Happy Birthday Wishes for Someone with Cancer

Cancer victims have really been through a lot, they only want love and devotion from those around them, sometimes that can be had since sometimes they tend to push away, and it’s not that they don’t need you, but they sometimes feel like a burden. Remember, they are also humans and are always glad to live another year, share another birthday with the hope that their treatment will work and that they will be jovial.

Happy Birthday, my strong friend!

Writing birthday wishes to someone going through cancer makes them feel like they are part of this world could go a long way in their recovery, it could give them the strength to fight, so never write them, instead, send them these birthday messages.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Someone with Cancer

  • I’m sure you’ll overcome this trial. I hope you’ll have a great birthday.
  • You have survived for so long, now I hope there will be a breakthrough in getting the cure to the disease. Happy Birthday! Be glad.
  • If sickness doesn’t attack our joy and happiness, then there’s a greater percentage of getting well. I hope this will not take away anything from you. Continue to be yourself. Happy Birthday buddy.
  • Nothing is too broken to be changed. Never stop fighting; never lose faith. God’s help is only a few distance away. Happy Birthday friend. Keep being strong.
  • For you, survival is inevitable, because your prime purpose in this life is  way ahead of you, so don’t think of anything else other than surviving. A wonderful birthday to you fighter, keep winning.
  • I pray to God, to eliminate all your pain and give you the strength to endure such harsh condition. May this day bring you the instant recovery from cancer. Have the best birthday!
  • Cancer is not the biggest problem, many healthy people have the worst minds to destroy their life. Look at the shiny stone that you are pure and your smile can bring the happiness to your world.
  • Believe me, I will be with you even if you have more than this enemy. I love you and will find a way to make you get rid of this pain. Happy Birthday my love.
  • Healthy thoughts are the vital source for living healthy lifestyle; get well soon, all the pain is temporary. Enjoy your day and forget everything.
  • Yes! Cancer has a potential to make you physically distorted, but it cannot even touch your mental capabilities. Don’t give up; you will be blessed again with life. Just enjoy!
  • A single hope brings a new life, and the one who has hope has everything. Never lose your hope; you can fight your cancer. Have a cool birthday.
  • Life experience gives us certain things that nothing can give. Through this I know you’ll gain strength, courage and confidence. You must know that I’m here for you. Stay blessed.

For A Kid

  • My prayer has always been for you, I hope this day will bring you a fresh hope that will make you see life anew. Happy Birthday little brother. Keep fighting and you’ll win this battle.
  • Change yourself towards the betterment and you will find every bad thing inside you be eliminated. Best wishes honey!
  • The only reason why all of us are here to support you and give you the best of our wishes is because we know that you will be fine. Happy Birthday my little one.
  • You are a brave kid, I love you so much and I want nothing but to see you have a great time.
  • A bright birthday to the brightest person I have ever known, you make me a happy and proud mom. I hope you get better so we can continue enjoying this life together.

For A Friend

  • Always respect your enemies as they are the source of better living. Likewise, don’t say bad about your disease, just respect it and fight honestly. Happy Birthday my dear friend.
  • What will life be like without one challenge or two! It won’t be worth living. This is just one of those challenges and you shall overcome. Be strong.
  • My friend, it’s your birthday. Blow the candles out to burn your pain with them. Get happy and find your way to the pure smile.
  • Your strength and the way you are fighting this cancer makes me wanna do anything to help you conquer. Happy Birthday my friend, we’ll win this battle.
  • My deepest wishes for my dearest friend, my mate and my everything, we have shared a lot and I believe we will share a lot more. I know you will beat this.

For A Man Battling Cancer

  • Stay happy whatever the problems are, as your happiness is the manifestation towards your better health. You’re a strong man so you can do it. May God save you from cancer and soon recover you. Happy B-day!
  • Even through this trial and storm, I still see in you a bright and shining star. Don’t get discouraged, it is not strong enough to retard your strength. Happy Birthday strong man.
  • Your wish and desire to fight this has given hope to your family and friends, so be strong and courageous. You must draw your strength form knowing that you’ll live a good life. Happy Birthday buddy!
  • Your pain and challenge today will build in you capacity and great strength to help others go through this without doubt that they will come out victorious. A stunning birthday to my man, don’t stop living to the fullest.
  • You are a brave soldier, a hero to most and an amazing person, let that what you suffer from not beat you. May this day be the new strength to fight off all the cancer.
  • Sweetheart, you are the most amazing person I have ever had the pleasure to meet. I love you a lot and I hope you make it, you can beat the cancer, just believe. Have the best birthday.

For A Woman Battling Cancer

  • All my wishes, love, prayers and care for this lovely courageous lady who is fighting for such fatal disease like cancer. May God give her a long healthy life. Enjoy blowing out the candles.
  • You are battling a big enemy, you are strong to finish this battle by your recovery. Have a birthday as beautiful as you are.
  • Don’t think you are alone in this worst period of your life; I’m always with you and support you to fight cancer. I wish you good luck and Happy Birthday sweetheart!
  • You are important to me, you are the joy that I desperately need. I hope you get well soon so we can finally have the big piece of cake. Happy Birthday, my love, you are so amazing. I love you so much!
  • I’m happy to be sharing another birthday with you, I have a feeling it will be one of many to come. I hope you have a great time as you celebrate, you are special to me and I love you so much!

For Someone Fighting Terminal Cancer

  • My prayer for you is that God gives you strength to fight this, because people have been victorious in the past, so we will have our own victory too. Be strong and confident my friend.
  • I believe we truly don’t know what strength is until weakness comes, I can’t believe that through all this you are still very strong. You are an example for anyone going through this. Happy Birthday to the strongest person I know.
  • The strongest person is that one who can smile despite his illness. You are the strongest one I have ever known, so do this on your birthday and let them feel that you are the best in blowing candles. Happy Birthday, dude!
  • God grants his hardest battles to his brave warrior only. So keep your head up as God loves you. Stay blessed and healthy. Have a joyful birthday.
  • I look at you and I don’t feel pity, I feel admiration because even though you are going through chemo that is making you weak, you still have the strength to smile and appreciate your birthday.

Sweet Birthday Congratulations for A Cancer Survivor

  • There is life after cancer, get ready to live it and enjoy everything you have ever wanted. Happy recovery & Happy Birthday!
  • There is nothing impossible; cancer left you after showing a great courage. Happy Birthday bro!
  • I knew you will live long, we have a lot to do before you reach 100 when you’ll be old and toothless; I wish you do all what you hoped to do before and couldn’t. An amazing Bday pal.
  • Never get back to your current situation, always find that courage which helped you to destroy that disease. Happy Birthday and Happy recovery by the way.
  • Congratulations! We missed your smile. It’s your chance to start enjoying life by throwing a wonderful party. A great celebration to you.

Inspirational and Heartfelt Birthday Messages for A Cancer Patient

  • God never give the pain beyond one’s endurance. Be strong and face the cancer, one day it will come to an end.
  • Determination leads to massive differences. Just love yourself, it is wise enough for better recovery from cancer. Have an amazing birthday.
  • Doctors say what they see, but not everything they see is right, they try to take care, but God is the only healer. So put your trust in God and you shall have victory. Happy Birthday, stay strong.
  • Gold must pass through fire to be refined, tempest must rage to value what peace means, this is not meant to consume you, but to bring strength in you. Happiest of birthdays dude.
  • I can’t thank you for all the things you have done for me, you have done a great deal and I still need you, so beat this cancer, for all those who love you. Happy Birthday, my dear!
  • Cancer is not part of you, it can be out of you in a millisecond, I hope you have the strength and courage to do it. My wish for you is that your desire be met. An astonishing birthday to you.
  • The only thing cancer can take from you is your hope for life survival, but you are so strong that there is rapid progress in your response to treatment. You shall live life in its fullness. Enjoy.
  • My sincerest wishes for the bravest person in my life, you are a fighter and I hope you have the best out of everything. I wish all goes well for you. I love you so much!!
  • You are an amazing addition to my life and I hope you have the most spectacular time in this world. Have a blast today!
  • When your body knows how great and brave you are, it will fight the illness and you should do the same. Happy Birthday buddy!
  • I want you to celebrate today like a king, cancer is just a word and it is not strong enough to steal your joy away, don’t give it any room. Happy Birthday to you, I wish you more strength.
  • Don’t let the cancer define you, you may be a patient this birthday but I believe you will be a survivor on your next one, enjoy your birthday my friend.
  • You are an amazing human being and I know you will beat the cancer, I wish you won’t be a patient tomorrow or ever again. I know you will live long, hearty birthday.
  • Be brave for I can sense a better day ahead, I know cancer is no joke but you are better than it. Have a great and unforgettable birthday my friend.
  • May the most priceless possession – your body get well soon from cancer and you can enjoy your life like a normal healthy man. Happy Birthday dear.
  • I will forever celebrate you, I know you can beat this cancer, it doesn’t change who you are. I hope you have fun as you celebrate. Have a stunning one!!
  • I want a divine faith to ooze out of your body, extreme determination from your heart, and hope that makes living the only choice. Happy Birthday, keep believing and keep living.
  • My prayer for you is that your recovery will be a thing of surprise to a lot of people, that they may know that no mountain is too high. Happy Birthday buddy, be strong.
  • You are the bravest cancer patient I know and I hope you enjoy your birthday as much as I will. I’m glad I get to share this day with you. Have fun!

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