Happy 12th Birthday Wishes and Messages

Turning 12 is something cool for every kid trying to leave their childhood to enter the teenage years. As a person close to someone celebrating their 12th birthday, it is your duty to make the moment unforgettable. Words written are always better than words said since one can read the words over and over again, and that can definitely make someone feel happy and lucky to have caring people around.

12th Birthday Wishes

This is a big list of happy 12th birthday wishes. You can pick out the perfect one and send it to that special 12-year-old, or just write it in the greeting card to ensure their birthday is great and unforgettable.

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Best 12th Birthday Wishes

Let’s start with the best 12th birthday wishes for boys and girls. You can pick up one of the following messages to please your child, nephew, niece, friend, sibling, grandchild, or even your friend’s child on their 12th birthday.

  • Happy 12th Birthday! May the 12 wishes you are going to make come true.
  • Congratulations! You’ve lived twelve years, and each year has twelve months. Can you tell me why you like this number so much? Happy 12th Birthday!
  • 12 Candles! That’s so hot! Hurry up and blow them all. A sweet birthday to a sweet one. Love you!

Happy 12th Birthday Wishes

  • Happy Dozen Birthday! Do you know what dozen means?
  • Happy Birthday to the most amazing 12-year-old I know! I’m very lucky to have you in my life.
  • By turning 12, you’re finally ready to work with SpongeBob. Aren’t you?
  • I want to wish you a prosperous 12th birthday, and I pray that no obstacle will be able to hold you back from becoming great. Stay Blessed.
  • As cool as you look today, I can only compare you to Virgin Gold Mining, full of untapped gold. Warmest wishes!
  • Happy 12th Birthday! Are you ready for the adventures that await you?
  • You have become the most exciting part of my life. We are new friends, but I feel I know you for ages. Let’s enjoy your party.


Twelve-year-olds will smile after reading one of these funny birthday greetings. For more funny messages, check out our separate article.

  • TWELVE! Yay! Now, you can fight the clock. Yes, both of you have twelve numbers. Happy Birthday!

TWELVE! Yay! Now, you can fight the clock. Yes, both of you have twelve numbers. Happy Birthday!

  • Do you know that 12 people have walked on the moon? I think they were trying to find you there. Happy Birthday, Little Alien!
  • 12 years old! That seems as if you were just born yesterday. Your growth is faster than a Ferrari. My deepest wishes, honey.


Here are some messages aimed at a boy turning 12.

  • I hope your creativity as a twelve-year-old boy will start taking on a new shape, one tending towards professionalism. Keep moving forward, boy. Happy B-day!
  • Happy Birthday to one of the most intelligent boys I have ever known! Congratulations on reaching 12!

Happy 12th Birthday to an amazing boy.

  • You’re now a fantastic boy and an amazing man as well. Happy 12th Birthday!
  • You are my funny boy; whenever we get together, we spend a cool time. Have fun while turning 12.


Here are some birthday wishes for a 12-year-old girl.

  • Happy 12th Birthday to the girl who knows the names of all Disney characters, especially the females.
  • You are in life’s golden era. Enjoy it, golden girl.

Happy 12th Birthday to a very cute girl.

  • My best wishes to the girl who is trying to make money and be rich. May your 12th birthday be the start of big wealth.
  • It’s a beautiful day to be celebrating a beautiful girl. I hope I never miss out on anything that involves you.


The following messages are for a son who’s turning 12. You might also want to check out our big list of “Happy Birthday, Son” wishes.

  • Happy 12th Birthday, Son! Thank you for always making me proud.
  • Happy Twelfth Birthday to the world’s coolest troublemaker, my dear son.

Happy 12th Birthday to the world's coolest troublemaker, my dear son.

  • Happy 12th Birthday, Dear Son! You’re not a kid anymore; you’re a sweet guy. I love you so much.
  • Now that you are getting too old for greeting cards and toys, it’s time to plan your interests. Let’s start with video games. Happy Birthday, Cool Gamer!


Some daughters are great and bring lots of pride to their parents; these girls are like the sun that brings about the beauty of everything. Here are a few messages for a daughter on her 12th birthday.

  • Happy 12th Birthday to my favorite 12-year-old girl, my exceptional daughter.
  • A twelve-year-old lady always looks attractive. I hope to see you shine in every corner at this beautiful age. [Daddy/mom] loves you.

my daughter is going to be a sweet lady.

  • Whoever the lady you choose to be, your [mom/dad] will always love you. Happy 12th Birthday, Sweet Daughter!
  • Happy Birthday, My Girl! Now, you’re ready to eat the cake alone, as you have strong teeth.


Here are some 12th birthday wishes for a nephew. You can also check this link for more birthday messages for nephews.

  • Happy 12th Birthday to the best nephew in the world!
  • May you grow cooler and more intelligent as you turn 12 today. You are your [uncle/aunt]’s favorite hero.
  • Happy 12th Birthday, Dear Nephew! Now, you’re as big as the bone that starts a game of Dominoes. You’re the best.


Here are some nice ways to wish your 12-year-old niece a happy birthday.

  • For many years, I have always hoped for a niece like you. I love every moment I spend with you. Happy 12th Birthday, sweetheart!
  • Smile as big as you can because they say that the 12-year-old smile is one of the best. Happy Birthday, my beautiful niece!
  • I have watched you grow into the cute lady you are today, and I still can’t believe how blessed I am to be sharing your 12th birthday.


Here are a few birthday messages for a 12-year-old grandson. You may also want to visit our sweet list of birthday greetings to a grandson.

  • Minions and Gru are sending hugs and kisses to the best 12-year-old grandson.
  • 12 is a big number. And that fits my big grandson. Congratulations, sweetheart!
  • Lots of love from your biggest fan, your proud [grandma/grandpa]. Congrats on turning 12.


Here are a few ways for a grandparent to wish their 12-year-old granddaughter a happy birthday.

  • You are the youngest but the cutest chapter of my life. Happy 12th Birthday, Sweet Granddaughter!
  • Happy Birthday, Angel! May you always make me and your parents proud.
  • As you’re turning 12, I hope you grow older than your [grandpa/grandma] and wiser than sages. I love you!


Here are two special birthday messages for a brother turning 12.

  • Happy 12th Birthday to someone who always drives me crazy. Anyway, you are awesome, bro.
  • The happiness I feel after seeing you ride a bicycle happily can’t be compared to anything else. May you have the most wonderful birthday, my little brother.
  • Best buddy, best brother and best friend. May you have a wonderful life, bro.


These sweet messages are written for a sister celebrating her 12th birthday.

  • Best wishes to the girl who always steals my clothes. Anyway, Love You, Sis!
  • Happy 12th Birthday to the sweetest sister in the world!
  • My cute sister, it’s a homework-free day, but you’re going to read many greetings about your 12th birthday. Have fun!

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