Happy 100th Birthday Wishes and Messages

Happy 100th Birthday Wishes: Why is turning 100 pretty awesome? Reaching the century mark is an accomplishment itself because not everyone does it. A 100th birthday is a milestone, so we have to throw our phones and give some attention when it comes to celebrating someone’s 100th birthday.

Happy 100th Birthday!

How to Say Happy 100th Birthday?

Maybe 100-year-olds can’t move well, can’t smile well, but of course they can hear your words when you say something about their birthday, so we created this page to give you the best collection of sweet, heart-touching and funny 100th birthday wishes, quotes and messages that will help you convey your feelings to a special 100-year-old.

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Sweet 100th Birthday Wishes

  • Look who’s 100! You are awesome.
  • There are 600,000 centenarians worldwide, but you are one hundred percent the best of them. Happy 100th Birthday!
  • Congratulations on being a great [man/woman] for ten decades in a row.
  • Happy 100th to someone who is 100% awesome.

Happy 100th Birthday to someone who is 100% awesome.

  • Happy Birthday to the best and youngest 100-year-old.
  • Turning 100 looks good, and you are the reason behind this. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy 100th Birthday! Many happy returns of the day.
  • Congratulations on reaching a century of age? You have much to be proud of. Enjoy!
  • Wishing the best birthday ever to the best 100-year-old ever.
  • Sending the heartiest greetings to a wise and kind [man/woman] who is celebrating [his/her] 100th birthday.
  • Happy 100th Birthday to a wise [man/woman] who happens to be the most wonderful 100-year-old who ever lived.
  • Best wishes on your 100th birthday; it’s time to look at the family pictures and smile. Yes, you did a great job.


Want funny ways to say Happy 100th Birthday? The following funny 100th birthday messages will make them laugh after reading your words.

  • Whether they are 100 years or 100 °C, I hope your birthday won’t boil like water.

funny 100th birthday wishes

  • Happy 100th Birthday! Maybe it is just a number, but of course it’s a terrible number.
  • You are old, but old is gold. Now, look how rich you are.
  • Happy 100th Birthday! Don’t worry; I’m going to help you blow out all those candles.

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Your toothless grandma was one of the most fabulous girls one day, so remind her of these days with one of the best 100th birthday wishes for grandmothers.

  • Happy 100th Birthday to the best grandmother in the world.

Happy 100th Birthday wishes for grandma.

  • Congratulations, grandma, on being beautiful for 100 years.
  • I’m proud of you, grandma; you are still cheerful and beautiful at 100. WOW!
  • Happy Birthday to the best 100-year-old woman, from your favorite [grandson/granddaughter].

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Want to wish your 100-year-old grandpa a happy birthday? Don’t know a good way to say Happy 100th Birthday, Grandpa?! These next 100th birthday wishes for grandfathers will help you put a smile on his face.

  • Happy 100th Birthday, Grandpa! You are still as strong as you were at 50.
  • Welcome to 100! Congratulations on being the first centenarian in our family.
  • I loved you at 50, I loved you at 80, but at 100,  you have to know that I will never stop loving you, my dear grandfather. Happy 100th!

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100th birthday wishes among friends are something unique, so the following messages were written with a very close 100-year-old friend in mind, so find a perfect one to write in the birthday card or just post online.

  • Happy Birthday to my favorite 100-year-old, my fantastic friend.
  • Thank you for being my friend all these years, and for reaching 100 before me.
  • Happy 100th Birthday, bestie! You are a great friend and a wonderful [brother/sister].

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Some presidents, kings and queens send a birthday greeting card to the people who turn 100, so it’s a big milestone that we have to do our best to make it more special for the birthday celebrant. Our list of 100th birthday messages and cards is for everyone, your grandpa, grandma, dad, mom, friend, a man you love, a woman who is like a role model, and some presidential messages will inspire presidents to send to a new 100-year-old. I hope our 100th birthday wishes are enough for you, even if you need to customize one to be perfect.