100+ Romantic Happy Birthday Wishes

Romantic birthday wishes for your lover? That is the best way to go, whenever it’s their birthday, make them feel loved, make them feel beautiful/handsome, make them feel accepted and appreciated. Birthdays are special moments to anyone and to your lover; it’s the most fantastic time to spend with you.

Happy Birthday! A romantic message.

If you feel your gift is inadequate, the romantic birthday dinner and the romantic gestures, like petals on the bed and all that, send them a little message to go along with your gifts, you will have a happy day too, I guarantee. Here are some romantic messages you can write to that significant other on their birthday.

Lovely / Her / Him


Here are some romantic birthday messages for your sweetie.

  • Candles are blown out, but what about the fire in my heart?! Happy Birthday, my lighter!
  • Happy Birthday to the loveliest person in my life, I love you to the moon and back.
  • Happy Birthday, Babe! I will never forget this day and the day we met.

Happy Birthday, Darling!

  • Whosoever is willing to come in between us will be put in chains by me, because your love is all I wanna die for. Happy Birthday to the sweetest thing in my life.
  • Happy Birthday, my love! Your love makes me go strong, at the same time it weakens me when I don’t get enough of it. I hope to be there to enjoy your love today and every day.
  • Happy Birthday, love of my life and happiness of my heart.
  • Happy Birthday, darling! I dreamt of a day like this, and it couldn’t be better with anyone else, just you. Thanks for making me feel loved.
  • Happy Birthday to the [lady/man] who made me totally change everything about myself. I love you.
  • Happy Birthday, my love! Thanks for being born as I can’t imagine a life without you.
  • We can enjoy one of the best days ever, it just happens to be your birthday. Let’s get crazy.
  • Happy Birthday, baby! I want you to know that you are the only person who can touch my heart with one smile.
  • Happy Birthday to the [girl/boy] who smells like soft vanilla. I just want to eat you up.
  • On your special day, I have a secret to tell you, baby. Do you want to know it? I love you.
  • Sending birthday wishes to the reason of my existence – my sweet love.
  • Happy Birthday to the person who lives in my mind and sleeps in my heart.

Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!

  • Warmest birthday wishes to the [guy/girl] who has the warmest hug ever.
  • What can I possibly do or say to show you how much you mean to me?! I would do anything possible to keep you by my side. I love you and want nothing but to see you have a marvelous birthday.
  • I searched in the galaxy for a moment like this, and I finally found it with you. I wish I could freeze time, so we can celebrate forever. Best wishes.
  • My angel is growing older, and also prettier. Don’t worry, getting older will never change my love. Love you forever.
  • Happy Birthday to the [man/woman] who makes me happy; this job can only be executed by you.
  • How is today your birthday? I just have no idea about angels birth.
  • I really want to say Happy Birthday, but my lips need a kiss to talk.
  • It’s good to say Happy Birthday, but it’s wonderful to say it with a hug. Love you, sweetheart & Happy Birthday!
  • There are many ways we can celebrate your birthday, honey. What are you thinking? I’m thinking of many ways, but they all end up doing the same thing. Let’s enjoy.
  • Each birthday I get to be by your side tells me you and I will be forever together. Deepest wishes, babe.
  • Many people will wish you a happy birthday, but I’m the only one who can whisper it in your ears after waking up next to you. Love you.
  • Finally, a chance to be tangled with you in our bedroom the whole day. My best wishes, honey.

Can't imagine my life without you. Happy Birthday Sweetheart!

  • On your birthday, let’s say it differently, Olive Juice.
  • You make my heart fly, just like Helium that makes birthday balloons fly. You deserve the happiest birthday.
  • Baby! Today is a day for some love and romance. Why? Because I said so. Happy Birthday, baby!
  • You are not going to believe what I have planned for you today. Trust me, today is going to be a wild day. Happy Birthday, my lover!
  • If I can use candles to burn your sadness, I will. If I have the ability to add sweetness of cakes to your life, I will. Trust me, all what I want is to make you happy. Happy Birthday, sweetheart!
  • No matter how many birthdays we will celebrate, our hearts will always be connected, darling.
  • Words don’t say it enough, but I hope this is a start. Happy Birthday, honey!
  • As you get better with age, so does my love for you, dear. Wishing you a fabulous birthday.
  • My gift for you is wrapped with love and sealed with a kiss. I assembled these words just to say Happy Birthday, my love!
  • Let this wish be my way of reminding you of how much I love you. Happy Birthday, my soulmate!
  • Another birthday together was more than I could have hope for, but since we’re here, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Have a happy birthday, my angel.
  • A thousand kisses for you on your birthday. I love you so much.

On your birthday, sending love on a snail.

  • If I could reach the stars, I would bring you one for your birthday.
  • Hey! Can I have a birthday dance with you tonight?
  • Typing with love to say Happy Birthday, Love!
  • My sweetheart made it to [age]!! Congrats and have a Happy Birthday. Lots of love.
  • Am jealous of my baby’s birthday! Can I just blow out the candles?
  • My love is getting older! Oh, I didn’t even notice that, you still have the same lips. Happy Birthday, sweetie!

A perfect creature is turning a new age.

  • As we celebrate your birthday, I can’t help but thank the stars for watching over you all your life up until we met.
  • Happy Birthday, my world! You are still amazing to me through all these years.
  • Sending birthday greetings to the person who will cross the finish line with me.
  • Spending a few minutes with you gives an awesome feeling, so what about spending many hours celebrating? Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!
  • Thanks for being by my side day and night, for keeping me in my perfect image. I love you so much and heaven knows. Happy Birthday to you, my love!


Here are some romantic birthday messages for a lady.

  • Happy Birthday, my cute lady! You’re even cuter than all birthday balloons.
  • Best birthday wishes to the most beautiful woman I have ever laid my eyes upon.

Happy Birthday, Beautiful! I love you.

  • Happy Birthday, my princess! Together forever at the same kingdom.
  • I have been blessed to be with a very incredible, loving and beautiful woman. Happy Birthday, my queen!
  • Happy Birthday, my sweetie pie! Keep being beautiful and shy.
  • Roses are red, but not as pretty as you; you are the prettiest woman I have ever met. I love you so much, have a great birthday.
  • Happy Birthday, Beautiful! Whatever you want, name it and it will be yours. I will do anything to see that beautiful smile on your face.
  • Darling, it’s a beautiful day to celebrate a beautiful girl such as you. Have a fantastic birthday, dearie. I love you.
  • Many birthdays together and still as beautiful and attractive as the first time I saw you.
  • Happy Birthday, baby! You are one special lady. You and me together, couldn’t be a more explosive combination. I love you.

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Here are some love birthday messages for a man.

  • Happy Birthday, Handsome! Where was I when you were born? Oh, I think I was nowhere.
  • You are the best thing to ever happen to me, that is why I want to give you one of the most amazing birthdays ever. Close your eyes and wait, my love!
  • My Romeo, go throw a big party; I love seeing happiness in your eyes.

Happy Birthday, Handsome! May our love grow as you grow older.

  • Best birthday wishes to the man who knows how to make a lady feel like a little girl.
  • Today, a great guy is going to blow out his birthday candles, just exactly as he blows out the boredom in my life.
  • May our love grow as you grow older, and may you be the one I will forever come home to. Happy Birthday, hubby!
  • You’re a year older, and my love for you is a year stronger. Happy Birthday, my heart soldier!
  • Hope it rains love on you today. Happy Birthday, handsome!
  • You truly are a man I’d love to grow old with; we may be young and witty now, but we will soon grow toothless. There is no one else I’d rather do that with. Happy Birthday!

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