80+ Happy 4th Birthday Wishes And Quotes For 4-Year-Olds

Do you want sweet words to add to a 4th birthday card? If so, welcome to an extensive collection of the best 4th birthday wishes and quotes for boys and girls who are turning 4.

Turning a new age is always an exciting and memorable moment for kids since they get to enjoy too many sweets and candy, especially if they are turning 4.

Happy 4th Birthday wishes.

Birthday messages for 4-year-olds should be filled with love and care. It should be written in a memorable manner, telling them how much you love them and how much fun they are going to have on their 4th birthday.

Delicate ages require languages they can understand easily; don’t fill their cards with complex words. Remember, they are kids, and all that matters to a cute 4-year-old is that they get to eat cake with their friends and family. Take a chance on one of these 4th birthday wishes and quotes; they won’t disappoint.

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Best 4th Birthday Wishes

  • 4 already!! How fast you’ve grown! Tell me your secret 4mula.
  • Look who’s 4! May your Mom’s dreams for you come true.
  • 3rd birthdays are overrated, the 4th is the real deal. Enjoy!

Tell me your secret 4mula. Happy 4th Birthday!

  • You were 3 yesterday, now you’re 4! How does it feel to be magical?
  • Happy 4th Birthday, Sweet Baby! Can you grow up fast?
  • I may forget the 4th of July, but I can’t forget your 4th birthday. Have a blast, baby.
  • Guess what? No work today because it’s your birthday. Congrats on turning 4 today.
  • Happy 4th Birthday! Life is so much more fun with four-year-olds in it.
  • Good Morning, dear! 4 really looks good on you.
  • Happy Birthday to the latest 4-year-old in town! Welcome to the big boy leagues.
  • Happy 4th Birthday, baby! I can’t believe how big you’ve grown. It’s a day to enjoy candy and cake with your friends.
  • There are several reasons for us to be happy and you are one of them, my dear child. Wish you a fabulous fourth birthday.
  • You are the coolest child that deserves the cutest party.
  • Continue to grow into the brave little man you are, you are turning 4 now and that’s awesome.

Happy 4th Birthday!

  • You will forever be the most loved, the most precious and the most awesome kid I have ever known.
  • Happy 4th Birthday, kiddo! May everything you touch turn into gold.
  • Come on! Be faster! Do you know that you’re close to show one hand when I ask you about your age? Happy Bday, sweetie!
  • Clocking 4 today? Since 4 is a friendly number, we have to party with all your friends.
  • Don’t worry about those teeth coming off. Take some candy and enjoy, little one.
  • To the kid who always refuses to give me a hug, have the best 4th birthday. May you run at me one day.
  • One! Two! Three! Four! A teacher is waiting at the door. You’ll be a good student, I’m sure.
  • Good to have your little friends around. At your age, My only friend was my puppy, but it was a good boy. Happy 4th Birthday, dude!
  • Happy Birthday to my two little beautiful princesses. This is the greatest gift any mom can have. My pretty twins, I love you more than anything in the world. Happy 4th birthday!
  • Do you know that I want to hold you for the lifetime? You’re the cutest baby ever. Now, let’s celebrate your 4th birthday.

Funny 4th Birthday Quotes

Unlike younger babies, 4-year-olds can laugh after hearing a joke or just some funny words you say to them, so the funny messages will make them and their parents laugh. Here are some funny 4th birthday wishes for baby boys and girls. You might also want to check out our huge list of funny birthday wishes.

  • Clocking 4 is no excuse for waking up at 4 AM. Go back to bed, party starts at daybreak.
  • Happy 4th Birthday to the kid who likes smashing everything.

Happy 4th Birthday to the kid who likes smashing everything.

  • 4 candles disappeared, 4 balloons vanished. I think this’s my little baby having fun.
  • Are you happy that you can walk?! Yes, you are. You can make us worried about areas you put your feet in. Happy Birthday, naughty kid!
  • You are sharp and intelligent at four, that means you will be an extraordinary genius in your twenties. And don’t believe me.


Boys at 4 don’t just play and run, they also make jokes, tell stories and even make fun of you. So every word you will write in the card or say it directly to a 4-year-old boy will touch their mind and make them happy. Celebrate a 4-year-old baby boy by one of these next 2nd birthday wishes for boys.

  • You’re 4!! This reminds me of Fantastic Four. Happy Birthday, Fantastic Boy!
  • You are a little thief, you stole my heart. Wish you and your mom a sweet 4th birthday.
  • Happy 4th birthday to the future man who made my present by being a very cool kid.

Happy 4th Birthday to the future man.

  • Your adorable cuteness is your real strength which touches many hearts. Enjoy your 4th birthday, my sweet little baby.
  • Playing with you is a real fun. Let’s spend 4 hours playing after your 4th birthday party. Love you, bro.
  • Your 4-year-old laugh is angelic. May God keep you smile forever.

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Want to wish a baby girl a happy 4th birthday? If you have a 4-year-old girl in your life, a sister, daughter, cousin or even a friend’s daughter, make her day with one of our beautifully crafted 4th birthday wishes for baby girls. Find the perfect message.

  • Happy 4th Birthday to one of the cutest baby girls in the world.
  • My world is enclosed in the eyes of little girls. And when I see you, my heart starts dancing. Love you, little princess.
  • Good tidings from the entire kingdom as their princess turns 4 today. Cheers, dear.

Good tidings from the entire kingdom as their princess turns 4 today. Cheers dear.

  • A 4-year-old girl running to you is the sweetest thing ever. Four hugs and four kisses for the cutest girl.
  • You’ve lived 1460 days, do you know that? That’s a big number for a little girl. I wish you reach billions.

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What if your little superhero is turning 4? When your son’s 4th birthday is coming, get ready to throw a sweet party for him, but first, write a special message for him in the card to wish him a wonderful day. Here are some beautiful 4th birthday wishes for sons, I bet at least one of them will inspire you.

  • 4 years! You seem to grow slowly. Can you grow up fast to play with me? Happy 4th Birthday to the future footballer.
  • My love for you is 4 times bigger than your 4th birthday cake. 4 kisses for my sweet son.

Look who's 4.

  • My child, I hope you read this one day, “Always stay cool”. Girls love cool guys, you can ask your mother what she loved in me. Enjoy your 4th party.
  • WOW! Check your muscles! You’re getting 4 times stronger than other boys. Proud of you, honey.
  • With much love from your [mom/dad], nothing can compare to the joy you brought to us. Happy 4th birthday, son!
  • Your breath is the weapon which will injure four candles today. Happy Birthday, my little warrior!

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Want to congratulate your little princess on turning 4? Daughters are blessings for their parents, so on your daughter’s 4th birthday, you find yourself stuck with millions of beautiful words that make you confused about what exactly you have to say. We got you covered, the following 4th birthday wishes for daughters will help you find a perfect way to wish your 4-year-old daughter a happy birthday.

  • You’ve been my favorite girl for 4 years in a row and no one will ever take your place in my heart. Happy Birthday!
  • Joy is singing in my heart because of my wonderful princess who is growing up steadily. I love you 4 times more than your [mom/dad].

Happy Birthday, Daughter! You've been my favorite girl for 4 years in a row.

  • Have a sweet birthday, my cute girl. Without you, my life is colorless.
  • Best wishes to the baby girl who keeps saying my name and comes to me everywhere I go. Love you, sweetheart!
  • You are my favorite cookie that I want to eat. Wish you a beautiful 4th birthday, my wonderful daughter.
  • You are witty and funny even at this tender age. Every time I remember your little tricks, I laugh. You resemble your mom. Enjoy today, sweetheart.

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Uncles and Aunts want the best for their nephews, so on your nephew’s 4th birthday, prepare a beautiful card and sweet message to wish him the best. Here are some 4th birthday wishes for nephews to help you phrase a message with sweet and beautiful words to send to your 4-year-old nephew.

  • Congratulations, my dear nephew, on being a brat for 4 years.
  • Happy 4th Birthday to the cutest nephew ever!
  • 4th birthday already?! Now I can understand how you answer all my questions without thinking. Love you, nephew.
  • Whenever I see your smile, my heart melts in joy. Happy 4th birthday, dear nephew!
  • Lots of love to you, nephew. Thank you for coming at the right time.

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I’m sure your niece loves you, because love brings love, and your presence here right now proves that you love your dear niece so much. When your niece’s 4th birthday is coming up, you just want to be that great uncle or aunt and celebrate her in the best way. The following 4th birthday wishes for nieces will help you be the coolest uncle or aunt and your 4-year-old niece will be the happiest baby girl on her big day.

  • Happy 4th Birthday to the sweetest niece in the world!
  • We couldn’t judge your beauty till you turned 4. Now, you look like your auntie, cute and sweet.
  • Parenting is really hard, but a moment of gaze into my niece’s beautiful eyes makes me want to be married. The best birthday to the best niece.
  • I know that having a great [uncle/aunt] like me is enough 4 you. Happy 4th Birthday, sweetie!
  • Cuteness is a cute niece. Prettiness is a pretty niece. Love you!

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Any grandpa or grandma is interested in giving gifts to their grandchildren. What if you want to say something to your grandson on his 4th birthday? Add a simple sweet message to the card to express your happiness to your 4-year-old grandson. These next 4th birthday wishes for grandsons will inspire you. For more ideas, you can check out our big list of birthday wishes for grandson.

  • Happy 4th Birthday to the most wonderful grandson ever.
  • Best Wishes to the best grandson. Thanks for making me a grandparent for 4 years.
  • Wishing the most wonderful games for my naughty grandson who is already turning 4. Don’t forget to play with me.
  • Got a sneak peek into your presents and I saw many more birthdays. Damn, you’re so lucky! Congrats, champ.
  • You are the best 4-year-old boy I know, and the world’s best grandson. Happy Birthday, Sweetie!


Want to express what you feel towards your granddaughter? 4th birthday wishes for granddaughters will help you wish the sweet baby girl and fill the card with the right message. Check out the list then pick out the perfect message that will make your 4-year-old granddaughter happy. You might also want to check out these sweet birthday wishes for a granddaughter.

  • Happy 4th Birthday to the prettiest and cutest granddaughter on Earth!
  • Congratulations, my dear niece, on turning 4. Now, make 4 wishes.
  • Happy Birthday to my sweet granddaughter who always cries for a bike. Enjoy, honey.
  • My little baby girl now can run and play all the time. May God protect you and keep you strong, but please don’t ask me to run after you.


On your brother’s 4th birthday, get ready with the best words to write in the greeting card. The following list will help you congratulate your 4-year-old brother on turning the big four. Don’t forget that you may be the one who will read the message for him.

  • Happy Birthday to the boy who has sweetened my days since he came into the world. I love you, bro, and I wish you would grow up and get taller than me.
  • Happy 4th Birthday to the cutest brother in the world!
  • Sending warm wishes to my favorite 4-year-old—my dear brother. Can you grow up a little bit fast to support me as my best friend?
  • Happy Fourth Birthday to a sweet brother, from a very sweet sister.

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Want to wish your sister a happy 4th birthday? The following quotes for sisters will help you make the birthday girl smile. Don’t forget to fill the card with love to touch the baby girl’s heart.

  • Wishing the best of everything to the sweetest birthday girl—my 4-year-old sister.
  • Happy 4th Birthday to the most wonderful sister in the world!
  • I love playing with you, telling jokes with you, and even celebrating the best moments with you. Happy 4th birthday, my sweet sister!
  • Hey, sis! May your 4th birthday be happier than your third. Now, can you continue giving me that beautiful smile always and forever?!

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4th Birthday Captions for Social Media

  • This little dude is officially 4 and somehow still smaller than his appetite! Happy birthday!
  • Can’t believe my little girl is already 4! Happy Birthday, Princess! Here’s to many more adventures together.
  • Happy birthday to the coolest 4-year-old I know!
  • Happy 4th Birthday to this little man! You bring so much joy to our lives.

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Final Thoughts

4-year-olds can memorize some words, so don’t underestimate the effect of 4th birthday wishes. Turning 4 deserves a great celebration, or at least a great birthday card with a cute message. Remember, 4-year-old babies can climb and jump, so maybe if you couldn’t find the perfect 4th birthday message, you have to wait for a punishment from them. Even if the baby is your sister, brother, cousin, or a friend’s child, you can still use one of our Happy 4th Birthday wishes above. Finally, we hope you enjoyed reading the list and have already found the right wish.

Last Updated on March 9, 2024

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