Happy 10th Birthday Wishes

Happy 10th Birthday Messages

Turning a new age is always a moment worth scrap booking, making someone’s birthday memorable is the most honorable thing you can do for someone. Birthday messages to a 10 year old may not mean as much as the big presents they salivate over, but trust me, one day, they will sit down open the little message you wrote them and smile at the memory of their 10th birthday. Birthday messages are good and should be written for any new 10 year old willing to make their birthdays memorable and special. Here are some birthday messages you can write to that special 10 year old kid to always put a smile on their face accompanied by that big present;

Birthday Wishes for 10-Year-Olds

  • Growth is a constant change that happens to us all and I’m delighted you are rapidly growing up. I pray nothing will halt your growth in all aspects. Happy 10th birthday daughter.
  • You know what you are but you don’t know what others may be. Just prepare yourself for every situation. Happy 10th Birthday.
  • Turning 10 couldn’t have been better for you, now you’re the best in your school and you’re making cool friends. May you keep being the best. Happy 10th Birthday daughter.
  • It’s actually strange to believe the fact that you’re already a decade old. It looks like you’ve been here for long. I wish you many more decades here on earth. Happy 10th Birthday son.
  • Double digit already! Now we’re all in the same class of age, cuz we’re all double digit here at home. Hopefully we’ll now share the house chores equally. 🙂 Happy 10th Birthday sweetie.
  • Happy 10th Birthday my pretty looking young woman. I hope you’ll have a great year worthy of staying in the memory for long. Enjoy your special day.


  • It is essential that you grow up and I do hope you’ll grow well and give peace to your parent as you grow, so that they’ll love you more. Happy 10th birthday daughter.
  • There are three most important things for a ten-year-old kid, they are care! Care!! And care!!! I hope you’ll have enough of that as you are 10 today. Happy 10th birthday.
  • A lovely child like you should enjoy every benefit that comes with clocking this beautiful age. You’ll soon find out what those benefits are. Happy 10th birthday wonderful boy. Enjoy your special day.
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  • May all the resources needed to take care of a big and cute girl like you be made available for your parents. Happy 10th birthday cutie. Have lots of fun with your friends.
  • It’s a beautiful day to be celebrating a 10-year-old as amazing as you, may you always have fun my dear. You are my special gem and there is nothing I wouldn’t do for you.
  • Happy 10th birthday to the child that grows into a fine young lass, you are a treasure and I’m happy to have a piece of you.

Happy 10th Birthday Cards

  • At this age you are starting to gain mastery and control over your life bit by bit. I hope you’ll get it all right from now on. Happy 10th birthday my love. Enjoy it.
  • A cake with 10 candles is surrounded by 10 persons to celebrate our 10-year-old John. Happy Birthday sweetie.
  • Happy Birthday to my kid who will play today with me all the time. Have fun baby.
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  • May you gain enough skills needed to thrive in life as you clock this wonderful delicate age. Grow in the right manner my son and it shall be well with you. Happy 10th birthday.
  • It doesn’t matter where you are or how great it is there, never stop being a good girl, remember to represent us well any day and any time. Happy 10th birthday daughter.
  • It’s time to kick 9 goodbye and say hello to 10, birthdays are your kind of thing and this will surely leave them all talking.


  • Life has its way of bringing good things onto our path, believe me son, growing up here is positive for your growing. I hope you will make us proud one day. Happy 10th birthday son.
  • You have completed one decade, this should be declared in newspaper. Happy Birthday!
  • My baby can run today, play with friends, jump on balloons. Today is all yours as you turn 10. Have a wonderful birthday.
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  • Take your time to know who you are, find deep interest in what you think you really love doing, get trained by people that are skilled, then you’ll be great. Happy 10th birthday kid.
  • Happy 10th birthday my dear, you are the most wonder person I know of and there is nothing in this world I wouldn’t do for you.
  • Let your mind be straight and focus all of your strength on important things that can aid your development into the next big thing. Happy 10th birthday my little man. Have lots of fun.

Happy 10th Birthday Wishes

  • You look like a cute and adorable sweet girl at the age of ten; when you reach your extreme youth, you will definitely become dynamite. Happy Birthday, beautiful girl.
  • Happy 10th Birthday my beautiful child, the more you grow the more in love with you I’m. Have a great and awesome birthday dearest, you deserve the finest.
  • The only thing can give the edge to your pain and pleasure is to understand the pain of others. Happy 10th birthday, stay blessed in your life.
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  • You need a psychological therapy of your mind so that you can see the good in every type of situation. Have a wonderful 10th birthday.
  • Best time for learning anything has come. Make the most of every moment. Happy 10th Birthday.
  • Just make sincere friends in your life because they won’t even hurt you by their sharp and offensive tone. Happy 10th birthday.


  • Live with them, with whom you feel comfortable or those who are sincere not only in front of you but behind you too. Happy 10th birthday.
  • You are my sweet boy, may life give you lots of joy. Wish you a very Happy Birthday, my boy.
  • You know the value of knife is in its sharpness as you can only valuable if you are successful. Just make your own grounds. Happy 10th birthday.
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  • Pleasure comes by giving pleasure. Feel the essence of others pain. Happy Birthday!
  • Learning by heart or mind can never be forgettable. Just concentrate on your studies by heart and with full pleasure. Wish you all the best and happy 10th birthday.
  • Life revolves around the two factor theory, the fear of pain and the desire of getting pleasure. Wish you a wonderful 10th birthday.

10th Birthday Greetings

  • Always take challenges in your life; you can feel the success even more closely. Have a fabulous birthday.
  • Happy Birthday to the most adorable boy who is looking like a prince on his tenth birthday. May God bless you. Happy Birthday, my son.
  • Stronger and taller, funny and cheerful, you look like a little great boy at the age of ten. Wish you a very Happy Birthday.
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  • May all the happiness, pleasure, joy, success and world’s peace bestow upon you and you touch the skies of ultimate victories. Have a wonderful 10th birthday.
  • You have completed the first decade of your life, may the years ahead prove to be special for you. Happy Birthday.
  • My baby turns to a sensible boy, wish you a very happy 10th birthday, and enjoy your day with full joy.


  • You are the symbol of pride to our family, at this little age you are so intelligent and sharp. Happy 10th birthday and keep it up.
  • I still remember the first day of your life when you were in my arms, but now you’ve completed 10 years of your life, the time has wings literally. Wish you a very Happy Birthday sweet boy.
  • Happy 10th birthday my beautiful, you are growing up so fast and that is truly a blessing for me. I do wish you all the best honey, you are my little angel.
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  • God must have spent a little more time on you my dear beautiful 10 year old. You are awesome and I feel blessed to be part of your life. Have an amazing birthday.
  • You can sit on my lap and I will tell you a lot of things you don’t know, and I will always watch you and learn a new thing every day. Happy 10th birthday my dear!!
  • You are more than they see, so don’t ever be afraid to show your true self, I will always be proud of you and I will always love you. Happy 10th birthday!!

10th Birthday Wishes

  • This may not mean more to you than getting the big present, but always remember as you read this; you have a friend, a guardian and a person who loves you so dearly. Happy 10th birthday my love!!!
  • If I could protect you from all harm, I would build a fortress and hide you there, I’m happy you are growing up to be a fine person, to this birthday and more, happy 10th birthday dear.
  • Being here with you on this special day is such a blessing, it warms my heart that I get to see you grow up. I love you so much and only wish the best for you. Happy 10th birthday dear!!
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  • A very big celebration for this cute little boy who has completed ten beautiful years of his life. Have a fabulous birthday.
  • Giving you this precious gift isn’t a really bad way to celebrate your first decade on Earth. I hope you live to enjoy more. Happy 10th birthday young man.
  • Kids grow really fast these days. I’m happy for you to be 10 today, the joy that floods my heart is inestimable. Happy 10th birthday kid. Enjoy it a lot and stay blessed.


  • Unspeakable joy is what I feel now for you my lovely boy, you are really growing up to be a great gentleman. May your growth be a complete and perfect one. Happy 10th birthday.
  • Growing up is really challenging for both the parent and the kid. Because the kid always wants to do new things, while the parents want to protect them. Happy 10th birthday and less trouble.
  • Be yourself yet, life will be yours. Happy 10th birthday!
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  • Just respect your parents, if you want to get the higher degree of achievements. Have a fabulous birthday.
  • I will always think of you, I will always love you and no matter the situation, I will always be here for you, to this 10th birthday and more. I love you!!
  • My little baby is growing up so fast, I’m glad to be part of this day, soon you will be a teenager, I can’t wait for that to happen. Happy 10th birthday love!
  • You are the bravest, sweetest, most kind-hearted 10 year old I know and I hope you grow with such traits. To you, always and forever, Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday to the greatest 10 year old I know, you were born for greatness dear, do enjoy this day.
  • Happy 10th Birthday my little darling! Hope your year is filled with goodies and fun for you.
  • May the happiness inside you last forever as you turn 10 today, you are a special kid and I love you so much. Enjoy on your birthday!
  • I hope your 10th birthday will be more colorful than ever my dearest. You are a hearty child and I love you so much, have fun on your special day.

Happy 10th Birthday Wishes for Son

  • You were a different boy, not just anything could make you smile, so I needed to do something special to excite you. And ever since you’ve always been happy. Happy 10th Birthday son.
  • Self-discovery is important son, Michael Jackson discovered himself and his talent so early, discovering yourself now is not bad son. Enjoy your special day. Happy 10th Birthday.
  • The good thing about this age is that you are getting older, the bad news is that you’ll cause more troubles for your parents. We hope you’ll keep being cool. Happy 10th Birthday son.
  • The only favor I want from you my son, is to be a good ambassador of this society that we’re rebuilding, never contribute to tearing it down and you’ll enjoy its greatness. Happy 10th birthday.
  • It is really good to hear that you are doing really well in school, now I want you to replicate that good deeds at home, then I’ll be proud of you. Happy 10th Birthday son.
  • This card is sent from a proud father to his successful son. I hope you always get the best degrees in your studies. Happy 10th Birthday!

Happy 10th Birthday Wishes for Daughter

  • The great news about this age is that you can now take good care of yourself by yourself. Happy 10th birthday great girl. Have lots of fun and remember to do the house chores. 🙂
  • 10 is such a big number, how fast you grow from the little girl you were. I wish you many more birthdays dear, enjoy.
  • You are the cutest girl among all kids, you are sweeter than all sweets and you are more intelligent than all adults. Wish you a very blissful 10th birthday.
  • Childhood is the best, enjoy the lovely years of your life, you will always miss it. Happy 10th birthday sweetie.
  • Know that at this age, the most important thing is not ice-cream even though you’ll get enough of that. Be good and be excellent at what you do. Happy 10th birthday to the cutest daughter.

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