100+ Best Birthday Wishes for Grandson

Be it a little boy or a grownup guy, this collection of birthday wishes for grandson will help you put together the best words to phrase the perfect message for your grandson’s birthday.

Young or old, your grandson is one of the most spectacular young men you have ever met. He loves you unconditionally and always appreciates all what you do for him. You rarely forget his birthday because he keeps reminding you, with his huge smile. So sending your grandson a message on that special day is truly a reminder of your love for him.

happy birthday wishes for grandson

How to say Happy Birthday Grandson? We’ve compiled a huge list of over 100 messages, ranging from sweet and heartfelt to funny, to help you wish your special grandson a happy birthday. Even if he is a naughty boy, he still deserves to feel your love and know how much you care about his birthday. So we specialized two more sections of “birthday wishes from grandpa” and “birthday wishes from grandma” to help you make your message super cool.

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Short & Quick

First, make it short and quick. The following short birthday wishes for grandsons will help you make your message lovely and unique with just a few words. Let’s impress such a special birthday boy.

  • Happy Birthday, Grandson! May your big dreams come true.
  • Dear grandkid, as you’re an amazing boy, you will surely have an amazing birthday.
  • Happy Birthday, Grandson! This is gonna be fun.

Happy Birthday, Grandson! This is gonna be fun.

  • Best wishes to my favorite grandson! That’s our secret.
  • Happy Birthday to my youngest and sweetest friend, my cool grandson!
  • Sending birthday wishes to the family’s little monkey.
  • Happy Birthday to my wonderful grandson! I love you to the moon and back.
  • How lucky I am to blow out the candles with my sweet grandson! My kisses.
  • Happy Birthday to a sweet grandson, from a very sweet grandma.
  • All the best to the boy who makes his family pictures more lively with his naughty actions.
  • Happy Birthday, Brat! From your toothless partner-in-crime.
  • Heartiest birthday greetings to the boy who always reminds me how wonderful life is.
  • Happy Birthday to the best grandson in the world!

Happy Birthday to the best grandson in the world!

  • Best wishes to my grandson who lives in my heart as a pearl enclosed in its shell.
  • Happy Birthday, Dear Grandson! I’m always proud of you.

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What if you want your message to be a little longer? Add more sentimental or inspirational words to your message to express your happiness for your grandson’s birthday. These next sweet, sincere, and inspirational birthday wishes and quotes for grandsons will help you be that cool grandpa or grandma who can miss anything just to celebrate their grandson. Pick up the message you will like most.

  • Even though I’m a bit old, I never forget my wonderful grandson’s birthday. My best wishes!
  • May your birthday be as special as you are and as beautiful as your hug. Sending you my best wishes.
  • The grandest birthday to the grandest grandson ever.

The grandest birthday to the grandest grandson ever.

  • May only good things come your way, grandson! Always in your [grandmother’s/grandfather’s] heart.
  • Have a special birthday, my special grandchild. You will see ups and downs in this life, but you will always have your family to support you.
  • To a cool grandson, may today be everything you could have imagined. Enjoy!
  • WOW! My loving grandson is turning [age]! How awesome!
  • You are the happiness and peace of our family, and everyone loves playing with you. A fabulous birthday to my dear grandson!
  • May all the wisdom and care I have instilled in you grow as you grow older. Have a beautiful birthday, sweetie.
  • It’s surprising to know that my cute boy is turning into a handsome guy. Wishing you the best, grandson.
  • Happy Birthday to the guy who cares for his grandparents more than anyone else, even more than his parents do.
  • I can’t believe I’m blessed enough to share another birthday with my number one grandson. Awesome!
  • Happy Birthday, Dear Grandson! Thank you for leaving all the fun in the world just to spend some time with me.

Happy Birthday, Grandson!

  • You are an incredible person for someone so young. Never stop improving. Never stop loving your family. Enjoy today!
  • You are a complete package of sweetness, cuteness, joy, and naughtiness. You deserve the best party today.
  • My grandson, I wish you all the peace in the world, so you will find all what your heart desires.
  • To my grandkid who took all the good genes from his parents and left the bad ones, you’re the best.
  • Presenting this beautiful wrist watch to my lovely grandson, just to remember me all the time.
  • Happy birthday to my grandson who is maturing into a fine young man. I wish you all the joy and love.
  • Happy Birthday, Grandson! You know what! You grow up faster than your dad did when he was your age. Awesome!
  • Even if you look like a prince, you will always be my little boy. Happy Birthday, my wonderful grandson!

Even if you look like a prince, you will always be my little boy. Happy Birthday, my wonderful grandson!

  • Happy Birthday, Dear! It’s another year of being a great son, a smart student, and a perfect grandson. I love you.
  • You never cease to amaze me, so I’m looking forward to seeing what you are going to do on your big day. Happy Birthday, my quirky grandson!
  • Best wishes to the guy who fills every inch of my heart with immense happiness, my phenomenal grandson.
  • Sending [five] birthday hugs to my grandson, who is turning [five]. Keep getting bigger and fatter.
  • Best wishes for your birthday, [insert name]. May you get the success you wish for because you really deserve it.
  • Congratulations on turning from a kid into a teenager. May you live your teenage years in love and peace.
  • Today is a good chance to tell you that I never get tired of watching you grow up. Happy birthday to my one-of-a-kind grandson!
  • Happy Birthday, Dear Grandson! Thank you for the new title you gave me; it’s actually the best.
  • Here we go again. Let’s applaud my son and his wife for raising such a fantastic boy. Happy Birthday!
  • [For son and daughter-in-law] Congratulations to both of you on watching your little boy grow up that fast. Enjoy celebrating him.

Happy Birthday, Grandson! I'm proud of you.

  • Wishing a joyous birthday to one of the coolest guys on this planet – my grandson.
  • Happy Birthday to that big guy! I think your parents feed you well, but this is not the best thing they have done for you. If you could only thank them for one thing, it would be for raising you to be the successful man you are. Enjoy, my boy.
  • Cool boy – check. Cool grandson – check. The coolest birthday boy – check. Love you, honey.
  • Every day with you is fun, and your birthday is no exception. Happy Birthday, sweetheart!

Little Boy

Is the birthday boy a little kid or a baby? If you have a little grandson whose birthday is coming up, get ready with the best words of love you have for him. The following birthday wishes for little grandsons will help you find the message that will be a great memory for that kid when he becomes a big guy. Check out the list.

  • Happy Birthday to my funny little man, whose laughter is infectious.
  • Here’s to another year of playing with your grandpa’s walking stick. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday, Grandson! I will never stop loving you, even if you can’t stop being naughty.

birthday wishes for little grandson

  • Having a cute grandson like you is a boon from God, and you are my beloved one. Happy Birthday, my little baby!
  • Sending birthday greetings to the little angel who is the main reason behind my smile.
  • Little boys just play all the time, but my grandson acts like Einstein. Enjoy, my smart boy.
  • Happy Birthday, [insert name]! You deserve this box of chocolate as a birthday present.
  • Happy Birthday to our little hero!
  • It’s very exciting when we play hide and seek together. Let’s do it tonight.

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Heartfelt Birthday Wishes for Grandson

Are you looking for a heartfelt message for your grandson? Want to touch his heart with some sentimental words? Don’t worry; we have got you covered. Read the following heart-touching birthday wishes for grandsons to pick up the most emotional message that will warm your grandson’s heart on his birthday.

  • Happy Birthday to my wonderful grandson! I really wait for the incredible man you will be.
  • You don’t have to walk on the moon or travel through time to impress your [grandma/grandpa]. I’m always proud of you, no matter what. Happy Birthday to the best grandson ever!
  • No birthday gift can compare to the best gift I have ever received from your parents: YOU. Happy Birthday, Grandson!

heartfelt birthday wishes for grandson

  • God blessed me with a marvelous grandson, so I’m asking God to bless you with a marvelous birthday and a prosperous year ahead. Many happy returns of the day!
  • My words can’t even begin to describe how great you are, and there is no way to express how thankful I am for you. You have always been my support. Happy Birthday to the most caring grandson ever!
  • You may leave this city for your studies, but you will never leave my heart. Best wishes on your birthday, dear.
  • I will never forget when my [son/daughter] first told me that you would be born. It is one of the most exciting pieces of news I have ever heard. Happy Birthday, Dear!
  • Don’t think you are alone; I always have you in my heart, even if distance looks like a barrier. You are never forgotten.
  • Happy Birthday to my precious grandson whose hugs ignite the fire that is hidden inside my heart and pump power to my bones.
  • With a grandson like you in my life, I feel 1,000,000 times younger. You are the strength I need to go on, I love you and hope you enjoy today.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Grandson

Even if your grandson always puts a smile on your face or he smiles all the time, he still deserves to show his teeth after reading your message. Have a sense of humor with one of our funny birthday wishes for grandsons. The following messages will be like your idea bank, but the memories you have for your grandson are the funniest thing you can mention in your message. Read, think, and then write.

  • Happy Birthday to a little brat, from a very big brat.
  • Best wishes to the boy who plays rough with me. Do you know how hard it is for me to breathe with you around?
  • How does it feel to be taller than your grandpa? Happy birthday, big guy!

How does it feel to be taller than your grandpa?

If you want the same previous card, but from a grandma, here it is:

How does it feel to be taller than your grandma?

  • Your dad always tried to touch the candles on his birthdays. Don’t be like him, please.
  • Today is a day for dancing; just don’t ask me to dance too much. These hips may crack. My deepest wishes for my sweet grandson.
  • I know you think I’m old, but I’m younger than I look. You’re the one who is getting older.
  • Happy Birthday to my naughty grandson, whose heroic antics towards his mom never failed to make me laugh. Enjoy your childhood, little boy.
  • My walking stick is wishing my grandson a happy birthday.
  • Can you solve this equation? I think we celebrated you two weeks ago. Do you know something about time travel?
  • Happy Birthday to someone whose phone never leaves his hand, my sweet grandson.

funny birthday wishes for grandson

  • Happy Birthday, my handsome grandson! I’d give anything to find out which lucky girl is going to be your future wife.
  • You’re growing up fast; here’s the question. Who will reach 100 first? You or me?

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From Grandpa

Your grandson loves you and sees a mentor in you, so don’t let this opportunity pass without telling him that you have the same feelings for him and that you are always proud of him and the man he will be. The following birthday wishes for grandsons from grandfathers will inspire you enough to make his day.

  • Happy Birthday, Grandson! Look what happens when you take after your grandpa!
  • Happy Birthday to the boy who never forgets about his granddad.
  • Happy Birthday to the boy who stole his grandpa’s heart!

birthday wishes for grandson from grandpa

  • It’s an honor to be a grandfather to such a wonderful guy. Have a marvelous birthday, dude.
  • Happy Birthday to the world’s coolest grandson, from the world’s coolest grandpa.
  • Though I’m a strict man, my inner child comes out when I’m with you. Happy Birthday, dear!
  • Let’s remember the moment I jumped from father to grandfather, and let’s celebrate the most wonderful grandson.
  • Happy Birthday to an exceptional grandson! From a fortunate grandfather.

From Grandma

Every grandma sees a little hero in her grandson, and that’s why we are trying to help you show how proud you are of your special boy. The following birthday wishes for grandsons from grandmothers will take you to another place that is full of brainstorming ideas to make your grandson’s day. Let’s see.

  • Happy Birthday to one of the most handsome grandsons, from one of the most beautiful grandmothers.
  • Best wishes to the best grandson any woman could ask for.
  • You make me the proudest grandma in the world. Thank you for letting me share this day with you. I hope I bring much cheer and joy with my presence.

birthday wishes for grandson from grandma

  • When I hold you in my arms and make you sleep in my lap, I feel like the whole world is in my grasp. Happy Birthday, my cute grandson!
  • I enjoy celebrating your birthday because it reminds me how proud I am to be the grandmother of such a wonderful boy. Happy Birthday, Dear!
  • Happy Birthday to my grandson who makes me feel like I’m a young lady. Keep sweetening my life, honey.
  • Carrying you when you were a baby was my job because your mom was always afraid to take the risk. Happy Birthday, my handsome grandson!
  • It’s another reminder of how cute you were when you were a baby. The way you were saying “Nana” was so adorable. Happy Birthday, sweetheart!

Birthday Quotes for Grandson

Social media posts love inspirational and heart-touching quotes on birthdays. The following birthday quotes for grandsons can inspire the birthday boy and show him how much his grandpa or grandma loves him. Pick up the one that will touch his heart.

  • “Grandchildren are God’s way of compensating us for growing old.” – Mary H. Waldrip
  • “You are my stubborn grandson; however, I love to carry out all your wishes.” – Unknown
  • “One of the best things in life is when you hug your grandson, and he hugs you back even tighter.” – Unknown
  • Happy Birthday, Grandson! maybe my body is getting older, but my pride in you is stronger than ever.

Happy Birthday, Grandson! maybe my body is getting older, but my pride in you is stronger than ever.

  • “Happy Birthday, Grandkid! Do you know that you give me the eagerness to live? I love you.” – Shaden Elhor
  • “Happiness is spending time with your grandson.” – Unknown
  • “Happy Birthday, dear grandson! Distance will never stop me from holding you in my heart.” – Unknown
  • “A grandson is a precious gift from above, for us to treasure and love. How blessed we are to have you here, forever in our hearts we hold you dear.” – Unknown
  • “Happy Birthday, grandson! You are truly a man I’m proud to be related to. Thank you for listening to my advice.” – Unknown
  • “Grandchildren make the world a little softer, a little warmer, a little kinder.” – Unknown

By Age

If your grandson is a teenager or an adult, you can wish him a happy birthday according to his age by going to the search area or using these links:

13th | 16th | 18th | 20th | 21st | 30th

If your grandson is a little kid or still a baby, directly under the section titled “Little Boy”, you will find some links for the first 10 years of one’s life.

Maybe you don’t know this yet, but the care a grandparent shows to their grandson on his birthday makes the day full of fun for him. Even if you are surrounded by friends and family, where is the fun if your grandparents don’t care for your birthdays? That’s why we created this page—to help every grandma and every grandpa convey their feelings to their special grandson. We hope that our list of sweet, heartwarming, and funny messages is your best choice when you want to celebrate your grandson’s birthday.

I hope you liked our collection of birthday wishes for grandson. Don’t forget two things: sharing the list and contacting us with the message you like the most.

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