Happy 19th Birthday! Best Messages for Someone Turning 19

19th Birthday Wishes: What’s special about 19th birthdays? Teenagers are the hardest people to please, from the change in their minds to the change in their faces. When someone is turning 19, it’s your duty to make their birthday unforgettable, as it’s the last one before the big 20, so put your message out there.

Happy 19th Birthday!

Birthday messages to a 19-year-old should be fun yet mature, something that will definitely expel their anger and make them love the day more. Here are some birthday wishes you can send to the person turning 19 to show them how important they are to you;

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Generally, here are some birthday messages for someone turning 19.

  • Happy Birthday to the 19-inch monitor.
  • Best wishes to the person who gave Earth nineteen years of beauty.

Happy 19th Birthday!

  • I can’t believe you are nineteen. It’s just like you were nine yesterday! Happy Birthday!
  • Your 19th birthday will be the one that will serve as the bar for all other parties. Enough wishing, let’s make it a reality.
  • As you’re celebrating your 19th birthday, may 19 dreams of yours come true.
  • You’ve just passed the sweet 16, and on your way to the big 21. For now, enjoy your 19th B-day.
  • Happy 19th Birthday! I assure you that adulthood is much more interesting.
  • Do you want to know my wish for you? I wish I can kidnap you from all the activities that make you busy all the time. Happy 19th Birthday!
  • You’ll sit down one day and miss this age, so enjoy it as you can.


here are some funny messages for someone turning 19.

  • 19 is a big number, and that makes it fit you, big head.

19 is a big number, and that makes it fit you, big head.

  • We wish you a very safe birthday. Safe? You know why we wish you a safe one. You are known for being a party animal. So, safe we wish you.
  • Nineteen is a normal number, so why do we celebrate it? Let’s postpone this party to your 20th birthday.


If you want to send a message to your 19-year-old son, we got you covered.

  • 19 Lions are wishing the best for my 19-year-old lion.

Happy 19th Birthday, Dear Son!

  • 19 is one of the best youthful ages, as you feel there’s nothing you can’t do. Oh, I miss the age, but I’m happy you’re there now. Enjoy it!
  • Your journey to adulthood is so rapid; it feels as if you’re pushing us hard to the old age. Congrats on turning 19, my hero!


Here are some messages for a daughter turning 19.

  • Happy 19th Birthday, Dear Daughter! I’m proud of the cool lady you’ve become.

Happy 19th Birthday, Daughter! I'm proud of the cool lady you've become.

  • Don’t worry, I will always be the shoulder you rely on. Now, enjoy your nineteenth party.
  • Like a queen at nineteen! Happy 19th Birthday!


Here are a few greetings for a nephew celebrating his 19th birthday.

  • Happy Birthday, Nephew! Still sweet and handsome at 19.

Happy Birthday, Nephew! Still sweet and handsome at 19.

  • Being your [uncle/aunt] for 19 years is something I’m proud of.
  • Happy 19th Birthday, Nephew! You reached the stage of less messing around and more focus, so congrats on that.


Three ways to wish your 19-year-old niece a happy birthday.

  • Happy Birthday to my favorite 19-year-old girl, my awesome niece.

Happy Birthday to my favorite 19-year-old girl, my awesome niece.

  • Watching you transform into this amazing queen told me that I’m the luckiest [aunt/uncle] in the world.
  • A big prize here for the girl who is close to finish 2 decades. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NIECE!


Here are 3 wishes for a 19-year-old brother.

  • Welcome to 19, you’re now too old for kids and too young for ladies, but still handsome.
  • Happy 19th Birthday to my very cool brother! Let’s make it as epic as we can.
  • Turning 19 is great because my brother did it.


Here are two messages for a sister who is turning 19.

  • Hey, sis! Congratulations on reaching the 19th level of cuteness.
  • Fighting with me for 19 years won’t prevent me from wishing you a happy birthday.
  • I hope being adult won’t take your childlike smile away, sweet sis.


Here are 3 sweet and inspirational messages for a 19-year-old friend.

  • Deepest wishes to my nerdy friend! Yes, surprising me by your 19th birthday means that you’re a nerd.
  • Thanks for beginning your adulthood in front of my eyes. Happy Birthday to an exceptional friend!
  • You’re 18? Now, you are ready to make the change you always talk about.


Wish your 19-year-old grandson a happy birthday by one of the following ways.

  • You made me a grandparent for 19 years. Am I too old to have a grownup grandson?
  • Don’t worry, if your dad stopped giving you money for being adult, I won’t.


We have two messages that can be sent to a granddaughter on her 19th birthday.

  • Now as you’re turning 19, should we take turns asking each other for advice? Happy Birthday, Sweet Granddaughter!
  • Being a big girl doesn’t mean I will stop buying you the chocolate you love.

19 is not more important than 20! Next year, you have to be ready to wish them a happy 20th birthday.