Awesome 20th Birthday Wishes for a 20-Year-Old Guy or Girl

Turning twenty marks the end of one being a spoilt bratty teenager and welcoming the morphing into a new young adult. Turning twenty is always an awesome experience and it’s your duty to make it feel as such for a new 20-year-old. Gifts are mandatory, but words last forever, so take a chance and choose one of these for a birthday message.

Happy 20th Birthday!

Words speak where voices can’t, if you can’t sing out your Happy Birthday wishes then write it down from the heart and you are guaranteed to make a twenty-year-old feel special. Here are the messages:

Happy 20th Birthday Wishes for 20-Year-Old

  • As you’re turning 20, may you lose 20 kg this year. :) Enjoy this day and every day.
  • You are just 20 years old, so you must focus on your goals. It is the peak time for getting achievements. Happy Birthday!
  • We’re going to celebrate the most amazing 20-year-old in the world, let’s make it an awesome celebration.
  • May your 20th birthday be the start of getting all your dreams. May this year be the end of misery. Best wishes!
  • My best wishes for the guy who made a bunch of legit money even before his 20. I really hope to enroll under your guidance even though I’m older. :D Enjoy a lot dude!
  • Now you are grown enough to make your decisions, you know well what is good or bad for you. Be bold and move up in your life. Happy 20th birthday.

For Son

  • An amazing birthday to my tall son, you’re now so close to reach your father’s head. :)
  • Knowing what is right to do with one’s life is a crucial thing to know at 20, it’ll make things go fast in the right way. Happy Twentieth Birthday son.
  • A wonderful celebration to my wonderful son. I really want you to follow my path in success, that’s why I have made the path workable for you. I hope you’ll do your best. Have fun.
  • The chief complaint of every parent is that their children grow apart from them when they reach this age, I’m sure yours won’t be like that. Have the best Bday son.
  • I want you to know that we have nothing but love for you. A 20-year-old son was born to make something special happen. Prove it to be true. Have a glorious birthday.

For Daughter

  • I know that you have had a tough time until up to this point. Now that you are here, your life is now in your hands. Keep your head up and never stop. Happy Birthday Sweetie!
  • Beautiful girls were born on this day and unfortunately; you beat them all to it. You are pretty!!
  • True happiness is when your neonate baby girl turns into a twenty year old cute lady. Best wishes for my sweetheart.
  • I’m always here for you; never forget that, there is nothing too big for me, especially when it comes to you. As you turn twenty, my only wish is that I may be the strength you need. Have a wonderful birthday honey.

As you're turning 20, may you lose 20 kg this year.

For Boyfriend

  • No one can clone my boyfriend, he’s the best man I know. HAPPY BIRTHDAY honey.
  • You are the best symbol of my joyfulness and an approach for executing my dreams. I wish you a very happy life as you made mine.
  • From now on, you are officially adult, can drive cars and date girls. :) Oh, you already did. Don’t even think. :)
  • You are the best thing to ever happen to me, I can’t believe it’s been so long, since we first laid eyes on each other; we knew, we were meant to be partners for life. Happy 20th birthday sweetheart!!
  • You are the most important person in my life and my mission is to always see that beautiful smile upon your face. To this life and others, I will love you forever. Have the most stunning birthday.

For Girlfriend

  • On your 20th birthday, I’m sending you my all hearty wishes, a bundle of chocolates and a beautiful bouquet of white lilies. Enjoy my love.
  • You are the most beautiful 20-year-old girl I have ever met, your killer looks, funky styles and captivating smile can make anyone crazy. A beautiful birthday to a beautiful girl!
  • You are the best thing that has ever happened to me, you are the only one I breathe for, live for and look forward to throw a party with. Happy 20th my love!!
  • I wish I could keep you all to myself, protect you from all harm and be the knight in that shining armor. I love you so much.

For Best Friend

  • Let’s shake hands with 19 and wave to 20 saying welcome. Happy Birthday to my best friend.
  • We have to put our foot on the gas now that we have hit our twenties. Happy twentieth my best friend! I wish you a successful year.
  • I know that I often bust your chops but it is only because you are the dearest of friends. 20 years of fun and another 20 more await!
  • An amazing birthday to the most amazing friend I’ve had all my life. I couldn’t cope when we got separated since college. I’m glad to be back with you. Enjoy the rest of your day.
  • You are not only my best friend but my twin. Wish you an outstanding birthday.

For Brother

  • This is going to be an incredible party! Your twenties only hit once and now I got you something truly special for this year. Let’s boogie bro!
  • You are turning from a good boy into a handsome guy; be careful, girls will keep bothering you and I’m sure you will love that. :) Happy Birthday bro!
  • We know that you are young and ready to get wild. Enjoy it! You are only in your twenties once my naughty brother. Just remember, always be safe.
  • You are my best buddy, I want to share something funny, you are as sweet as honey, so please give me some money. :D Happy Birthday big bro!

For Sister

  • You are no longer a teenager, turned into a big drama queen; let your true insignia shine. Happy Birthday sis!
  • To more memories, more mischievous ways and to being the one I can always count on. Best wishes for my partner in crime!
  • Turning 20 makes you a beautiful lady. Smile, it’s your Bday.
  • For the gift you have given me all these 20 years, I’m proud to be here and share this day with you. A sweet birthday to my sweet little sister!!

For Nephew

  • Happy Birthday Nephew! Welcome to your twenties! This is going to be a fun time with your amazing family. You won’t believe the power that is coming up for you.
  • I want you to know that during this up and down time during your twenties, I’m here for you man. You’re a great nephew!
  • I see crazy adventures in my nephew’s future. Now that you are in your twenties, there is nothing stopping you from going wild.
  • You are energetic, adventurous and risk-taker and you should know only risk takers can discover the world. Have a fabulous birthday dear nephew.

For Niece

  • Happy 20th birthday my niece! This is the time for you to make your dreams come true. Make your aunt proud.
  • I would sing for you, but my fear is that my hoarse voice might make all your friends run away. So from my heart, I wish these words are sufficient, have a great celebration dear niece.
  • The cute girl is ready to be a beautiful lady. Happy Twentieth Birthday sweetie.
  • 20 years of your life were enough to change my niece to a pretty lady. Enjoy every minute.

For Cousin

  • Dear Cousin, this is the time that we become something bigger. We are going to have to work hard. We are going to have to play even harder. Happy 20th birthday!
  • To the person whose Facebook Timeline makes me laugh, may your dreams come true.
  • It was the real fun when we as cousins used to play below the sun, life was full of energy. I missed those moments. Have a sweet day cousin.

For Friend

  • This is going to be a special time for you. There is nothing compared to your twenties. You don’t have any idea of the craziness that your friends will make for you. Get ready!
  • Wow! You are now twenty years old. It feels like just yesterday that you were in diapers. :) Enjoy today my friend.
  • Have a cool 20th birthday my friend! This is truly a special time as we get to become proper adults. Let us become the matured individuals the world needs.
  • We are going to tear up the place now that we are twenty. We are only getting closer to achieving what we truly want. This is going to be the best party ever.
  • As you’re reading my message now, so Happy Birthday to you my precious friend. Keep my card safe please. :)

Motivational Birthday Messages for a 20-Year-Old

  • When life throws you down, you should prepare yourself for getting back on your feet. Have a wonderful birthday.
  • Just focus on your education as it will be helpful for you to make your desired career. Happy 20th birthday.
  • Life can be pathetic when you find pathetic people in your circle. Make wise and loyal friends who support you at every difficulty. Good wishes for you. Happy Birthday!
  • Twentieth is the time which indicates that best times are about to come. Enjoy the beauty of world and the sweetness of your day.
  • Congratulations on the completion of two decades of your life. Enjoy the party.
  • Happy 20th birthday dear, you are the most amazing and intelligent person I know of. You are going to make it big soon, I feel it!!
  • 10 years of cuteness + 10 years of beauty = 20 years of officially adult person. Happy Birthday!
  • Twenty candles on the cake for your twentieth birthday. Twenty kisses for you, Have fun.
  • Don’t get sad as you’re advancing in age; such is life and you should live all human life stages. Happy Birthday dude!

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