Top 35 Birthday Wishes for a Friend’s Dad

What if your friend’s dad is turning a year older? Growing up, I used to fear any Dad especially the fathers of my friends, I thought they were harsh and strict just like my dad. By growing older, I understood that they were that because they are our protectors. Now, every adult loves their dad and want to celebrate him every day.

Birthday Quotes for a Friend's Dad

A friend’s dad is not different and that is why we celebrate these special men on their birthday. Send one of these  Happy Birthday messages to your friend directly or to his father to wish him the best.

Dad / Friend


Send one of these messages directly to your friend’s dad.

  • Happy Birthday, Sir! Being my friend’s dad is one of the best coincidences that ever happened to me.
  • Best birthday wishes to the father of my wonderful friend.
  • Happy Birthday, Mr.[name]! If you’re a blessing to my friend, so you are a blessing to me too.

Happy Birthday, Sir!

  • Happy Birthday to you! Don’t worry, [your friend’s name] is the one who told me.
  • On your birthday, I must say this without any iota of doubt; you have been an example to me, not because you’re my friend’s dad, but because you’re really a great man.
  • Happy Birthday, Sir! Thanks for always trusting the decisions I take with your [son/daughter].
  • Happy Birthday to the man whose inspiring personality affects his [son/daughter] and all [his/her] friends.
  • Happy Birthday to the man who has been a true father to us even when we were barely good children. Thanks for showing up in my life as a friend’s dad.
  • I just don’t know who would have taught me those life lessons if you weren’t my friend’s dad. Hope you enjoy your day, sir.
  • Happy Birthday to the person who gave me a great friend and gave my life a great meaning.
  • Unlike other fathers, you still have much hunger for success. You’re a great role model for me and [your friend’s name]. My deepest wishes.
  • Happy Birthday to a man who I can call my teacher! May you live to see us prosper.
  • Friendly parents are rare, and you’re one of them. I’m really happy that you’re my friend’s dad. Enjoy your birthday, sir.

Happy Birthday, Cool Man! Thanks for being my friend's dad.

  • Happy Birthday to the man whose joyful spirit made me love him. You know we, young ones, hate to be serious.
  • Best birthday greetings to the father of my best friend. Keep being an exceptional dad.
  • Happy Birthday to a wonderful man! If you don’t know much about celebrations, I’m sure [your friend’s name] does.
  • Nothing goes on with your child without you noticing, so how do you manage that on birthdays? Let’s see.
  • Happy Birthday to someone whose [son/daughter] looks like him. Which printer did you use?
  • I wish I had such an awesome relationship with my father like the one you have with your son, it’s good to see how you do a lot of things together. Happy Bday!
  • Congratulations to you on this special day, sir. Hope we throw the party you deserve.
  • Happy Birthday to my sweetest friend’s dad. Your profession called you something, but your heart shows you are something different. Thanks for your endless words of advice.
  • Happy Birthday, Sir! One of the most delightful gifts one can receive is to spend a day with you after a stressful semester.
  • Hey sir! On your birthday, I want to tell you that I’ve not seen anything in this world that can conquer the spirit of a man like you, and you’ve transferred that to your [son/daughter].
  • Happy Birthday, Sir! You’re not only my dear friend’s dad, you’re also my best counselor. Have fun today.
  • As you always analyze the political situation of the country, get ready today to analyze your social situation. Happy Birthday to the next president, the father of my best friend.
  • Sending birthday greetings to one amazing man. I hope you grow older than the mountains, so you can always watch over and protect my friend.
  • Happy Birthday to a very precious man. Remember, your are always on your [son’s/daughter’s] mind.
  • You are not only an inspiration to my friend, but to every little [boy/girl] who knows you. Smile and enjoy.
  • Happy Birthday to you, sir! By the way, Thanks for being my friend’s dad and for being like a real dad to me.
  • A true friend is the best possession; that is why I couldn’t let this day go by without wishing the father of my great friend a happy birthday and many remarkable years ahead.
  • We celebrate you for you are one of the best men around. A fabulous birthday to my precious friend’s dad.


Send one of the following messages to your friend wishing his dad a happy birthday.

  • Hey my friend! Wishing your dad a great birthday full of joy and laughs to increase his lifespan.
  • Happy Birthday to your role model, your mentor, your wonderful dad!
  • You always speaks highly of your dad, Happy Birthday to him, and may he be a great inspiration to you forever.

Happy Birthday to your dad!