Happy 70th Birthday! Warm Wishes for Someone Turning 70

70th Birthday Wishes: What’s special about turning 70? It is a point in life where no one wants to reach fast, but it’s actually inevitable. If you know someone who is turning 70, it’s nice to be close to them and learn from them; they have a lot to offer. 70th birthdays are special times for these special people who are turning such a golden age.

Happy 70th Birthday!

When a 70-year-old’s birthday comes up, apart from the normal cake and present, send them a message that they will always read and smile about. Here are some 70th birthday wishes you can send to a new seventy-year-old.

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In a general way, here are many greetings for someone turning 70.

  • Happy 70th Birthday to a 30-year-old face and 40-year-old body.
  • A very cool mentor is turning 70. Have the best of it.
  • Why aren’t other 70-year-olds as cheerful as you? Can you keep this smile forever?

Happy 70th Birthday!

  • Life is really beautiful at 70. All what you have to do is relax and enjoy your time.
  • Happy 70th Birthday! Now, you can enjoy your accomplishments which are the reflections of decisions you made in your past.
  • To a role model for the upcoming ones, enjoy your 70s.
  • Can you open your arms to feel the beauty of 70s? Keep getting better and younger.
  • Happy Birthday to someone who has seen the real picture of life by turning 70.
  • May your 70th birthday add 70 more years to your life.
  • 70 years old and still affects lives positively! You’re awesome.
  • Throughout your life, you did all the good for the family. Now, it’s the time to do for yourself. Happy 70th!
  • Some people think that 70-year-olds have nothing to offer, but you are never outdated. Congrats!


Here are some funny birthday greetings for a new 70-year-old.

  • Your wrinkles point to a great life and strong teeth, so what happened to your teeth?
  • Playing with every toddler in your family told me that you are close to 70. Happy Birthday, Big Kid!

Playing with every toddler in your family told me that you are close to 70. Happy Birthday!

  • Nothing is sweeter than you, so we don’t need a cake for your 70th birthday.
  • Happy 70th B-Day! Now, your opinion matters in every matter.


The following messages are for a close friend who is turning 70.

  • At 70, you can experience each day with the ones you love watching them grow and make you laugh. Have a fabulous birthday, my dear friend.
  • Welcome to 70; face it with an unfading smile as you always do.
  • Congrats on turning 70 wiser, happier and more available for your friends.


Here are a few messages for a grandfather celebrating his 70th birthday.

  • Happiness is when you turn into seventy and your family toddlers arrange a surprising party for you. Best Wishes, Grandpa!

Happy 70th Birthday to the best grandpa.

  • Happy 70th Birthday to the man whose family is really blessed by his existence.
  • Happy Birthday, Grandpa! Keep being the universal language of change and learning.


Use one of the following messages to send to your 70-year-old grandma.

  • Happy 70th Birthday, Granny! Today, I have to confess: you’re the world’s best grandma.

Happy 70th Birthday to the most wonderful grandma.

  • Many people are not as lucky as I’m; being here to witness my grandmother’s 70th Bday is the real good luck.
  • 70 years of giving silently and helping people without any popularity. That’s my amazing grandma.


Find out how to wish your 70-year-old father a happy Bday.

  • Happy 70th Birthday to the man who always guided me in my way. You’re a wonderful father.
  • No matter you turned seventy or eighty; you will always be my superhero.
  • On your 70th birthday, I just need to talk. I really appreciate that you never spoiled your energy on meaningless friendship, forced relations, or redundant conversations. You just focused on your ambition and eventually you attained it. I’m proud of you, dad.


Here are some messages aimed at a mother turning 70.

  • Mom, I just wonder how your cooking skills are still impeccable at 70. You’re awesome.

Happy Birthday, Mom! Congrats on turning 70.

  • Happy 70th Birthday to an angel. I always appreciate your sacrifices, mom.
  • Seventy years couldn’t change your kind nature, mom. That’s amazing!


Words of love and congratulations for your husband who is turning 70.

  • Happy Birthday, Husband! Being 70 gives you a chance to remember your glorious history, and the sweet days of our young version. Love you!

Happy 70th Birthday to my wonderful husband.

  • Do you know that my love for you never dropped? Just wanted to remind you on your 70th birthday.
  • Life is beautiful when you have a guide to tell you the secrets of it; you are my husband and guide, and you have surely made life better for me. Let’s make it the most amazing 70th birthday, honey!!


Here are some sweet birthday greetings for a wife turning 70.

  • You are beautiful at any age, but at 70, you’re perfect. Happy 70th Birthday, Sweetheart!
  • can’t really trust numbers anymore, because at 70, your cheeks are still soft in my hands. Happy 70th Birthday, my woman and my everything.
  • Happy Birthday, Darling! Your life is a benchmark for every girl who wants to succeed in her life.