30+ Birthday Wishes for Roommate

Birthday Wishes for Roommate: I remember the first day I was introduced to my roommate, she had a mean look on her face, and for some reason didn’t seem to like me. Few years down the lane and now we are best friends. I never forgot her birthdays because she didn’t forget mine, and each birthday morning, I woke her up with a little message to appreciate her for being awesomely awesome.

Happy Birthday to a very special roommate.

Send one of these happy birthday wishes and greetings to your roommate, male or female, to show them how happy you’re for being a friend to them. The list includes sweet and funny ways.

Heartfelt / Funny


  • Happy Birthday to the best roommate anyone could ever ask for.
  • Happy Birthday to my awesomely amazing roommate.
  • I never would have picked a better roommate, you complete me. Have a great birthday, dear.

Happy Birthday to my wonderful roommate.

  • Each day is a blessing when I know I’m not coming home to a lonely apartment. Thanks for being a wonderful housemate. My best wishes.
  • I’m blessed with another year to celebrate my roommate. I hope you have fun on your birthday, crazy party animal. Thinking of you!
  • Happy Birthday to my roommate who is in a special category inside my mind. Enjoy every moment.
  • Sending birthday wishes to my cool roommate. By the way, I still wonder how and when we became best of friends.
  • Congratulations to a delightful housemate who sees collective things as a priority. Have a fabulous birthday, my cool friend.
  • All the best to the first person in history to love me in spite of my shortcomings. Enjoy!
  • You’ve actually made me realize the importance of conjoined efforts to make things work, and I will forever be grateful for everything you taught me. Happy Bday to you!
  • It’s a beautiful feeling to share a great moment of my life with you; Thanks for everything we enjoyed together. My deepest wishes.
  • Happy Birthday, Roommate of Forever!
  • Happy Birthday to the world’s Number One Roommate!
  • You gave me the courage to always try new things; may you have the courage today to eat a big cake alone.

Happy Birthday to the best roommate!

  • Happy Birthday, Roomie! Do you know that I miss you, and await the day I see you again?
  • So sorry we’ve been apart for a while, it’s due to the strict nature of life after school, but now I hope we’ll be in regular contact. Happy Birthday, my sweet roommate!
  • I just want to say thanks for hosting me, and Happy Bday!
  • The good news is my roommate is turning a year older, the bad news is we can’t celebrate together this year. Have fun.
  • You’re more than a roommate, you were a great mentor and tutor. Remain blessed forever.
  • Can I ever forget how you always keep for me anything you get for yourself! An astonishing birthday to my precious housemate.
  • There is nothing about you I hate, from the weird way you change your room to the games you play. You are a crazy roommate, but I love you. Best wishes.
  • I know you’ll bake a big cake, there’s no need to hide it as I always sniff it out. Have a great birthday, and sorry in advance.
  • Having a roommate like you has been exciting each year more than the last. Have a jovial birthday, I always wish you the best.
  • Best birthday greetings to a dear friend, a great classmate, and a perfect roommate.
  • This day will pass, but I will never stop celebrating you, my roommate. Enjoy each present that comes your way.
  • For every moment with you, each memory created, and for all the beautiful never ending gaming time, I hope I get more of that. Age gracefully.
  • I know it’s not easy to live with me, but I hope that from today on, I can change and be one of the best roommates you’ll ever have. I love you.

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Here are some birthday messages for a roommate.

  • Happy Birthday to my roommate who has the most outlandish combinations of wear.
  • Even though you lost your head a lot of times, I’m happy that I used mine every time. Enjoy your party without losing your head.
  • Has it been this long already? This is really one of the most awaited days on this month, because I get to play a prank on you.
  • I hope this birthday will be better than the last one; thinking about your last one still sends chills down my spine.
  • A wonderful day to celebrate my cute housemate. May you live to be an old toothless grumpy [granny/granddad] with loads of grandkids. I love you.