30+ Good Morning Messages for Best Friend

Best friends are the people who comfort us in ways that can’t be explained by math or science. Mornings aren’t many people’s specialty, but doesn’t your best friend make waking up every day worthwhile? All the things you look forward to sharing with them and the moments you’ll get to create and laugh about when you grow older?

Get your body out of bed and make me breakfast. Good Morning!

Send your best friend a good morning message every day until it becomes a habit; you can start with the ones here as you get more creative ways to wake your best friend up, a collection of sweet and funny messages.

Good Morning Messages for Best Friend

  • Good morning to the bestest best friend.
  • Good Morning, my friend! Start the day with a big smile like the one you always put on my face.
  • Good morning , my dear friend! Every day I spend with you is a gift.

Good Morning, Bestie!

  • I wake up every day knowing that you are my best friend; that’s my everyday blessing. Good Morning, dear!
  • Rise, shine and thank God for the gift of another day. Good Morning, my precious friend!
  • I woke up thinking of all the crazy things we have done. Good Morning, Bestie!
  • I never missed not having a [brother/sister] because you have filled that bridge since childhood. So get your body out of bed and make me breakfast.
  • As you are my #1 friend, this is your #1 message this morning. Good Morning, my wonderful friend!
  • With every sunrise, I remind you that you are my forever best friend. Good Morning!
  • Good Morning, dear! Wake up to figure out how we will catch fun today.
  • Join me in enjoying the morning rather than clinging to your pillow. Good Morning, my lazy friend!
  • My best friend, I wish you the best of everything the morning has to offer.
  • Wow! It’s one more day of being the best friend ever. Good Morning, Dear!

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Good Morning, dear friend! Now, smile.

  • Let’s add 24 more hours to our memories as partners in crime. Good Morning, Bestie!
  • Good Morning, my friend! Can you tell me what is the kind of dreams such a weird person has at night?
  • Good Morning to my exceptional friend! Yeah, snoring all night makes you very exceptional.
  • Good Morning to my best friend who never sent me a morning text before.
  • Being best friends for [2] years is not a joke, I’m happy to share every morning with you. Have a nice day.
  • Good Morning, dear best friend! You make life so much easier for me, and I look forward to a day we will spend together. Already missing you so much! XOXO
  • I know how much you hate being woken up in the morning, so I’m trying to drive you crazy. Wake up, sleepy head.
  • Good Morning, best friend! It’s a beautiful day to think of someone as special as you. I know you will always be the one I can count on, and I hope you know you can count on me too.
  • Good Morning, my sweet friend! I just wanted to wake you up and tell you that I love you now and forever.
  • Good Morning, Buddy! What about hanging out together in the sun?
  • I wish a lovely day for my lovely friend, and a sweet cup of coffee for my sweet friend. Good Morning!
  • Good Morning! You definitely make my days more interesting, so I hope today will be interesting for you.
  • You are really one of a kind and I love you more every day. Thank you for always being there for me, you are a true gem. Have a fabulous morning!
  • I hope my best friend slept well last night. Good Morning, Dear!
  • Good Morning, my friend! Have a fun filled day with happy moments and enjoyable memories.

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Good Morning messages for friends are always funny and sometimes heartfelt and inspirational, so find the perfect wording for the message you will send to your friend or best friend in the morning. As you lived many years together enjoying your time, so your best friend deserves to be remembered every day and every morning. Find the best way to say Good morning to your best friend.

Last Updated on January 10, 2024


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