Happy 40th Birthday! 40 Messages with Best Wishes

40th Birthday Wishes: Do you know someone turning 40? Being forty is not that bad for anyone, although the challenges of growing old and facing some changes physically and mentally may occur. Anyway, growing older is a blessing, it has never been a curse. Now, it’s your duty to make a new 40-year-old feel young.

Happy 40th Birthday!

Here are some 40th birthday wishes in case you have a friend, colleague or a family member turning 40; a little message of love and support is very enough. Luckily, we have also some funny messages.

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Here are some miscellaneous messages for people turning 40.

  • After turning 40, I wish you the best of everything you missed out at 39. Enjoy!
  • I want to tell you something important. Come closer. Are you ready? Being 40 doesn’t mean that we can’t celebrate!
  • Forty is the end of poverty, so I’m waiting for your Ferrari.

Happy 40th Birthday!

  • You are 40, but your physique tells a story of 20 years. How awesome!
  • At 40, What can I say that you have never heard before? Just wishing you the best fortieth birthday.
  • We only have one shot at this life and I’m willing to take this moment and have a great time with you. Being forty is something special and talks about much experience. Happy Birthday!
  • Life’s actual fun begins at 40, so smile and enjoy.
  • Forties add some spice and colors in your life. Congrats!
  • I remember that it was just yesterday you were thirty. Now you are forty years old. That’s going to be crazy.
  • Your 40th birthday is the other step towards your accomplishments you’ve implanted in your early 30’s. Best wishes to you!
  • May 40 be a box for throwing your sadness over the past years. May today be a hook to catch your dreams.


Here are some funny birthday greetings for 40-year-olds.

  • Welcome to the first step towards being old. Don’t worry, at least you still have teeth.

Welcome to the first step towards being old. Don't worry, at least you still have teeth.

  • Happy 40th birthday, buddy! It is time to celebrate and get down! Let’s not break any hips, legs or any other ligaments.
  • After four decades, your naughtiness is covered by maturity and your foolishness is hidden by rationality.


Here are 3 ways to wish a close friend a happy 40th birthday.

  • Ten years away from becoming half a century old! WOW! Welcome to the old times and Happy Birthday, my friend.

Happy 40th Birthday, Wonderful Friend!

  • Having a friend who’s turning 40 is something strange. Shall I call you [guy/lady] or old [man/woman] now? That’s confusing; one main thing I can say it directly, Happy 40th Birthday, my best friend.
  • We are going to party like we were half our age. Twenty years flew by. Now, let’s have fun.


Here are some messages for a husband turning 40.

  • Happy 40th Birthday to the man who has 20 years stolen from his age. As you look young, enjoy your new age to be the handsome man I love.

Happy 40th Birthday, Sweetheart!

  • Best wishes to my man who is getting stronger and more ambitious day after day.
  • Happy 40th Birthday, Husband! You are becoming a wise man with every passing year.


Here are a few messages for a wife turning 40.

  • Happy Fortieth Bday to the most amazing woman. I hope to spend eternity with you.

Happy Fortieth Bday to the most amazing woman. I hope to spend eternity with you.

  • Forty years old? No problem. You are still as beautiful as you were at your 20s. My deepest wishes to the most beautiful wife.
  • Best wishes to the lady who is brighter than stars, more precious than diamonds, and more aromatic than flowers.


Here are three greetings for your 40-year-old brother.

  • My brother has touched now 40, that’s cool. Now, I can say that I have one intellectual friend.
  • Happy 40th Birthday, Brother! When you are neither too old to set your priorities again nor too young to repeat such mistakes.
  • Happy Birthday, Brother! I know that you are not going to get as crazy as you once did. But it doesn’t mean we can’t party like the older animals we are. As always, I’m here for you.


Wish your 40-year-old sister a happy birthday by one of these messages.

  • I can’t really say much; I have seen you grow into this amazing forty-year-old lady and I feel so proud. Happy Birthday, Sis!
  • May your 40th birthday party be filled with intimate fun and you become a happy-go-lucky woman.
  • Hey, Sis! Congrats on having four transformations through your life. Girl. Young lady. Cool Lady. And finally the perfect 40-year-old woman you are. My deepest wishes.


Here are 3 messages for a 40-year-old father.

  • By hitting the big forty, you inspired everyone. Congratulations, Daddy!
  • Happy 40th Birthday to the best dad in this world. I will forever be proud of being a friend to you not just a [son/daughter].
  • The more people move towards aging, the more they become priceless. Happy 40th Birthday, my precious dad.


Here are four birthday greetings for a mother turning 40.

  • Forty years old! Wait, mom! You have to tell me what it feels like. I’m ready to listen.
  • Mothers like you deserve all life-changing wishes. Thanks for putting a smile on my face all the time.
  • Happy 40th Birthday To the woman who awaits my birthday every year. Love you, mom!
  • Most mothers dream of being as old as you are, having the wisdom you have, and enjoying each day as you do. Have a splendid day, my sweet mother.

It’s not the end; next year, wish them a happy 41st birthday.