move on your track, let me share with you the biggest piece of cake today.
  • Happy Birthday to my aunt who never resists the sweetness of birthday cakes! Enjoy the biggest slice.
  • Your birthday is one of my favorites, because spending time with you is better than spending it studying. Best wishes to the best aunt ever!
  • I expected you to stop celebrating birthdays as you got older, but clearly not you. Have a splendid day.

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From Niece

Be a good girl and send a message to your dear aunt on her special day. These next birthday wishes and quotes for aunts from nieces will help you touch her heart with some sentimental and inspirational words in the greeting card.

  • Happy Birthday to my favorite fashionista, from your #1 fan.
  • Happy Birthday, Aunt! From your favorite niece.

Happy Birthday, Aunt, from your favorite niece.

  • Best birthday wishes for my sweet aunt who is more than a sister to me. May your knight come in shining armor soon to see the beautiful bride you are.
  • Happy Birthday to a beautiful aunt! From a very beautiful niece.
  • Today is a good chance to tell you what I feel. I think I’m a lucky girl to have such a cheerful aunt! May your days be glorious like the lilies of the valley.
  • Happy Birthday, Aunt! Do you know that I have learned much from you? From cooking the unhealthy delicious food to mannerisms. Thank you for being a wonderful teacher.
  • A [teddy bear] for the cutest aunt ever. Take a picture with it, please.
  • You have taught me how to be a cool woman. Thank you for being such an awesome lady. Happy Birthday!

From Nephew

Every boy loves to make his aunt feel special on her birthday, even if she is already a special woman. As a nephew, try to amaze your aunt with the words you put in the greeting card. The following birthday wishes for aunts from nephews will help you express your thoughts to her on her big day.

  • Sending birthday wishes to my aunt who took care of me when I was a young boy. I’m sure I made you want to rip out your hair several times. Love you.
  • Happy Birthday to a very cute aunt! From a very naughty nephew.

Happy Birthday to a very cute aunt, from a very naughty nephew.

  • Happy Birthday to a smart and funny aunt! From a smart and funny nephew.
  • I know that you were a wild girl when you were younger, so Happy Birthday from your fellow.
  • Happy Birthday to my amazing aunt who treats me like her son.
  • Don’t worry, auntie; I can be your teacher today, as fun is my business. Just put on a hat and get ready.

Long-Distance Birthday Wishes for Aunt

If you have a good relationship with your aunt who lives far away from you, send her an inspirational message on her birthday. Let your message show how much you miss her and how much you love her. The following long-distance birthday wishes for aunts will help you create a perfect message.

  • Maybe you are not always here with me, but you are always there for me. Thank you for everything. Happy Birthday, my second mom!
  • Sending oceans of love across the oceans to my lovely aunt on her special day. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday to the best shopping partner I ever had, my phenomenal aunt. Waiting for the day when we will revive our shopping skills.
  • “Far from the eye, far from the heart.” That’s not related to you, because when it comes to the most wonderful aunt ever, rules change. You will always be close to my heart, wherever you are. Wishing you all the best on your birthday.

Happy Birthday, Auntie!


Whether the birthday girl is your husband’s aunt, your wife’s aunt, or even your uncle’s wife, the following list of birthday wishes and messages for aunts-in-law will help you find the best words to say to your dear aunt-in-law on her big day. Be careful; don’t be too funny; just be simple and direct.

  • Happy Birthday to my aunt-in-law who is also a role model to me.
  • Happy Birthday to the best aunt-in-law anyone could ask for!
  • As you have the craziest [nephew/niece], I hope you have the craziest birthday too. Enjoy!
  • I asked your [nephew/niece] to buy you a denture; that drove [him/her] crazy, but finally [he/she] knew that was a joke. A fabulous birthday to the best aunt-in-law.
  • Best wishes to the wife of the best uncle ever. Love you, auntie.
  • Happy Birthday, Dear Aunt-in-Law! My uncle is really lucky to have you as a life partner.

Happy Birthday, Dear Aunt!

Birthday Quotes for Aunt

Use one of the following birthday quotes for aunts to share on social media or to finish the greeting card.

  • “I am really lucky that I have an aunt who is very inspiring to me. She is different than anybody in my family on either side.” — Geen Davis
  • “My aunt has ears that listen, arms that hug and hold, a love that’s never-ending, and a heart that’s made of gold.” – Unknown
  • “Thinking out loud, I find myself shouting… Happy Birthday, Auntie!” – Unknown
  • “I will forever be thankful to my aunt for all that she has done, and my love for her only grows bigger every single day that passes.” – Unknown
  • “Aunts are the ones who stand beside Moms when nieces and nephews enter the world.” – Karen Moore
  • “An aunt is a safe haven for a child. Someone who will keep your secrets and is always on your side.” – Sara Sheridan
  • “Aunt — a double blessing. You love like a parent and act like a friend.” – Unknown

By Age

Finally, wish your aunt a happy birthday according to her age. As we don’t know your aunt’s age, we will redirect you to the page you need by clicking on one of the following links according to your aunt’s age.

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Aunts are perfect role models. However, many boys and girls have a very strong friendship with their aunts. Whether you consider your aunt a role model or a best friend, she still deserves to smile after reading the message you wrote for her. Our Happy Birthday wishes for aunts can help you be that cool nephew or niece who can touch their aunt’s heart with just a few words. We hope you checked the list well and have already found the perfect message for your dear aunt.

Last Updated on May 11, 2024

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