50+ Happy Birthday Wishes for Nephew

Birthday Wishes for Nephew: What if your nephew’s birthday is coming up? Maybe you don’t live with your nephew at the same home, but he grows up in front of your eyes. You may witness his first diaper change and also his first meal. So your nephew deserves to feel the great happiness on his birthday as he gave you the nickname of Uncle or Aunt.

Happy Birthday to the best nephew in this world.

Here are some birthday wishes for a nephew. Even if he is a little boy or a grown-up guy, you will find the perfect message that will make his day awesome, and strengthen your friendship with him.

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Here are some heartfelt and sweet Happy Birthday messages for a nephew.

  • The happiest birthday ever to the best nephew ever.
  • You did a good job being a good guy, and did a great job being a great nephew. Love you!
  • Happy Birthday, Nephew! Always cool and great.

Happy Birthday, Nephew! Always cool and great.

  • Happy Birthday to my handsome nephew who never failed to make me proud.
  • Seems you’ve outgrown toys for birthday gifts. Happy Birthday, my big nephew!
  • Happy Birthday to an amazing boy! Even if you weren’t my nephew, I’d still love playing with you.
  • Being an amazing man like your dad is something impressive. Happy Birthday, my cool nephew!
  • Happy Birthday, Dear Nephew! Today, you deserve to be exempted from my boring lessons.
  • Now, you have the power and time to shape your life, but don’t worry, your [uncle/aunt] is always here for you. Happy Birthday, Dear Nephew!
  • I bet the birds woke up singing of your greatness. Happy Birthday, Great Boy!
  • Birthday greetings to my nephew! From now on, no fear, no weakness; time to go on and show the real man you’ve become.
  • A thousand and one candles for you, nephew. Enjoy!
  • If I had known that I would have a nephew like you, I would have gotten ready for a wild child. Happy Birthday, my naughty nephew!

Happy Birthday, my handsome nephew!

  • One more year of flourishing and achieving goals! You’re a great man and a wonderful nephew.
  • Let’s add new memories to our gallery; you, nephew, deserve the best celebration.
  • Happy Birthday, Nephew! Do you know that you were a troublemaker when I had to take care of you when you were young?
  • Dear nephew, you are going to understand that life is not all fun and games. But when it is, remember to win.
  • For every candle you light, may it light your way, and for every candle you blow out, may it carry your sorrows. Have an amazing birthday, nephew!
  • My nephew is going to grow up to be an incredible man. Believe in yourself even if the clouds covered the sun. My deepest wishes.
  • Happy Birthday to the guy who is turning into one of the bravest men on this planet. Love you!
  • May you attain the heights that are made for you to reach. I’m sure it’ll come to pass. A cool birthday to a cool nephew.

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A list of funny birthday messages for a nephew celebrating his birthday.

  • Hey nephew. If I were you, I’d never grow old and waste my cuteness. Happy Bday!
  • Your birthday reminds me of the little brat you were, when all you wanted to eat was cookies and junk. Happy Birthday, Nephew!

Your birthday reminds me of the little brat you were, when all you wanted to eat was cookies and junk. Happy Birthday, Nephew!

  • My nephew, don’t forget that birthday cakes are for sharing with family and friends. Hope you won’t eat yours alone.
  • Popping balloons at birthdays is something exciting, but you know your [aunt/uncle] has a headache.
  • A glorious birthday to my favorite nephew. Just don’t say that to anyone.
  • Happy Birthday, my nephew! You are going to enjoy a wild life with ups and downs. When you are up, don’t forget about us. When you are down, forget us.

From Uncle

Here are some birthday greetings from uncle to nephew.

  • Hey nephew! Turning into a big guy makes me feel that I’m an old toothless man.
  • Happy Birthday to the boy who has the best uncle in the world!

Happy Birthday to the boy who has the best uncle in the world!

  • Best birthday wishes to my genius nephew who is more than a son to me.
  • Happy Birthday to an amazing guy! I’m sure you know that your uncle will always be here to pick you up when you fall down.
  • Hey man! You insist to make your uncle proud of you. Happy Birthday to the most wonderful nephew!
  • Your dad was always angry at the noise you were making when you were a little baby crying. I’m sure now he’s proud of the man you have become. Happy Birthday, dear nephew!

From Aunt

Here are some birthday messages from aunt to nephew.

  • Happy Birthday to a sweet nephew, from a very sweet aunt.

Happy Birthday to a sweet nephew, from a very sweet aunt.

  • SUP nephew!! Hard to believe you’ve grown taller than me. Enjoy touching balloons.
  • Happy Birthday to my nephew who is climbing the ladder of success to the top. Keep surprising your aunt.
  • Two kisses + Two hugs = My four Wishes for the sweetest nephew.
  • I still remember how cheerful you were the first time you saw me and knew that I’m your auntie. Wishing you the best.
  • I was always giving your mom pieces of advice not to always spoil her future sons, but when you came to life and we saw how cute you are, I canceled my advice. Happy Birthday to the spoilt nephew!

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Little Nephew

Here are some ways to say Happy Birthday to a young nephew.

  • Happy Birthday to my little nephew! Will we play Hide and Seek today?
  • Best birthday wishes to the little thief who stole his [uncle/aunt]’s heart.
  • When I count my blessings, I start with my cute nephew who is growing up fast. Love you, sweetheart!
  • Happy Birthday to a little one with a huge heart – my awesome nephew.
  • My little nephew’s birthday again?! WOW!! Let’s do it, brat.
  • Happy Birthday, Kiddo! Let’s change your hairdo.