Happy 20th Birthday Wishes for People Turning 20

20th Birthday Wishes: Turning 20 marks the end of one being a spoiled bratty teenager, and welcoming the morphing into a new adult. Turning 20 is always an awesome experience and it’s your duty to make it feel as such for a new 20-year-old. Gifts are mandatory, but words last forever, as words speak where voices can’t.

Happy 20th Birthday!

Take a chance and choose one of these 20th birthday wishes, and you are guaranteed to make a 20-year-old look like a kid happy with their new toy. Here are the messages.

Sweet / FunnySon / Daughter / Brother / Sister / Nephew / Niece / Friend


Here are some happy 20th birthday wishes for a person turning 20.

  • Happy 20th Birthday! Get ready to a new level of adventures.
  • Welcome to 20. When you’re a grownup, but still need to play like kids.
  • Are you ready to be transferred to twenties? Don’t worry, you still can watch your favorite movies.

Happy 20th Birthday!

  • Congratulations on finishing two decades of your life. Good job!
  • May 20 be the end of misery and the source of good luck.
  • My best wishes to the person who made a bunch of legit money even before 20. I hope to enroll under your guidance.
  • Congrats on turning 20. Don’t worry about getting old, it’s not terrible as you think.
  • On your 20th birthday, I’m sending you my hearty wishes, a bundle of chocolates, and a beautiful bouquet of white lilies.
  • Happy 20th Birthday to the person whose Facebook Timeline always makes me laugh; may your dreams come true.


Make a twenty-year-old smile by one of these messages.

  • As you’re turning 20, may you lose 20 kg this year.

As you're turning 20, may you lose 20 kg this year. Happy 20th Birthday!

  • Happy 20th Birthday! May you get an Iphone 20 when it’s released. Maybe 20 years later.
  • Do you know what’s so sweet about turning 20? Nothing, you just get bigger.


Wish your son a happy 20th birthday by one of these ways. If not enough, check this link for more messages for your son.

  • You already reached 20, so I wish you reach your dreams as well. Happy Birthday, Son!

You already reached 20, so I wish you reach your dreams as well. Happy Birthday, Son!

  • Happy 20th Birthday to my tall son. May you find a tall girlfriend soon.
  • As you’re 20, I hope you won’t go away like many sons in twenties. Love you always and forever.


Here are three birthday wishes for a daughter turning 20. You might also want to see the big list of birthday messages for daughter.

  • 10 years of cuteness + 10 years of beauty = an awesome girl.

10 years of cuteness + 10 years of beauty = an awesome girl. Happy Birthday!

  • You were cute at 10, sweet at 16, and finally, the prettiest girl at 20. Happy Birthday, Daughter!
  • True happiness is when your baby girl turns into a cool lady. Best wishes to my sweetheart.


The following messages are to be sent to a 20-year-old brother.

  • Does turning 20 mean that no “Cake In The Face” pranks anymore? LOL. Enjoy, bro!
  • You are my best buddy. I want to share something funny. You are as sweet as honey. So please give me some money. Happy Birthday, Big Bro!
  • Is turning from a good boy into a handsome guy very cool? Be careful; girls will keep bothering you, and I’m sure you will love that. Happy Birthday, Bro!


What if the birthday girl is your sister? Here are a few messages for a twenty-year-old sister.

  • Girls turn into princesses at 20, but you’re turning into a big drama queen.
  • From a crime partner to a big boss. That’s my sister changing over the years.
  • For the gift you have given me all these 20 years, I’m proud to be here and share this day with you. A sweet birthday to my sweet little sister!!


Here are 3 messages for your 20-year-old nephew.

  • Happy Birthday, Nephew! Twenties came up with no change in your handsomeness. Congrats on that!
  • During this up and down time at twenties, your [uncle/aunt] is here for you, man. Have my best wishes.
  • Only risk takers can discover the world, and you’re one of them. Happy 20th Birthday, my energetic nephew.


Here are a few messages for a niece turning 20.

  • Happy 20th Birthday, my niece! Do you know that twenties have a big part of your beauty? Yes, enjoy being super beautiful.
  • Turning 20 deserves a special song. But my hoarse voice might make all your friends run away. So, you can do it.
  • 20 years of life were enough to change my niece to a pretty lady. Love you!


Congratulate your friend on turning 20 by one of these ways.

  • Congratulations on surviving 7300 days, big turtle.
  • Happy Birthday to a wonderful friend who can revive any dead party.
  • You are not only my best friend, but my twin as well. Congrats on turning 20.

The big 21 is also a birthday you should never miss; wish them a happy 21st birthday next year.