Joyful List of Happy 27th Birthday Wishes

27 is the age when one should at least knows the direction they are taking in life. Turning 27 is always an exciting experience, especially if you have those most important to you by your side. But for some people, it may be a terrible experience as 30 is approaching.

Happy 27th Birthday! Earn 27 dollars.

Write a message to a 27-year-old to remind them of how awesome they are. Every nice word will make a great difference, so don’t hesitate to change their day to something wonderful. Now, be that person who puts a smile on the 27th birthday person’s face with these messages.

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Here are some birthday greetings for someone turning 27, but in a general way.

  • Happy Birthday to an amazing 27-year-old.
  • Happy 27th Birthday! When you feel old enough and brave enough to go on and get the best out of life. Do it!
  • Do you know about the cake challenge? They say that AGE = number of cake slices one should eat. I know it’s hard, but I can help.

Happy 27th Birthday! May your dreams come true.

  • It’s a good day to be celebrating an awesome 27-year-old such as you. Make it memorable.
  • Age seems to be counting endlessly and the achievements seem to be really slow. Just believe in yourself and be patient, and all will work out. Enjoy your special day.
  • At 27, may all of your sorrows be taken away from you and may God bless you. Happy 27th Birthday!
  • Wishing you 27 joyful surprises as you’re turning 27 today. Enjoy!
  • As you’re 27, may an elevator take you to the 27th floor of glory.
  • Congrats on being a person who knows what limits and priorities are. Congrats on clocking twenty seven.
  • Happy 27th Birthday! You still can be whatever you want whenever you want. Good Luck!


Here are 3 funny greetings for a new 27-year-old.

  • Happy Birthday, Uranus! As you’ve 27 years, the planet Uranus has 27 moons.

Happy Birthday, Uranus! As you've 27 years, the planet Uranus has 27 moons.

  • Happy 27th Birthday to the youngest [father/mother] in my friends list.
  • I know you’re afraid of thirties, but don’t worry; you’re still a baby.


When you’ve a 27-year-old friend, here are some ways that can help you to deliver your feelings in the form of a greeting. You might also want to check out this list of wishes for friends.

  • Being a bad [boy/girl] for 27 years is scary. But still fun. Enjoy!

Happy 27th Birthday to my dear friend.

  • 27 years including a long period of being friends. How amazing! Happy 27th Birthday, Cool Friend!
  • Having a friend like you is a blessing I’m forever thankful for. Have fun as you celebrate your 27th year.


Wish your 27-year-old brother a happy B-day by one of these ways.

  • Twenties are the age of marriage, so wishing you the most beautiful girl to be your future wife.

Happy 27th Birthday, Cool Brother!

  • Happy 27th Birthday, Brother! Time to cover your six packs by an air bag. Yes, I’m talking about eating much cake.
  • Welcome to 27. Don’t worry about getting old; ladies are still watching you.


Here are some cool greetings for a sister turning 27.

  • 27 is the age of super cute brides, so get ready, sis.

Happy Birthday to my sweet sister.

  • Happy 27th Birthday to my sister whose kindness makes me marvel.
  • 27 years of covering my faults. You are and will always be the best. Happy Birthday, Little Sis!


Here are some cool and lovely messages from a lady to her husband who is turning 27.

  • Happy Birthday, Hubby! Congratulations on being a real man for 27 years.
  • Whatever your age is, you will always be my man who changes my world to the best.
  • Happy 27th Birthday, my dear husband! I will always love you and hold you in high regards.


Three romantic messages for a wife turning 27.

  • 27 kisses and 27 hugs for the most beautiful lady – my wonderful wife.
  • Happy Birthday, my dear wife! Every year is a blessing, so let’s enjoy our time together till forever.
  • I love you to the moon and back and the fact that you are turning older attracts me more. Have a great 27th birthday, sweetie.


Here are a few messages for a son turning 27.

  • Happy 27th Birthday, Son! You’re going to be one of the greatest men in the world.
  • From 7 to 27! You’re moving fast, son. Are you driving or flying?
  • It’s an important age in the journey of life. I hope you’ll get a clear vision about how you should go, and may you not get stuck. Happy Birthday, Son.


The following messages are for a daughter celebrating her 27th birthday.

  • Happy 27th Birthday to the girl who takes her mirror as a best friend.
  • Welcome to 27! Now my sweet daughter has got 27 more jealous girls in her life. Be careful, sweetie!
  • Happy Birthday, Daughter! Can you tell me how beautiful the dress of your 27th birthday party will be?


Here are 3 simple wishes for a nephew turning 27.

  • God has blessed me to witness the 27th birthday of my incredible nephew. Awesome!
  • Happy 27th Birthday, Nephew! I still remember your little size when you were born. It’s an impressive change.
  • Congratulations, Nephew! You are now 3 steps closer to 30s.


Here are 3 birthday greetings for a niece turning 27.

  • Happy 27th Birthday to the woman who made me an [uncle/aunt] early.
  • A girl I love was born 27 years ago. Love you, niece.
  • Hope your 27th Bday is just like you… Pretty awesome.

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Wish The Brother of your Special Friend a Happy Birthday in a Great Way

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