Birthday Wishes for Twins

Birthday wishes for twins can be tricky, but although they were born on the same day, it doesn’t mean that they are the same in each and every way. Sending out birthday messages can be hard, but once you find what they have in common or, use what you know about them in the best way possible, it will make their birthday unforgettable. Birthday messages are a good way of getting your wishes across in the most thoughtful way possible. Here are some birthday messages you can try on twins, making their day unforgettable in so many ways than one. Try them out, to see a double smile:

Birthday Wishes and Greetings for Twins

  • I still wonder how your mom carried you both in one stomach for nine months, because you seem to quarrel always. But you always miss each other when one is away. Happy Birthday wonderful twins.
  • Are these two red apples? Or just two oranges? Oh, they are cute twins. I’m lucky to see this beautiful couple. Happy Birthday babies.
  • One of the greatest life blessings is to have a replica of yourself, someone who knows you because he knows himself. May both of you never be separated. Happy Birthday twins.
  • I salute your mom a lot, giving birth to a child is enough trouble on its own, not to talk of two. :) You boys must always be of good behavior. Happy Birthday twins.
  • I will never forget the day I saw your mom whoop one of you and the other started crying, and both of you cried, I also almost cried because it was emotional. Happy Birthday twins.
  • Whenever I see your deeds, I always wish I had a twin, but like they say if you want it, you won’t have it. Happy Birthday twins, I really love everything about you two.
  • Nothing could be lovelier than my twin sons. Happy Birthday – enjoy your day.
  • Sometimes I got deception, is that you or your twin brother. Anyways, I wish both of you a very Happy Birthday.


  • In the whole world there is only a person capable of using your abilities and that is your twin brother, you guys are so much more than twin. Happy Birthday twins.
  • Twins are really awesome, it is very difficult to separate anything from you guys, because there’s little or nothing to separate, you are twin and intertwine. :) Happy Birthday twins.
  • Two identical kids deserve two identical gifts otherwise they will cry and quarrel. :) Happy Birthday wonderful twins.
  • I never thought of having twins as children because I never wanted it, but God gave you to me knowing that I’ll love you so much. I’m grateful. Happy Birthday my cute twins.
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  • When I gave birth to you I was happy at the same time worried of how to take good care of you. I’m happy I was able to do that without stress. Happy Birthday twins.
  • Your mother asked God for one cute baby, now she’s blessed by two. Happy Birthday to the two angels.
  • Having twin is a way of telling the man of the house that he has work to do, I take care of one, you take care of the other. :) Happy Birthday twins. Stay blessed.
  • The best miracle I have got in the pair. Wish you both a wonderful Happy Birthday, my sweet twin sons.


  • May life become easy for both of you as you grow old and may you be a source of inspiration to other twins out there. Happy Birthday twins. May God protect you.
  • Ladies are lazy now, they are afraid of giving birth to twins because of all the commitments involved, but I wanna commend you for raising this set of boys. Happy Birthday twins.
  • May God grant both of you knowledge to become as brilliant as one another, in other words to keep strife away and may you soar higher in the sky of prosperity, Happy Birthday twins. #Winks.
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  • May you become different among all other twins in the world, may you be known for your endless positive commitment towards making your world better. Happy Birthday twins. Enjoy your day my twins.
  • We have done a lot of wrong things, but when we changed our ways our life took different turn and God blessed us with you wonderful creatures. Happy Birthday great twins of mine.
  • You are the little beautiful birds of my home and I love your chirping, laughing and crawling. Happy Birthday, my dear twin daughters.


  • I’ve faced many challenges raising both of you up, some that made me cry. But today I’m proud to have been there for you because you are now here with me. Happy Birthday my twins.
  • Memories are the toughest thing to create but they are the most beautiful things to remember and smile. After going through a lot, I’m glad you are my kids. Happy Birthday twins.
  • Twins are the two set of people that will do things right when they want to and do it completely wrong when they don’t want to. Happy Birthday wonderful creatures. You are so loved.
  • Sometimes I feel like not going to work at all just to sit with you and watch you make me laugh. You’re the best set of comedians to me. Happy Birthday my twins.
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  • Twins are the people difficult to explain in the world. Beating one is beating the other, but showing love to one is calling the trouble of the other. :) Happy Birthday twins.
  • The world starts looking double, double the laugh, double the smile and double the trouble when we are bestowed with sweet twins. May you both have a beautiful life. Happy Birthday.
  • Twice the love, twice the smile, twice the cry as I got the wonderful miracle from God in two forms. Wish you both a happy life – Happy Birthday.
  • My days become longer and the nights shorter, and my home more contented, as I blessed a pair of sons from God. Happy Birthday – my world, my little sons.

Birthday Wishes and Messages for Twins

  • Joy is double and the work is twice, I got the blessing of twins. May my twin daughters get a healthier and more beautiful life. Happy Birthday.
  • I’m the mother of two cute angels. Happy Birthday my twin sons.
  • One party is not enough today, I think we should double the party as we have two bundles of joy and happiness. Best wishes for the twins.
  • God’s hilarious gift I’ve received, my twin naughty sons. I love you both. Wish you a wonderful Happy Birthday.
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  • Two identical fruits at home?! Let me eat one. :) Happy Bday!
  • We have same eyes, same smile, same height, but different nature. We are twin sisters. Wish you a very Happy Birthday, my dear sister.
  • On this beautiful day, I wish you both a wonderful and peaceful life. Double the joy and have fun. Happy Birthday, dear twins.
  • One cries, the other smiles. One is wet and the other is dry, one is crawling and the other is running. These are the awesome moments I got everything in pairs. Happy Birthday, my twin sons.


  • Happy Birthday to my doubly special sons.
  • Twice the sunshine, double the blooms, twice the happiness and double the joys, as it is the beautiful day of my life. Happy Birthday, my dearest twin daughters.
  • Two balloons are flying for the two angels. Two candles are being blown out for the birth of your twins. Happy Birthday!
  • Sending you two the warm wishes, hugs and beautiful flowers on your birthday. Happy Birthday dear twins.
  • Happy Birthday to the most beautiful twins I have ever met.
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  • Happiness is when you have twin sons, your joy becomes double. Wish you both a wonderful Happy Birthday.
  • It’s too great and funny to have twin brothers in your life. Happy Birthday, my little twin brothers.
  • Wishing you both delightful Happy Birthday and the lifetime happiness with loads of peace and success.
  • We are the double creation of God because God liked my face so He created another one. Wish you a very Happy Birthday, my sweet twin sister.
  • Happy Birthday my little bundles of joy, you make me so happy and I love you so much. Have a blast my dear ones. Happy Birthday twins!!
  • You look so alike but yet you are so different, I love how special you make me feel to be part of your life. Have a great birthday my dear twins!!
  • You make me proud to be part of your life, I love how you take care of each other, how you enjoy each day by each other. Have a great birthday my dears!!
  • I envy you for you will always have each other, no matter the situation; you are assured of having each other’s backs. So enjoy your birthday twins, you are lucky to have each other.


  • It’s a beautiful day to celebrate the birthday of two amazing people who have their futures bright and shiny. Have a blast my twins, I love you.
  • I didn’t expect that when I become an uncle, I will be uncle for two nephews/nieces. Have the best birthday and may your parents be always proud of both of you.
  • Happy Birthday my dears, you make me so happy to be by your side and to share each and every event with you. I hope you have a blast my dear twins; it’s your birthday, make the most out of it.
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  • You might have been born on the same day, but that doesn’t mean much. Do what your heart desires and always remember you always have each other, so no lonely birthday!
  • Happy Birthday dear twins, you make life so beautiful, you make each day worth living and each moment worth saving. I love you so much.
  • You brighten my days with your smile, fill a room with memories with your scent and put a smile on my face with your cheers. Happy Birthday dear twins!!
  • I’m happy to be part of your lives, to be able to see you grow into awesome people in the society, to be able to share and celebrate with you. Happy Birthday dear twins!!
  • You are the most special set of twins I have had the pleasure of knowing, you make each and every person glad to be around you. So enjoy your birthday dearies, make the wishes come true!
  • Happy Birthday dear twins, you are awesome and I love you very much, have a great time and I hope you enjoy this day. Happy Birthday my dearies!!
  • Happy Birthday twins, you are held dearly by everyone, you are loved, you are appreciated and you are forever in each and everyone’s minds always.
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  • Happy Birthday dear twins, I hope you have as much fun as I’m surely going to have, you are awesome and I love you so much, do enjoy the moments.
  • Take advantage of each other, in a good way, having a twin is a blessing and I know you know each other’s worth. Happy Birthday twins!!
  • May this birthday give you more than your teeth can handle, do have a great birthday, enjoy the candy and cake. Happy Birthday twins!!
  • Happy Birthday dear twins, you are special and I hope you enjoy your birthday my dears. Have a blast!


Birthday Wishes for Twin Sister, Brother

  • You are my love, my crime partner, my secret holder and I want to celebrate my happiness with you at same time, same day and same place. Happy Birthday my twin sister.
  • I’m cute and beautiful and I have my replacement. Have a wonderful birthday, my twin sister.
  • You are not only my twin sister but my soul mate as well. Happy Birthday, sweet twin sister.
  • You are my best friend and brother right from the womb, the support we give to one another is great. I can’t imagine me without you my other half. Happy Birthday to us twin brother.
  • Our love for each other is eternal; we are two gorgeous sisters with mind blowing sharpness. Wish you a very Happy Birthday, my sweet twin sister.
  • We were born together and we will love each other forever. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, my dear twin brother.
  • Happy Birthday to the guy who walks in the streets acting like me. Hope that you won’t kiss my girlfriend one day. :)
  • We are identical from every aspect. My love for you and your love for me is unconditional. Happy Birthday, my sweet twin sister.
  • Happy Birthday to my other copy, A great celebration to my mirror. Oh, I’m included in that. :) Happy Birthday to us.

Birthday Wishes for Twins

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