40+ Happy Birthday Wishes for Cat

As you are a cat lover, so you agree that cats are not only the best pets to keep around, but they are also the cutest and most adorable creatures man has ever had. They are furry and cute and are good company. When your pet cat’s birthday comes up, it is nice to give it a little message, even though it won’t get what you mean, but I bet it will.

Happy Birthday wishes for cat

Appreciate your adorable fur ball, your cat, on its birthday with one of these cute and amazing messages. A big list of greetings and wishes you can read to your sweet kitty.

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Here are some cute birthday messages for a cat.

  • Happy Birthday, my cat! Get ready and put the birthday hat.
  • Happy Birthday to the cutest cat ever.
  • Happy Birthday, Kitty! Do you know that you’re the best of your kind?

Happy Birthday to the best cat in the world.

  • The world’s best greetings to the world’s best cat.
  • Sending birthday wishes to my cool cat who sends my foes away, those creeping rats.
  • Happy birthday to the most amazing cat I have ever had the pleasure of keeping as a pet. I love you, kitty.
  • Sometimes I don’t like your arrogance, but your cuteness makes me crazy. I can’t do anything to you except loving you more and more. Happy Birthday, my charming cat!
  • Happy Birthday, pussycat! I can’t stop loving you even in your silliness.
  • I feel your soft skin every time you are around me, I hate any minute spent away from you. Happy Birthday, Cat!
  • Happy Birthday to the cat which has the cutest mewing and the finest fur. Enjoy your ball.
  • I heard you are going to London very soon to see the queen, my pussy cat. Remember to take me along with you. Happy Birthday, cute little cat.
  • So gentle, so cute and so charming, how I wish you can turn into a human to be my best friend, because you have every attribute a good friend can have. Happy Birthday, Lovely Cat!
  • Happy Birthday to my kitty whose cute winks press my love button.

Happy Birthday, my sweet cat!

  • Hey Kittie! Being stubborn at times won’t prevent me to celebrate you. Wishing you every delicious fish on Earth.
  • Happy Birthday, cute cat! All of your tricks are amazing to witness, the way you jump up in excitement when I come home makes me happy.
  • Happy Birthday, Kitty Katty. Give me a hug, please.
  • Happy Birthday, my smart cat! I wonder what you would do today on your birthday, unlike us who drink and party all night.
  • Congratulations, sweet cat, on turning a year older. You can mew for the whole day if you want.
  • All the best to the best pet. Can I have you to myself all day and all night?
  • Today, All pets have to hear me, I have the most awesome cat.
  • Everything about you is admirable, the way you sit, the way you walk, I’m sure if you could talk, your speech will be a pleasant one. Happy Birthday, Cutie!
  • Best birthday wishes to the most beautiful cat in the history of beautiful cats.
  • Life is too short not to have a close pal that we can often embrace, you are my own cool pal, and I’m happy you’ve never stopped loving me too. Happy Birthday, kitty!

You're the most amazing cat. Happy Birthday, Kitty!

  • Whenever you take a nap in my lap and circling around my feet, your soft silky fur gives me a cool feeling. Happy Birthday, my darling cat!
  • Happy Birthday, Kitty Cat! Eat, sleep, mew and purr as you want. The day is yours.
  • Although you make a fuss, intrude on kitchen stuff, and spread filth, I have no other option but to love you. Have a wonderful birthday, dear cat.
  • Just because of your ultimate cuteness and naughty acts, I hold you in my hands to kiss you. A very Happy Birthday to my lovely pet cat, we spend a great time together.
  • Let’s get ready to another year of playing and running together. Have a fabulous birthday, my honey cat.
  • I got you as a birthday gift, and you also have to accept me as your birthday gift. Okay?!
  • Happy Birthday to my smart cat who loves adventures more than all other pets.
  • Do you know what makes me feel safe every morning? It’s your meow! Happy Birthday, my cute cat!
  • Don’t stretch your legs, lazy cat. It’s  not sleeping time, it’s your birthday! Hurray!
  • Sending birthday wishes to my pussycat whose green eyes capture my heart.
  • I got you when you were just a kitten, now, you’re as big as tigers. Happy Birthday, my little tiger!
  • Happy Birthday, Kitty! You make my days worthwhile, and I can’t imagine a home without your cuteness.
  • All Pacific Ocean fishes for my lovely cat on its birthday. Satisfied?
  • You are my super cat, and I love you to the moon and back. It’s your birthday cake, don’t attack.
  • Happy birthday, Cat!!! May this birthday give you health, happiness and a whole lot of mice.
  • HBD to BCE: Happy Birthday to the Best Cat Ever.

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Here are some funny birthday greetings for a cat.

  • Happy Birthday to the champion of mewing, my sweet cat.
  • On your birthday, here is a reminder of your nine lives that you will spend with me. Deal?
  • If I have authority to recommend the noble prize on universal sound figuring out harmony, I will definitely stand for your purr. Have a wonderful birthday, my dearest pet cat.
  • Happy Birthday to the [king/queen] of cats who rules the kingdom of MEOW.
  • One more year of annoying our neighbor’s dog. Happy Birthday, Strong Cat!

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