Happy 6th Birthday Wishes for 6-Year-Old

Turning 6 is one of the coolest things that can ever happen to a kid. The only way of making sure they will remember the day is sending them one of these unique 6th birthday wishes, messages and quotes; this will forever give them nostalgia of the fun they had during their sixth birthday.

Don’t worry about understanding the words; 6-year-olds go to school and can understand the birthday wishes, even if a little bit.

Happy 6th Birthday wishes

If you have a son, daughter, nephew, niece, grandson, granddaughter or a friend’s child who is turning 6, our big collection of 6th birthday messages will inspire you to find the best words to write in the birthday card of a 6-year-old boy or girl.

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Best 6th Birthday Wishes

Here are some sweet, simple, sincere, and heartfelt 6th birthday wishes for all 6-year-old kids in a general way. Be it a boy or girl, this list is surely the best.

  • Happy 6th Birthday to one of the awesomest kids in the world.
  • Looks who’s 6. Happy Birthday, Sweetie!
  • Want a joke about number 6? There are 6 basic tastes: salty, sweet, sour, bitter, umami, and fat. You are that sweet.

Sweet 6th Birthday Wishes

  • If I had six wishes, I’d ask for you six times. Congrats on your 6th birthday. Have a blast.
  • 6 years ago, you were born. Feels just like yesterday because the joy you give transcends time. Wishing you the best day ever.
  • 6 already? No way!! I’m jealous of how big you’ve grown. Keep being big and cute.
  • Since you were born, you’ve been my hero. Can’t wait till you’re 10 so you become a superhero like Ben 10. Wish you the best this year.
  • I wonder where you get your cleverness from, I hope you’ll keep it. Happy Birthday to the smartest 6-year-old!
  • For 6 years, you’ve been a blessing to this world. Planet Earth is lucky to have you.
  • This card has been designed for the little one who can kick the ball easily without any directions. Happy 6th Birthday, sweetie!
  • Another year of happiness has started and you’re turning 6. May this year bring you the unlimited fun, success, and pleasure.

6th birthday wishes

  • Count your candles on the cake, I think they are six. Happy 6th birthday, my fatty boy!
  • Happy 6th birthday to the cute, charming and intelligent child, whose shining brightens our sky.
  • Happy 6th birthday, my dear! You are almost taller than me.
  • Age six is super cool, even though you’ll hardly remember it when you grow up, we, your family won’t forget. Happy 6th Birthday!


Want to add a sense of humor? If you want to leave them with a smile broad enough to make a frog look bad, the following funny 6th birthday wishes and messages will make any 6-year-old smile yet laugh. Pick up the one you like most.

  • I’ve never been good at math, but I guess you’re clocking 6 today. Happy Birthday, cutie!
  • Enjoy your 6th birthday and eat 6 cake slices; I can help you.
  • Bad boys get longer noses like Pinocchio’s, good boys get birthdays.

Bad boys get longer noses, good boys get birthdays. Happy 6th Birthday!

  • Five or Six? Just kidding, have a wonderful 6th birthday and a glorious year.
  • Six years old!! You’re a man now. Your muscles gotta be like Johnny Bravo’s.


Want to wish the best for your 6-year-old son on his big day? Every dad or mom loves watching their boy grow up, so your son’s birthday is a great opportunity to express how proud you are of him and how happy you are for seeing him turn 6. Here are some sweet and beautiful 6th birthday wishes for sons, pick up the best of them. You can also see our huge list of happy birthday wishes for son.

  • My heir, my pride, my hero, my soldier, my right hand, my everything. I’m so proud of you. Happy Birthday, Son!
  • The rapid growth you experienced from 5 to 6 is not explainable. May you continue to grow in all wisdom and knowledge.

Happy 6th Birthday best son!

  • Having you has been my greatest accomplishment. I’m so proud to be your [father/mother]. Congrats on clocking 6, my dear. Have a wonderful day.
  • I hope you’ll get enough presents from your friends and family members to make your day a memorable one.
  • Happy 6th Birthday to you my first son. I hope you will grow up so fast.
  • Life is celebrating the day of my cute little son’s birth. Have a wonderful and stupendous 6th birthday.


She is your little princess, and you are one hundred percent proud of her in all ways. Your daughter is your joy and she deserves every good feeling you hide in your heart. It’s the time to convey your feelings to your 6-year-old daughter on her special day. The following 6th birthday wishes for daughters will help you find a perfect message for her, but you can also check out this huge collection of ways to say “Happy Birthday, Daughter.”

  • This is your 6th year as the queen on the throne. May you rule for long.
  • Beautiful like a dove, caring like your mom, strong as a hero, brave as Mulan. You’re all I could ask for in a daughter. Best wishes from [mom/dad].
  • Six is not just a number, it is a super number as long as you are on it, because you make everything special, sweetie. Happy Birthday, my angel!
  • I had doubts about the gift I could give you, that could match the most adorable 6-year-old girl in the whole world. But I found a special one. Are you ready?

Happy Birthday to a wonderful princess. I've never been good at Math, but I guess you're clocking 6 today.

  • Hey little miss, thanks for being a part of my life. I can’t imagine my life without you and so I’ll always be there for you. I love you 6 times more than yesterday. Happy Birthday!
  • The favorite day of my life was the day you were born. You made me the happiest [dad/mom] for 6 years in a row. Looking forward to the coming years. Happy Birthday!
  • Your beautiful little cute smile brings a lot of joy into my life, I hope you’ll keep this smile forever. Happy 6th Birthday, my pretty girl!
  • Happy 6th Birthday to the youngest princess in the world. I really love you and thank God for giving you to me.


Make your nephew’s 6th birthday a unique one by wishing him a happy birthday. Here are some messages.

  • Happy 6th Birthday, dear nephew! You are my favorite 6-year-old kid.
  • Being your [uncle/aunt] is a great joy in my life. Congratulations on clocking 6 today. Send me the gifts you don’t like.
  • Hey Pal, guess who’s 6 today? You!! Enjoy your day to the fullest. Thanks for being the best nephew ever.

Happy 6th Birthday to a very very awesome nephew.

  • Words can’t express how honored I’m to be your [aunt/uncle]. Words can’t also express how much you will accomplish in life. Cheers to your new age.
  • Enjoy childhood and make awesome memories at school. Wish you a very happy 6th birthday, my sweet nephew.

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Be an awesome uncle or aunt and celebrate your 6-year-old niece on her birthday. If you are confused about how to congratulate her on turning 6 or just about how to say Happy 6th Birthday to her, we got you covered. This is a list of best 6th birthday wishes for nieces and they will surely help.

  • Happy 6th Birthday to the most beautiful niece in the world!
  • Hey pumpkin, your favorite [aunt/uncle] is wishing you a happy birthday.
  • Kisses, wishes and showers of love to you from this side. Wishing you the merriest of birthdays, niece. Congrats on clocking 6.

Happy Birthday to my pumpkin, my sweet 6-year-old niece.

  • Feliz Cumpleanos mi sobrina! Happy Birthday, my niece! Lots of love from here.
  • Who says you can’t have everything? Well I do have everything because I have you as my niece. Happy Birthday, Dear.
  • We are all ready to see the little princess running with balloons and jump over the cake. Enjoy the party, sweetheart.
  • Look back, you will find balloons. Look ahead; you will find the cake. Have a great celebration, honey.

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Grandfathers and grandmothers hate to let one of their grandson’s birthdays pass without giving them a special present. On your grandson’s 6th birthday, a simple message will touch his heart even if the gift will touch harder. Wish your 6-year-old grandson a happy birthday with one of the following 6th birthday messages for grandsons.

  • Happy 6th Birthday to the best grandson in the world!
  • Happy 6th birthday, my dear little grandson! You are the greatest thing that ever happened to me and I’m glad to be part of your life. So eat lots of cake and have fun.
  • Happy Birthday, my dearest 6-year-old! You are the most amazing kid ever. I hope you enjoy the day with your lovely [grandma/grandpa].
  • Thanks for being my grandson; that makes me a proud [grandma/grandpa]. Enjoy your day to its fullest.

Happy 6th Birthday!


Want to make your 6-year-old granddaughter happy? Want to convey your feelings to your little granddaughter on her big day? The following 6th birthday wishes for granddaughters will inspire you to find the message you need and once you find it, just write it in the card or add it to the social media post.

  • Happy 6th birthday, my granddaughter! You make each and every day worth the smile. I hope you enjoy the gifts that your siblings and cousins brought to you.
  • A cute girl makes her [grandma/grandpa] happy day by day, so I’m getting ready for the best celebration; my sweet granddaughter’s birthday.
  • Happy 6th Birthday to the cutest granddaughter on Earth.
  • My heart melts when I see that you’re growing fast to look like your mother, pretty and cute. Happy Birthday, my little princess!


Surprise your 6-year-old brother and write him one of these cute 6th birthday wishes:

  • Celebrating a kid is beautiful, but when it comes to my special little brother, celebrating gets awesome. Happy 6th Birthday, Munchkin!
  • Happy 6th Birthday to the most wonderful brother in the world!
  • Thanks for coming into my world and filling it with fun and love. 6 kisses for you on your 6th birthday.
  • You are my sweet 6-year-old brother and all my expectations are associated with you. Surprise me.


Want a message for your 6-year-old sister? Here are the best 6th birthday wishes for sisters:

  • Happy Birthday, June! Sorry, sis, but this is your new name till you turn 7.
  • Best wishes to the best 6-year-old girl ever—my beautiful sister.
  • You are an energetic girl, and my life becomes lively and cheerful just because of your silly acts. Have a wonderful 6th birthday, my cute sister.

Any Girl

Want a birthday message for a 6-year-old girl in general? If you know a little girl who is turning 6, like a friend’s daughter, a cousin, or even just a little friend, you can pick out one of the following 6th birthday wishes for girls.

  • Today is a very big day for a very big girl. Wishing you a day as happy and beautiful as you.
  • Morning, Princess! The whole kingdom is waiting to wish you a happy birthday, so I’m honored I get to be the first. Happy Birthday Dearie!
  • Happy 6th Birthday to a wonderful and beautiful girl!
  • A super fantastic 6-year-old girl like you deserves a fabulous party. Get ready for candy and cake.
  • Barbie, how fast you’ve grown. You’re growing faster than Sonic running.

Any Boy

Want to write something in the birthday card of a 6-year-old boy? Generally, we prepared a list of wishes for boys in a general way, not just for a son or nephew, but for all 6-year-old boys. Find a perfect message and pick it up.

  • Happy 6th Birthday to a fantastic boy!
  • Knock Knock!! Who’s there? The birthday boy!! Have a blast, dear!
  • Hi, sweet boy! As you’re 6 years old, I wish you try Krabby Patty with Spongebob one day.
  • It’s your 6th year and I can say it is going to be awesome, have fun with your 6th cake.
  • A sweet celebration for a boss, yes, you are like a boss at school. Enjoy, brat!

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If you don’t know, 6-year-olds understand the concept of numbers, so they know they are 6, and that this birthday is number 6, so talk to them as if they are adults when it comes to the length of the message. Anyway, simple, short and sweet messages are always preferred by anyone, especially the children. Our list of 6th birthday wishes and quotes include all types of messages, so read them well before choosing.

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