Happy 14th Birthday Wishes for 14-Year-Old

14 is a big number, it is a teenage number and that is associated with someone really knowing what they want for that special day. 14-year-olds are hard to please, they are in their adolescent years and they can really get moody at times. Birthdays are special to them, no matter what they say or do.

Happy 14th Birthday!

Make the day a memorable one for a 14-year-old by sending them one of these awesome birthday wishes, they are surely never going to forget that special message they received on their 14th birthday.

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Wish any 14-year-old a happy birthday by one of these ways.

  • The moon takes 14 days to look full and you took 14 years to look perfect. Happy 14th Birthday!
  • As you’re turning 14, may your father buy you a car. Isn’t this the best wish?!

A big kid or a little teenager! Happy 14th Birthday Sweetie!

  • Can anyone believe that you’re 14?! I must give you the biggest cake slice because you look 24 already. Have a cool birthday.
  • It’s a pleasure to watch you grow up from a stage to another, so congratulations on reaching the 14th stage.
  • Being a teen is really beautiful because of all that you’ll get to learn and understand. May your life go through a good path. Happy Birthday!
  • May your 14th birthday be the best one so far. Have fun because everyone around you cares about you so much.


Here are some funny birthday messages to share with a 14-year-old. You might also enjoy these funny birthday messages for everyone.

  • Fourteen years of annoying your family! WOW! Isn’t that enough?

Fourteen years of annoying your family! WOW! Isn't that enough?

  • Your mom told me that you’re getting more beautiful with age. Is that because you started to make the dinner?
  • Does turning 14 mean that everyone is going to eat 14 cake slices?


Here are some birthday messages aimed at a boy turning 14.

  • You are the cool dude in town and celebrating you is totally my honor. I wish you all the best.
  • You are just a 14-year-old boy, but you look like a superhero. May you have a beautiful life.

You are just a 14-year-old boy, but you look like a superhero. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  • Today is a big day for us because we celebrate a unique and fast growing boy. Happy 14th Birthday, honey.
  • You are an obedient boy and a complete shop of manners and ethics. Lots of prayers for you, sweet boy.


Here are some birthday wishes for a 14-year-old girl.

  • Wishing a glorious birthday to the world’s most amazing 14-year-old lady.

Happy Birthday to the world's most amazing 14-year-old lady.

  • To an extremely cool, young and cute lady, may your 14th birthday bring you closer to greatness as you move through your teenage years.
  • Wherever you are, everyone tends to fall in love with you because you’re really a rare girl. May it be a magnificent year.


Here are a few messages for a 14-year-old son.

  • Happy Birthday to my 14-year-old version, my dear son!
  • I might have scolded you many times, but I have a role to play as a parent, which also involves scolding, because I care a lot. Happy Birthday, Precious Son!

Fourteen years of happiness. I have the best son in the world. Happy Birthday!

  • When I see you, I realize that I’m reaping what I did when I was young. Happy Birthday, Naughty Son!
  • Happiness found me when I gave birth to you 14 years ago, so may it find you for 114 years.


The following messages are for a daughter who’s turning 14.

  • Wishing a fabulous birthday to the world’s youngest princess, my 14-year-old daughter.

Wishing a fabulous birthday to the world's youngest princess, my 14-year-old daughter.

  • My little girl, you are the most beautiful happening of my life. My deepest wishes for you.
  • Now, you have 14 years, that’s exactly like the number of clubs in your golf bag. Happy Birthday, Sporty Girl!


Here are some messages for a 14-year-old nephew on his 14th B-day.

  • Happy Birthday, Dear Nephew! Enjoy your 14th step to the glory.
  • It’s a thing of joy and pride to have a nephew like you. May you have an outstanding 14th birthday.
  • 14 superheroes are celebrating my nephew’s 14th birthday. Do you know them?


Here are some messages for a niece on her 14th birthday.

  • Happy 14th Birthday, Niece! You will always be my favorite girl, even if you’re 24 or 34. Love you to the moon and back.
  • After your birth, your mother and I saw a sign that you were special and up till now, you are still. I hope you’ll forever be special. Happy 14th Birthday, my sweet niece.
  • Your funny nature and uproarious sense of humor totally screw me up. Have the fun that you always give us.


Here are 2 wishes a grandparent can send to their grandson on his 14th birthday.

  • Happy B-day, Grandson! May your 14th B-day turn out to be the most amazing one ever.
  • Fourteen years already! Now, you are a big boy and even bigger than your [grandma/granddad]. My best wishes.


Here are 2 birthday wishes to a 14-year-old granddaughter from her grandparent.

  • Happy 14th Birthday to my granddaughter who knew how to drive early. May you get your own car soon.
  • 14 monkeys dance for a cute girl turning 14, it’s hard to believe that my naughty granddaughter is celebrating her 14th birthday today.


Here are two birthday messages for a brother turning 14.

  • Best wishes, bro! Your 14th birthday won’t be much different from your 13th, very awesome.
  • Just sharing this day with you is a reason to feel that I’m the luckiest brother ever. Enjoy turning 14, bro.


Here are 2 sweet birthday messages for a sister turning 14.

  • Happy Birthday to the world’s youngest model, my fashionable sister.
  • A little lady but can keep all my secrets, yes, she’s my adorable sister. Let’s enjoy your birthday, sweetie.


Here are two special messages for a 14-year-old friend.

  • A wonderful 14th birthday to my wonderful friend. I never really knew a young [lad/lady] could be a friend to me, but you’re special.
  • YAY! Congratulations, dear friend, on turning 14; I will always be proud of you.

Next year, the birthday boy/girl will be waiting for a special wish. Here are the best 15th birthday wishes for 15-year-olds.

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