Happy 30th Birthday Wishes for 30-Year-Old

When you have someone celebrating their 30th birthday, you expect their life to be complete or almost complete. You think they are somewhere in life not acting as though they are still 21. 30 is a big number, but with friends and family around, they will feel young and happy.

Happy 30th Birthday Wishes

How to wish someone a happy 30th birthday? That’s easy. First, congratulate them on turning 30, say something common between both of you, and finally, wish them something they love or just wish them a happy birthday. Anyway, the following 30th birthday wishes and quotes will help you celebrate any 30-year-old in style.

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Happy 30th Birthday Wishes

Here are some miscellaneous messages for 30-year-olds. They are good for birthday boys and girls as well.

  • Let’s enjoy this 30th birthday like the old [men/women] we are. Golf or Cola?
  • Thirty! How do you feel? I’m so excited for you; this age comes with all the amazing things life has to offer.
  • Happy 30th Birthday!—the age where your dreams, hopes, and desires can be executed.

30th birthday wishes

  • This is a great day; I get to share in a noble [man/woman]’s 30th birthday. How amazing!
  • I don’t know which part is better: the fact that you still look young or the fact that you act like you’re young. Either way, enjoy number 30.
  • Congratulations on getting the chance to be a senator. My best wishes.
  • May you have a bright morning, as special days start with a smile. Happy 30th Birthday!
  • So you are now thirty years old? You are going to be a source of great wisdom and strength. Have a joyous day.
  • Welcome to the big thirty! You are going to love getting old and enjoying these bittersweet days.
  • Happy 30th Birthday! Now you know where you are and where you can go. Enjoy!

Funny 30th Birthday Messages

They are completely adults and can now get it when it comes to complicated jokes. The following funny 30th birthday wishes and quotes will help you cheer up a 30-year-old man or woman.

  • Congratulations on surviving 30 years! Happy Birthday!

Funny 30th Birthday Messages

  • Is it a birthday or a birth month? Anyway, may it be as good as the joke.
  • Oh wow! You are now thirty years old! Congrats! You are going to get older and fatter.
  • Do you know that once you turn 30, you never get dirty? Nah, that’s not real, but it would be cool nonetheless.

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30th Birthday Wishes for Friend

What’s the best way to say Happy 30th Birthday to a dear friend? The following 30th birthday wishes for friends and best friends will help you put a smile on your friend’s face.

  • There have been many people who have come and gone from our lives. But we have remained even when others have gone. Let’s celebrate another 30!
  • Happy 30th Birthday, my friend! It’s crazy how fast time passes by. We never knew what is going to happen before. But now that you are thirty years old, we at least have a good idea as to what’s going to happen.

Happy 30th Birthday, my wonderful friend! Wishing you the best.

  • Happy Birthday to the cutest 30-year-old who is a fun-loving and crazy friend. Stay blessed and enjoy your 30s.
  • Happy 30th Birthday, Dear Friend. True friendship never expires, no matter at what age we are standing; it will remain the same.
  • It’s about time you hit your 30s with me. It was never a race, but I’m glad to have some company. I’m no longer the only old [man/woman].

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In addition to a beautiful birthday gift for your husband, an emotional message will also touch his heart and make him want to celebrate his birthday every day. These next 30th birthday wishes for husbands are romantic enough to force you to pick up one of them.

  • Happy 30th Birthday to the best husband in the world!

Happy 30th Birthday to the best husband in the world!

  • We get to enjoy many years on this planet. You have had at least thirty. Happy Birthday, my love. I hope we have the best life possible.
  • On a special day like this, I just want you to know it’s really awesome to be part of you. I wish you a lovely 30th birthday, my handsome guy.
  • Happy Birthday, Dear Husband! I hope you achieve the dreams of the previous 30 years and get everything you want.

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Giving a kiss to your wife while whispering to her one of the following messages will surely shake her heart and make her want to eat you. You can also write one of these sweet, romantic, and funny 30th birthday wishes for wives in a greeting card or a social media post.

  • Happy 30th Birthday to the prettiest lady my eyes have ever seen!
  • Happy 30th Birthday, Sweetie. I promise you, it will be a day you will never forget. So put all your troubles aside and enjoy.

Happy 30th Birthday to the best wife. Love you!

  • I know you are looking in the mirror and thinking, “Damn, I feel old.” But let me assure you, you don’t look much older than you were at 29. So enjoy your special day, as you only turn thirty once, baby.
  • Happy Birthday, my beautiful swan! Congrats on turning 30!

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30th Birthday Wishes for Boss

If you appreciate your boss’ efforts and want to see them happy, the following promotion-worthy birthday wishes for boss can help you.

  • Happy Birthday to the only 30-year-old boss I know.
  • Being a leader at 30 means that you’re greatly successful. Best wishes for the most successful boss!
  • Happy 30th Birthday to the [man/lady] who pushed my confidence to a very high level.

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Want to congratulate your big brother on turning 30? Want to wish your little brother the best on his 30th birthday? The following 30th birthday wishes for brothers will help you phrase the best message that will convey your feelings to your 30-year-old brother.

  • Happy 30th Birthday to a brother like no other!
  • This is what we enjoy more than others. Great birthdays. Old man wrinkles. Let’s do it, bro!

Happy 30th Birthday, Bro!

  • Still a great footballer at 30! WOW! Messi is going to be jealous.
  • So you’re thirty? Now what? We keep going the way we have been going. We don’t stop, no matter what. Happy Birthday, Brother. Let’s keep this show on the road.
  • 30 is a big number, so it looks good on such a big brother. Happy Birthday, bro!

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Whether you want to spoil your little sister or convey your feelings to your big sister on her birthday, the following 30th birthday wishes for sisters will help you touch the birthday girl’s heart.

  • 30 years old? No problem. A cool party for a cool cat.
  • Happy Birthday, Sister! May 30 weird wishes of yours come true.

birthday wishes for 30-year-old sister

  • Happy 30th Birthday, Sister! I want you to know that you will always have a friend in me, even after turning 100. So don’t forget about me, sis!
  • 30 years old! Finally, you’re like a big seal – a female seal.

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Want to show how proud you are of your son? These next 30th birthday wishes for sons will help you be that cool dad or mom and make your little boy’s day.

  • Happy 30th Birthday to a wonderful son! May my wishes for you come true.

Happy 30th Birthday to a wonderful son!

  • Through these years, you have conquered your fears and anxieties and created your dreams. Happy 30th Birthday to an incredible son!
  • Congratulations, Son! The era of colorful maturity has taken birth, so I wish you all the best for your future success.
  • 30 or 50, you will always be my little child. Hope you get everything you want out of life.

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Want to congratulate your little princess on turning 30? The following 30th birthday wishes for daughters will inspire you enough.

  • [For social media] Keep calm and wish my daughter a happy 30th birthday.

Keep calm and wish my daughter a happy 30th birthday.

  • Happy Birthday to the only 30-year-old teen girl in this world – my crazy daughter.
  • 30 years old, but still cute and fresh, like you’ve always been. Love you!
  • Happy Birthday, Sweetie! It’s time to look back at your past regrets and laugh over them.

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Here are a few wishes for a 30-year-old nephew.

  • Happy 30th Birthday, Nephew! I want you to know that 30 looks good on you.
  • Happy 30th Birthday! Now, your wedding file is at the top, isn’t it?
  • The 30s make you mature enough to make your life’s important decisions in a better way. So make the decision to be as cool as your [auntie/uncle].

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Here are some birthday messages for your 30-year-old niece.

  • My morning coffee told me that today is my niece’s 30th birthday. Hope you enjoy it perfectly.
  • Happy 30th birthday, Niece! May the beautiful sunshine fill your life, and you become a shining star.
  • I may not be a perfect [aunt/uncle], but I will always try my best to give you the most unforgettable time. I love you, my niece, and I hope I can make your 30th birthday party unforgettable.

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A grandson is a person who brings fun to his family. Now search in your mind to find the perfect birthday wishes for your 30-year-old grandson. Check out the following messages for some help:

  • Happy 30th Birthday to a grandson who will be a grandpa very soon.
  • Happy Birthday to the cleverest 30-year-old grandson in this world. Make your [grandma/granddad] proud.
  • Happy 30th Birthday, Grandson! Let’s have fun.

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Grandparents’ unending love is something we all need and long for, and your granddaughter is not an exception. The following 30th birthday wishes for granddaughters will help you show that love.

  • Happy 30th Birthday to the best granddaughter anyone could ask for!
  • Happy Birthday, Granddaughter! Enjoy your next thirty years as one of the most beautiful ladies in the world.
  • Your mom said she’s proud of you, but she doesn’t know that everyone of us is proud of you. Wishing a sweet birthday to my sweet granddaughter.

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Here are two cool messages for your 30-year-old colleague.

  • Happy 30th Birthday to one of the coolest coworkers I have ever met.
  • Wishing you a wonderful 30th birthday. May this day turn every boring thing in your life into an interesting one.
  • Thirty is the age at which your sowing seeds become a fruit-producing tree. Now, you can take full advantage of these fruits after all. These are the fruits of your endless efforts. Happy 30th birthday, pal!

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30th Birthday Quotes

Want to celebrate someone’s 30th birthday on a social media post? The following 30th birthday quotes can do this job.

  • “After 30, a body has a mind of its own.” — Bette Midler
  • “Thirty was so strange for me. I’ve had to come to terms with the fact that I’m now a walking and talking adult.” — C.S. Lewis
  • “When you turn 30, a whole new thing happens: you see yourself acting like your parents.” — Blair Sabol
  • “Inside every 30 year old is an 18 year old asking what happened?” — Ann Landers
  • “Time and tide wait for no man, but time always stands still for a woman of thirty.” — Robert Frost

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Note: Try to make your message a little bit motivational and inspirational, because people turning 30 have some fear of getting older and another fear of being responsible. Anyway, our emotional and funny 30th birthday wishes will help you find the most suitable words that any 30-year-old loves to hear. Don’t let the day pass without making someone happy, be it your friend, sister, brother, son, daughter, spouse, nephew, niece, or cousin.

You will surely visit us next year to wish them a happy birthday, so we prepared a big list of 31st birthday wishes for people turning 31.

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