Happy 35th Birthday Wishes and Greetings

Turning a new age is always exciting, whether it’s 100 or just 35. Being 35 is the beginning of a new era and should be treated as such although it may be a fearful experience. So what should we do when someone is turning 35 and waiting to feel so special?

Happy 35th Birthday!

Send those presents and messages that they will look at and be glad that they are turning 35. Here are some messages you can send to a new 35-year-old to show gladness and happiness at their achievements.

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Here are some messages for 35-year-olds in a general way.

  • Happy 35th Birthday – the perfect combination of half youth and half maturity interspersed with lustiness of freedom, doled out on a plate of responsibilities.
  • At 35 and still exhibit the strength of a teen who knows how to bring smiles on faces. Happy Birthday!
  • Do you know what is different in you at this age? The impact you have on people at 35 is so great and impeccable.

Happy 35th Birthday!

  • Age runs fast, so try to catch it as you can. Happy 35th Birthday!
  • 35 years old! May peace, love and all your desires be written at this chapter of your life, but not the wrinkles.
  • Happy 35th Birthday to you! Just sit back and relax with a chilled Coca-Cola and a movie.
  • Congratulations on turning 35, when everything becomes beautiful and sensible. May you continue to write good life series as you grow old.
  • If we make one relationship a year, you should have 35 friends. But I think you’re lovely enough to have 3500. My best wishes.
  • Thirty five is the time to leave all the bad experiences behind, and rise above them. Now, Enjoy!
  • Enjoy your 35th birthday with your kids; they can give you the best fun.
  • Happy 35th Birthday – the youth without durability and the age without decay.
  • Thirty five narrates the story of your personality as mischievousness turns into soberness and you look perfect in this graceful attitude. My sincerest wishes.


Here are some funny greetings for someone celebrating their 35th birthday.

  • Happy Birthday, Pal! As you look 80 at 35, may God preserve your life till you look 200 at 100.

As you look 80 at 35, may God preserve your life till you look 200 at 100. Happy Birthday!

  • Happy 35th Birthday! Don’t worry about your fervent passion, not yet.
  • Let’s go out tonight and show our friends what a 35-year-old can do on the dance floor.


Wish your 35-year-old friend a happy birthday by one of the following ways.

  • On your 35th birthday, I want to thank you for being a precious friend to me.

Happy 35th Birthday, Precious Friend!

  • Happy Birthday, my friend! Whether you’re 35 or 55, what matters is welcoming and embracing your age.
  • We have been friends for many years, may our friendship last forever and may you have the best with your family. Happy 35th Birthday!


Here are some sweet messages for your 35-year-old husband.

  • Happy 35th Birthday, Dear Husband! Do you know that I can’t live a day without you?

Happy 35th Birthday, Dear Husband! I love you.

  • 35 years old! YAY! I hope it will be your golden year. You deserve it, honey.
  • Happy 35th Birthday to the man who has flowing ocean of knowledge, mountains of wisdom, and bravery like warriors. I love you!


Here are three messages for a wife turning 35.

  • Still perfect at 35! That’s my special lady who becomes more beautiful day after day.

Still perfect at 35! That's my special lady who becomes more beautiful day after day.

  • Happy 35th Birthday, Darling! I can’t imagine how many tons of memories we will have at your fifties.
  • Happy Birthday to the most attractive 35-year-old woman. Always in my heart.


Here are a few birthday greetings for a brother turning 35.

  • It took 35 years to groom your personality which is more adorable and attractive than ever before. I wish you a very happy birthday, bro.
  • At 35, your life’s axis revolves around the 3C’s – Choices, Chances, and Changes. Make a choice, take a chance and change your life.
  • Getting older is obligatory, but growing up is not. Did you choose to grow up, bro?


The following wishes are for a 35-year-old sister.

  • There must be a secret behind your beauty; you’re 35, but still cuter than babies. Happy Birthday, Sister!
  • May you get all the happiness, success, prosperity, and the happy married life’s joy with your hubby. Have a blissful 35th birthday, sis.
  • Sharing your 35th birthday with you is something exciting. You are one of a kind and I couldn’t be gladder to be by your side today, sis.


Here are some cute wishes for a son turning 35.

  • Welcome to a new journey! Do you have any idea how many 35-year-old businessmen are in the world? May it be a sign!
  • Enjoy Pepsi with a chicken as you’re turning 35. Cakes are for kids.
  • I know that with everyone expecting a lot from you, turning 35 can be scary, but you got this. I will always believe in you, son. So have fun!


Find out how to impress your 35-year-old daughter on her birthday.

  • Here we go again! Time to dress up like the queen you are, and enjoy your 35th party. Happy Birthday, Sis!
  • My wish for you on your 35th birthday is that you know what is best for you, and always follow your gut. Have fun, sweetheart.
  • I’m sure that you hope to go back to your twenties, although thirties are cool. My deepest wishes to the best daughter in the world.

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