Happy 13th Birthday Wishes for Someone Turning 13

13th Birthday Wishes: Turning 13 can be a very happy moment for any child, when they are finally seen as young adults. Turning 13 is exciting and as such should be treated as an exciting year for those turning 13. Don’t beat yourself up trying to look for the perfect gift; sometimes, words are the most perfect gift one can get for someone.

Happy 13th Birthday!

Birthday wishes to a new 13-year-old not only save your money, it also gives you a chance to talk to them indirectly. Here are some messages you can send to a new 13-year-old teenager welcoming them into the grown up side of life.

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Here are some general messages for all 13-year-olds, you can send to a boy or girl, relative or not.

  • 13 is the number of luck; so Happy Birthday & Good Luck!
  • Wow, you have hit your teens, huh? Well, I wish you the best of luck as this is going to be a wild ride. Enjoy!
  • 13 years of beauty can make Earth look like a lollipop. Enjoy, sweetie.

13 years of beauty can make Earth look like a lollipop. Happy 13th Birthday!

  • You are one of a kind; your heart is filled with overflowing joy and grace. You are a blessing and will forever be one. Best wishes.
  • Welcome to your teenage year. I wish you a year full of fun and excitements. A year that will make you close to achieving all your dreams.
  • Wow! 13th, how wonderful! I’m so proud of you. Happy Birthday!
  • Hello, sweetie! Your life journey to adulthood has just begun, so daddy is going to be a bit strict, but don’t worry, you’re his everything.
  • You are now a young adult and old kid as well. This is your most exciting age and it’s all yours. Happy 13th Birthday, Dear!


Here are some funny messages for a 13-year-old teenager. Find more by visiting our “Funny Birthday Messages” page.

  • Happy Birthday, Aluminum! I think you already studied the atomic number of Aluminum.

Happy Birthday, Aluminum! I think you already studied the atomic number of Aluminum.

  • Best wishes to the [boy/girl] who finally takes [his/her] shower alone and doesn’t need help anymore.
  • 13-year-olds love to be bosses, so put on your sunglasses and lead your army of friends. Good Luck!


Here are some simple ways to wish a 13-year-old boy a happy birthday. You might also want to check out a separate list of birthday messages for boys.

  • UEFA Champions League is congratulating the little footballer on turning 13. Happy Birthday, Little Messi!

UEFA Champions League is congratulating the little footballer on turning 13. Happy Birthday, Little Messi!

  • You are such an inspiring boy, I see a sort of greatness in you. Happy 13th Birthday, Amazing Boy!
  • You are a big boy now but you still have a lot to learn. Never take lessons for granted. Happy Birthday, Buddy!


Here are a few birthday messages for a 13-year-old girl. If you want more, click here.

  • A little chick is turning to a big chicken! How awesome! You’re a special girl.

Happy 13th Birthday, Sweet Girl!

  • There is nothing better in life for a 13-year-old pretty girl than her new dresses. Love you, little princess.
  • If you just know how insane these times will be for you, you will smile. You will have plenty of adventures. Happy Birthday, Sweet Girl!


The following messages are for a 13-year-old son on his birthday. If you need more, we got you covered.

  • Growing up means less trouble. Please grow up fast. Happy 13th Birthday, my wonderful prince.

Happy 13th Birthday, Dear Son!

  • Every [father/mom] loves to see [his/her] son happy and I’m very happy today because you are growing up. Happy 13th Birthday, Son!
  • I can’t stop to gaze at you and be surprised at the kind of the marvelous man you are developing into day by day, so don’t stop growing in the right direction. Have fun!


Here are some sweet ways to say “Happy 13th Birthday, Daughter”. If they are not enough, check out our long list of birthday wishes for a daughter.

  • 13 years old! WOW! Now, I have a new Rapunzel at home. Love you, sweetie.

13 years old! WOW! Now, I have a new Rapunzel at home. Happy Birthday, Sweetie!

  • Happy 13th Birthday to my little lady, the cutest daughter in the world!
  • My deepest wishes to the girl who likes the kitchen more than anything else.


Here are some birthday wishes to a nephew who is turning 13. Find more ideas by checking out this article.

  • My sweet nephew is turning 13! YAY! Are you ready to have a mustache soon?!
  • Happy Birthday, Nephew! Now, your [aunt/uncle] can rely on the real man you became. Love you!
  • Congrats, Dear Nephew! Will you throw your childhood toys?! I think your aunt deserves them.


Here are some messages for a niece on her 13th birthday. Find more wishes for niece by checking out this page.

  • Dear niece, although you’re a big girl now, you will be my cute baby girl forever. Enjoy your 13th B-day!
  • Happy Birthday, Dear Niece! Let’s get ice cream together and leave guests with your birthday cake.
  • You are a lucky girl as you’re growing up beautiful and intelligent. Not many girls have that combination. Happy Birthday, Pretty Niece!


Let your 13-year-old grandson know how much you love him with these sweet messages. You may also want to check out our collection of wishes for grandson.

  • My grandson has lived 13 years! WOW! What an interesting journey! Happy Birthday, Sweet Boy!
  • Dear grandson, whether you’re 13 or 23, you will always be your [grandpa/grandma]’s favorite boy. Love you!
  • I’m always proud of that little guy. Happy 13th Birthday, Coolest Grandson!


Here are two birthday wishes for a granddaughter turning 13. You can also check out a separate list of “Happy Birthday, Granddaughter” messages.

  • The country has run out of candy because of my 13-year-old granddaughter. What if you’re 33?!
  • Happy Thirteenth Birthday, Granddaughter! I know you are excited to be turning 13 and finally you did. Enjoy the day, sweetheart, you deserve it.


Here are two messages for a brother turning 13.

  • Best wishes to my little Iron Man. When will you save the planet?
  • 13 years old? WOW! You have officially entered the crazy period of your life. I wish you the best of luck, bro.


Wish your 13-year-old sister a happy birthday by one of two ways.

  • Happy 13th Birthday, Sweet Sister! It’s time to discover your true color and nature, but you still can enjoy your days.
  • Happy Birthday, little sister. You’re now big enough to join The Powerpuff Girls. READY?

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