100 Funny Birthday Messages

Routine is boring when you use normal and lovely wishes for birthdays. Sometimes, we need to add jokes to make it funny to read. We love to make the smile and laugh while reading. We need to give them angry face that smiles at the end of the message. We can do this by funny birthday wishes or strange gift ideas. We should be cool with our jokes as some are hard to get. They should relax with lovely and funny messages as they take love before fun. If you need to create your own wishes, you can use many ideas. Ideas related to your work for co-worker will be funny. You can comment on B-day stuff like balloons and cakes. You can talk about age and one more year in the life. Let’s give them a great pack of the best funny greetings.

Hilarious and Humorous Birthday Wishes

  • Don’t be sad for your age, you will just walk hardly after now. Happy Birthday, old person.
  • To be honest with you, I hope to see your face covered with cake creams. I wait to laugh at that. Happy Birthday.
  • My message is not late. I just waited to see you an old man with wrinkles then started sending. Happy Birthday full of aging.
  • I tried to remember the important event of my day, but I couldn’t. You should use leaflets to remind us of your birthday. Happy Birthday, from your worst friend.
  • You should be ready to face the white hair. It’s a fact that when you get old, you will have white hair. Happy Birthday, old man.
  • Happy Birthday full of money in pockets, cans on tables and cake in mouth. Happy funny birthday.
  • The mouse told me that it smelled like cheese. I said that it’s the smell of my friend birthday cake. Happy Birthday.


  • I have a big tree with millions of leaves. Every leave wishes you a happy green birthday. Make it green to make the tree happy.
  • Why Do all people say: Happy Birthday, and not sad one. As you get older, you should have a sad birthday.
  • When you feel that you walk hardly, I will be your shoulder to rely on. I prefer to help elderly to be the best ones. Happy Birthday, old man.
  • Say goodbye to Tom & Jerry. It’s the time to start watching elderly movies and series. Happy Birthday full of bad people like me.
  • Early Birthday Wishes
  • Help me to pick out a suitable gift for you. I just don’t know more about elderly gifts on their birthdays.
  • It will be funny when you wear the birthday cap and blow the candles. It’s so hard to see a person with wrinkles doing this. Happy funny birthday.
  • You should send invitations to your friends. You need to use the Dubsmash idea to sing a birthday song for your relatives. It will be so funny to see you do that.


  • If the candle light hurts your finger, An ice cube will be my gift to you. Happy Birthday.
  • I will save this greeting for your grandsons. You got many wishes before.
  • Your appearance is fine as long as you still have teeth.
  • Being old is not a bad thing, But being ancient is. Happy Birthday!
  • Move your hair away from candles. We don’t need to see a burning white hair. Happy safe birthday.
  • Wishing you a birthday full of hilarious actions, but don’t tolerate.
  • Oh My God, All come to see the baby growing up. Happy Birthday, big baby.
  • Wash your hands before eating the cake. Infection is harmful for elderly. Happy Birthday!


  • Don’t be afraid of death. You still have time for many birthdays. Wishing you a long life and Happy Birthday.
  • Happy Birthday to the best crazy friend. Enjoy every moment slowly to protect your old legs.
  • Don’t surrender. There’s still hope. You can just walk to the table and blow out candles. It’s a simple work for elderly. Happy Birthday!
  • You can beat the misery. You have the ability to take a deep breath to blow your Bday candles. Happy Birthday.
  • Don’t trust anyone who tells you that you are still strong. Over 30 you can’t carry B-day balloons. Happy Birthday, Grandpa.

Funny Birthday Wishes

  • You’ll be showered today with wishes like the one who’s showered with grandsons gifts. Happy Birthday, old friend.
  • You shouldn’t eat a lot of chocolate as you’ll have teeth problems. this increases with age. Happy Sweet Birthday.
  • Oh today’s your birthday. I will come tomorrow. I have problems with birthdays noise. Just smile and Happy Birthday.
  • With age comes greatness. If I said you are one of the greatest people I know, you may get angry! Happy Birthday.
  • Birthday Wishes for Best Friends
  • It’s funny to know that a lot of famous people were born on your birthday. So why aren’t you?!
  • Starting from now, your body will have exercise in walking. You’re getting old & will be hard to play football.


  • All wishes for your age are compliments. I won’t trick you when I tell you that you’re getting old. Happy funny birthday.
  • Age is one of the things that never come down. Happy Birthday! My wishes for you until reach 100.
  • Use your speed to run behind the balloons. Oh, I forgot, You are an old man now can’t run well. Happy lazy birthday.
  • You should publish your birthday news in a loud voice. We need to listen to all funny wishes coming to you.
  • Oh my god, it’s the smell of garlic. I should find another place to write my wishes for you. Bad luck on your day, but Happy Birthday.
  • You could no longer use scissors to open the gifts. I guess you should call someone to help you. Happy Birthday, old one.
  • Don’t say that cake taste is bitter. Everyone will think that you’re really getting old fast. Make it a birthday of a young person.
  • Aging is the way of getting more experience. Be happy that you’re doing that. Happy Birthday.
  • Happy Birthday to the girl who loves pink cake. Let’s slice it.
  • It’s a nice day, You see that? It’s your birthday, just smile. Don’t be upset.
  • Don’t trust your girl if she told you that every year you look younger. It’s a lie. You are getting older. Happy Birthday.
  • Use some pink balloons to decorate your home exterior. Nice girls will come to you fast. Don’t always believe me. Happy Birthday.


  • If your grandfather is going to attend your B-day, You should ask him to teach you. You will look like him soon. Happy Birthday.
  • Play the music for your friends. It’s boring when told “Happy Birthday” all the time. Happy music day.
  • 400 Birthday Wishes
  • Don’t let your birthday leave you broken. You’re still young and deserve more life.
  • Neighbors get mad of your parties, so please try to cancel this birthday, bro. Oh, it’s a joke! Happy Birthday!
  • I hope you are still strong to carry gifts of your B-day. I know you have hands of 30 years.
  • (For conquer online players). If skill team PK is the best day to fight enemies, today is the best day to eat cakes. Have a glorious birthday.
  • I’m gonna buy a black cat costume for you. I need to see you always active girl. Happy Birthday, cutie.
  • Let’s have huge balloons that need ladder to reach the top. Let’s write: a big balloon for an old guy. Happy Birthday!
  • Red writing on balloons isn’t a bruise to heal. Don’t give the balloons an analgesic. Happy Birthday, doc. (For Doctors).
  • Look outside. Frogs can’t jump. They stopped to watch your B-day party. Happy great birthday.
  • On your Birthday, Fill balloons with money. Don’t tell anyone about that. They will make snaps. (For bank workers and accountants).
  • If you got heart attack in the celebration, wave for me to give you the medicine. These diseases are prevalent among elders. Happy Birthday.


  • (For children). I want to see you like Spiderman on your birthday. Let’s have fun, my kid. Happy Birthday.
  • If you have wings to fly and just want to try, you will fall and die. Keep walking in the party and don’t cry.
  • I never forget your birthday, sweetie, but I don’t want to remember your age. It doesn’t matter.
  • Some day we will attend your 50th birthday, but love is love whatever we are.
  • I need to give you some funny wishes, but I can’t find one. Help me to get it.
  • I can’t stop smiling while writing this. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s your age. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
  • Keep calm. It’s my grandpa birthday.
  • How old are you? Oh, I forgot, Women hate this question. My mistake, Happy Birthday.
  • It’s the first time for me to attend your birthday party. If no cakes, It will be the last time. Happy Birthday full of cakes.
  • If you have hypersensitivity to balloons, we should cancel your B-day. Happy previously canceled birthday.
  • Happy Birthday to me. Don’t worry, I’m you and yours is mine. Let’s say again, Happy Birthday to us.
  • I spent about 3 months to get the best funny wishes for you. I hope you have a great day full of joy and laughter.
  • Eating cakes on your birthday is like walking on sand. Both are slow actions to do. Prepare the best cake for me to eat it fast.
  • Oh my god, Happy cake day. It’s the best part. I’ll come to eat the cake.
  • I need some pills to be awake on your birthday. I have a fear of a face covered with cake while sleeping on it. Happy Birthday, my friend.

Funny Happy Birthday wishes

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