Top 60 Birthday Wishes for Uncle

Happy Birthday Uncle

There are many different family members that make up a family. One of the most important parts of the family is the Uncle. Uncles get a bad rep and are the butt end of many bad jokes. However, those that know and foster a close relationship with their uncle know how great having an Uncle can be. Everyone knows that fathers are strict as they deliver discipline and provide a role model of excellence. An uncle on the other hand, can play the cool cat game and provide fun to their nieces and nephews. They can be the good cop to the father’s bad cop. They can also be some real tough guys that can teach and protect you without even thinking about it. All in all, it’s great and it’s time to wish them a Happy Birthday.

Birthday Wishes for Uncle

  • Occasionally, uncles are always too busy, it’s either they are trying to set up their family or they have increased working hours. But you never cease to find time for me. Happy Birthday loving uncle.
  • I think I have the best uncle in the world, a suitable example to follow, always giving his best for other people’s well-being. May you enjoy your special day. Happy Birthday uncle.
  • Sometimes I can’t believe that uncles like you still exist, you are just too kind and too good. I hope you’ll get a woman like me that appreciates your value. Happy Birthday uncle.
  • Those years when you stayed with us formed me as a lady, because your words are always things to think about all the time. Happy Birthday uncle. Enjoy your special day.
  • Today I feel like it’s my birthday, because of the closeness we’ve developed over the years. It’s more than just any relationship, it’s the best kind of relationship. Happy Birthday uncle.
  • I’m just so glad it’s your birthday. Memories are wriggling free in me. And uncle, I have you to thank for everything we’ve shared between us. Happy Birthday, I love you.


  • What are you going to do with me uncle? Without me to drive you crazy, you would be bored! Sure, you wouldn’t have headaches. You wouldn’t have my dad calling you nonstop asking you how I am behaving. But it’s way more fun. I love you uncle. Happy Birthday.
  • When ever you thought I was going to do something dumb, you would get furious with me. You would let me know immediately. I used to get so mad at you for that but I realize you did that because you love me. Thanks for being an awesome uncle. Happy Birthday.
  • We may have never been close uncle and spent much time together but every time we did spend time together, it was never a wasted second. Happy Birthday uncle.
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  • If we have to pick one person that could take care of us, I would without a doubt pick you. Happy Birthday uncle. Thank you for being my greatest friend.
  • You never turned me away Uncle. You were always taking care of me whenever I had trouble. You always made sure I learned my lesson even if I was being a stubborn person. Happy Birthday Uncle.
  • Well Uncle, you do a lot of things my parents say not to do. My parents also say to not learn from you. But, they make sure that you are always the one to take care of me. Thanks Uncle. Happy Birthday.

Birthday Cards for Uncle

  • You always have something to do and always leave early. You are more of mystery than mysteries itself. That’s why I always cherish the time you are around. Happy Birthday Uncle.
  • You sure have gotten older over the years, uncle. You always told me to take care of myself and I never doubted you. Now let me take care of you on your special day. Happy Birthday.
  • I know for a fact that I have one of the coolest Uncles ever. No one can compete with my uncle, except mom and dad of course. Happy Birthday Uncle. Make it one to never forget.
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  • I have plenty of things to learn but I will never forget how to love family, cherish them and protect them. And that’s all thanks to you Uncle. Happy Birthday
  • I’m so happy that I have the chance to have you as my uncle. You have been one of the best influences of all time. Happy Birthday Uncle. You are an amazing person.
  • Dear uncle, you have always made me laugh and found my tickle bone. Now it is my turn to make you smile on your special day. Happy Birthday uncle.
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  • You and me have been like the thickest of thieves. You may be the one to always inspire me to do something mischievous but you never let me get into in any real trouble. Thanks for being my best friend. Happy Birthday Uncle.
  • Mom always talks about you and her when you guys were growing up. She would always say how you would protect her and take care of her. Now that I get to hang out with you, I can see what she meant with my own eyes. You are a wonderful person and Happy Birthday Uncle.
  • If you weren’t my uncle, we would still be the greatest of friends. I would find you one way or another. Happy Birthday Uncle. Let’s make it an unbelievable day.
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  • I want to show you something cool. You are always the one to teach me an awesome trick. Now it’s my turn. I’m going to show you how we celebrate in our age. Happy Birthday Uncle.
  • Thanks Uncle for all the times you took care of me. Now that you are older, I am going to take care of you for a day. Happy Birthday.
  • Another year has passed for an amazing individual. May the next year be easy and kind to you. Happy Birthday Uncle.

Birthday Messages for Uncle

  • You were the one to always work no matter what. Take a break and celebrate with me today. I insist. Happy Birthday uncle.
  • Auntie always says you were a troublemaker. I always said that you just liked playing pranks and making people laugh. I think we were both right. Happy Birthday to my favorite Uncle. Don’t tell anyone that. It’s our secret.
  • Happy Birthday to the man who make my dad fine with me after driving him crazy. 🙂 Enjoy uncle.
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  • If I had one wish, I know what it would be. My wish would be for you to never change and be the most awesome person I have ever known. Happy Birthday Uncle.
  • Every time you came over Uncle, I knew for a fact that there was going to be a lot of noise. Now that it’s your birthday it is time to make even more noise and turn it up!
  • You and Dad always had these secret man talks. You would always say, wait till you are a little older in order to talk about these things with us. It’s your birthday and I am little older now. So let’s talk. Happy Birthday.


  • I’m glad I had an uncle as cool as yourself. You never let me not learn something when I go to your house. Happy Birthday to the coolest uncle ever.
  • I think that you know that I am a bit rambunctious. I just want you to know that I learned that from you. Happy Birthday Uncle. Let’s cause some mayhem together.
  • Today is a special day for a special person in my life. Happy Birthday Uncle and may all your wishes come true.
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  • It is said that family comes together to make each other stronger. You have proven that every time something goes wrong. Happy Birthday Uncle. I am always here for you.
  • You are like my second dad, you care and love me and I can never take that for granted. Enjoy this day uncle, have a blast!
  • Uncle, you mean so much to me, your happiness is all I seek, I hope you enjoy this day. Have fun, and never forget how much you mean to me. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
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Birthday Greetings for Uncle

  • Happy Birthday uncle, you are a piece of gold. You have been with me ever since I was little. I cannot help but feel happy to share this day with you.
  • You are one of the most important men in my life; I cannot help but admire you. Uncle, I want to be just like you, you make me a better person. Enjoy this birthday!
  • My wish for you is that you remain to be a man I can count on. I love you uncle. Happy Birthday and may all your wishes come true.
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  • A man such as you deserves every good thing the world has to offer. You make me proud to be related to you uncle. Happy Birthday!
  • You are an amazing man; no one can measure up to you. You hold a special part of me uncle, and I am never too ashamed to come to you with anything.
  • Happy Birthday uncle, you are part of what I am today. You are strong, brave and brilliant. I’m happy to be with you today!


  • I can never find the right words to describe you. To me you are everything, and you are so much more. I love you uncle. Happy Birthday!
  • Unique, nice, crazy fun, legit and energetic, that describes you. You are an awesome man uncle, so have a crazy fun day today! Happy Birthday.
  • You are the craziest grown up I know of, you turn my gloom days into something exciting and fun, I appreciate that uncle, have fun and Happy Birthday.
  • Uncle, you are an awesome man, you make everyone around you feel glad. I am glad I have such an awesome man in my life. Happy Birthday!
  • You picked me up when I was beat down; you always cared to know how my day was. I will never forget everything you have done for me, I love you uncle! Happy Birthday.
  • Uncle, you are engraved in so many of my memories. The times I cried in your arms and the times you carried me with them. I will forever cherish you. Enjoy this birthday!
  • You deserve each and every good thing uncle. I cannot give you all that you may desire but I hope to be part of every happy memory. Make more memories, today and every day! Happy Birthday.

Birthday Wishes for Uncle

  • Happy Birthday uncle, you are a fantastic man. May you have joy, peace and happiness today and every day. I love you so much uncle.
  • Uncle you mean the world to me, you are my friend and my consultant. I hope you get to enjoy this day to the fullest I will be here with and for you too. Happy Birthday!
  • You enjoy this day; you have fun and be glad today. You make me happy and you are a part of what I am today, I love you uncle. Happy Birthday!
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  • Most uncles can’t do what you do. They are rarely here with nieces and nephews, but you have been here, giving us advice and caring for us. We love you uncle. Have a wonderful birthday!
  • My dear uncle, I wish you all the joy and fun this world can bring. We are so lucky to have you as our uncle. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
  • First time I feel it’s hard to send a birthday message, maybe because I’m talking to one of the most wonderful guys in this world, my uncle! Have the best birthday.
  • I can never describe the joy I feel having you in my life. You mean so much to me uncle, I hope you enjoy this day to the fullest. Happy Birthday!
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  • Happy Birthday uncle, I wish you the very best in all that you do. I love you a lot and would like nothing more than to see you happy.
  • Dear uncle, thank you for being there for me when I have been down. You are the best ever. Happy Birthday Uncle.
  • Uncle, my dad says you were the only person he ever trusted fully. As I got to know you, I would have to say I agree with him completely. Happy Birthday Uncle.
  • You used to get me the coolest toys uncle. Now I got you an awesome gift that you will never forget. Happy Birthday to the best, greatest and loving uncle ever!
  • You’re not just an Uncle but also a father. You’re my mentor and leader. I love everything about you except that you didn’t give birth to me. Happy Birthday fatherly Uncle. Be blessed.
  • Birthday wishes now doesn’t mean I have forgotten you. It means how much I love you and how much you are dear to me. Uncle, I wish you many happy returns. I miss you.
  • An uncle in need is an uncle indeed. You’ve really proven how good you are. You gave me shelter when I had none. You’re the best in the world. Happy Birthday special uncle.
  • I want you to deeply look at yourself and see the great man you are and the great man you’re becoming. Uncle, I’m waiting for your kids to tell me same someday. Happy Birthday.
  • Mum told me what you did that special day I was born. She told me your impact in my life. I’ve planned to also celebrate your birthdays especially each year. Happy Birthday uncle.
  • To the best uncle in the world, who is irreplaceable and undoubtable, I say Happy Birthday.
  • I feel your words always every time you get to share things with me. You’re my best man uncle. Happy Birthday.
  • When you were around, I was always tempted to do something that would get us in trouble. I guess I always wanted to do that because I knew you would have my back if anything ever happened. I’m so blessed to have you as an Uncle. Happy Birthday!
  • I learned much from you uncle. The number one thing I learned from you was that family is always important, no matter what. No one will have your back like family. You always proved that to me. Happy Birthday Uncle.
  • I heard you were an incredible dancer Uncle. So for your birthday, we are going to break out our dance moves. Let’s party!

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